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  1. Keep him eating gluten until you have further testing done. With his Ttg number, Gi will probably want to do an endoscopy with biopsy (it takes less than 10 minutes but requires sedation). Currently, if the Ttg comes back high and there is a family history of celiac many GI docs are skipping the biopsy for diagnosis, but his Ttg is borderline. Another option may be to repeat the bloodwork at the next visit and see if it is more elevated. In the olden days, everyone had a biopsy, so my DD with a Ttg of 200+ had a biopsy. Last year, my niece was diagnosed without biopsy with Ttg in the 20's. Based on the anemia, GI symptoms, and elevated Ttg, I would guess that he will end up with a celiac diagnosis. For your other kids, you may want to look into getting genetic testing (bloodwork) to see which ones carry the genes. That way you only have to do screening tests (Ttg) on family members with the genes. Also, if he has celiac, please get him tested for thyroid disease annually (there is a very high correlation with celiac and thyroid disease). Good luck with the appointment.
  2. 3 years? We do a lot of wash, but washers/driers aren't what they used to be. We replace either the washer or drier every 3 years. (We typically purchase something in the $600-700 range.)
  3. “evidence that the child has been immunized in accordance with the provisions of section 1303(a) and has received the health and medical services required for students of the child's age or grade level in Article XIV; and that the home education program shall comply with the provisions of this section and that the notarized affidavit shall be satisfactory evidence thereof.†From the PA homeschool education law. You can just put a statement in your affidavit that the child has received medical services and that records are on file in the doctor/dentist offices.
  4. Take the cat with you. Evidence of animals in homes is a negative to many buyers. Put food dishes, toys, etc out of sight.
  5. I used the reminders list on my iPhone to make a list called groceries. I "shared it" with my kids, so they can add to the grocery list. Also, if 2 or 3 of us go grocery shopping we can split up and mark things off the list in real time- it saves time at the grocery store!
  6. If you are thinking about resale, I would select white or light grey cabinets. Blue is not for everyone. Buy removable dark blue items like utensils holders, towels, etc. if you want being the blue color into the room. Your goal isn't really to "wow" or make stuff "pop" to sell despite what a lot of stagers will recommend. Your goal is to appeal the largest percentage of buyers and to make people think they wouldn't need to change anything to move in, so beige/grey/white are your friends if resale is the goal.
  7. Obviously, not everyone lives in a location where 2nd opinions are possible and others can't afford to travel to do so; however, many of us do seek out experts in the field. I admit that my child (and others with similar family resources) has advantages because we have the resources to seek these services and this puts him at an advantage. But, that was my point- with acceptance and support (including medical treatments) transgender kids fair better.
  8. This is a recent article from Pediatrics that concluded that when transgender kids are accepted and supported by their families, then rates of depression and anxiety are comparable to control subjects. So, without support and acceptance studies report average suicide attempt rates of 40% and with support and accepted those rates return to average rates for adolescents. This is why parents are pushing to have their kids accepted and supported and allowed to move forward with transitioning --it really is about life and death. As to hormone blockers and surgery, I have not experienced anyone taking this lightly. Parents are concerned about side effects, researching like crazy to get the best information, and getting second and third opinions. Counselors set minimum numbers of sessions before they write letters to physicians in support of hormone blockers/surgery and require that kids meet the diagnostic criteria before they do so. Endrocrinologists do not give hormone blockers/hormones without careful evaluation and referrals from licensed counselors. This is not an easy path. But, for a transgender child, the pain, anxiety, depression, etc. are far worse than the risks of hormones. Parents and caregivers all wish there more data (and better surgical options), but we must deal with our current reality and make the best choices we can for our kids.
  9. Yes, a friend posted this a few days ago. I scrolled past the first day, but the next day I felt like I had to respond. I don't engage in political discussions on Facebook, but I did send her a personal message to express my feeling about it. Here is part of that response (edited to take out personal information): I saw your post about the rainbow. I tried to scroll past and ignore it. I went to bed. I saw it again in the morning, and I had to say something. 40% of transgender kids try to commit suicide. Many succeed. It is a statistic that has kept me up nights. I found one small study that controls for family environment. If the child is accepted by their family, the suicide rate returns to that of “average†teens. I believe that it must follow then that if the child is accepted by their faith family, then that would also decrease depression and suicide in these kids. The rainbow has become a symbol of love and acceptance for LGBTQ+ kids. I don’t think that takes away from the biblical message at all. What the LGBTQ+ kids need more than anything is a faith community that is open and accepting. On a personally note, when our child came to us and told us he was a boy, we were completely shocked. There were no clues. He told us that was because he was trying so hard to be a girl and didn’t want to acknowledge that he was a boy. Since, transitioning he is happier, less anxious, and much more self confident. There is no question is our minds that this not something we (or he) has the power to change. We believe that God lovely created him this way, and we should, therefore, love and accept him. So, when you post about Christians taking back the rainbow…I hear you taking it away from my son.
  10. I have a transgender child. I can’t speak to dating relationships, yet (he’s 11). But, I can tell you that we have a simple rule for friendships: If you are a casual friend that we see at an activity (choir practice, co-op, etc.) we don’t go out of our way to tell you he’s transgender. If we invite your child over to our house or you invite him to your house, I make sure to tell the parent, “You may or may not already know this, but son is transgender. We have a rule that before he goes to anyone’s home we make sure the family knows.†That way there is no time when a friendship is starting without everyone being aware. We do this to protect our son—we don’t want him going anywhere he wouldn’t be welcome/safe. I would recommend to him in the future, that he follow a basic rule of not going out with anyone without a “by the way, I’m transgender…†before the first date. This is a good screening opportunity for both people. While I can’t speak for the entire transgender community, most would not want to start pursuing a relationship without knowing that the other person was okay with this basic part of who they are. Since many people are not as familiar with transgender people- here are some basics: How I explain it to other kids: Son was born with the wrong body parts. We thought he was a girl when he was born. We were wrong. When he was old enough to tell us, he told us he was actually a boy. For adults: He is biologically a female (he has female genitalia). His gender (the way he identifies himself) is male. So, he is a transgender male. So, proper terms are transgender female (MTF) or transgender male (FTM).
  11. I think some dental hygienists are better than others, BUT it is also true that amount of tartar/gum issues increase around peri menopause/ menopause. So, it may be her or it may be changes your teeth/oral health.
  12. We've dealt with this in 2 churches since my daughter was diagnosed with celiac. In our Presbyterian Church, we first switched the bread to GF bread that I made so that it could be GF, dairy free, and nut free which were the needs of the church members at that time. Then, later on, the church started ordering the E-nergy wafers, so I didn't have to bake it each time. This was a good approach because the deacons there did not understand cc, so replacing bread with an allergy free one was a better option. In our UCC Church, they serve a tray with bread on it, but put GF crackers in a cupcake liner on the side so they are separated from the wheat bread. (I have not watched them prepare this, so I am not sure about cc.) If you are in Protestant church, it should be easy to do if the deacons/elders are on board with it. Good luck- it is not fun to have your kid sit out communion.
  13. What is the book used for the grammar course? Is it First language lessons or a new, different grammar workbook? Thanks
  14. Yes, we just did it in 5 months from giving notice to moving. It felt rushed, but I'm glad to be moving forward.
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