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  1. Oh, duh. I obviously missed that connection in a big way. Off to read that thread... Thanks RootAnn. 😊 As stupid luck would have it, I have a painful family history with an *actual* religious cult as a youth and therefore have a strong, extremely negative reaction when I hear the term used. Sense of humor gets drowned out on this topic and gives way to a much stronger, panicked, drowning-in-quicksand emotion. There’s no sense of humor in that place - and no way I was going to make that connection myself. lol So sometimes I need a hard nudge for perspective - because my brain immed
  2. Hmmm. 🤔 okay then? Wouldn’t have connected a kindhearted “welcome aboard†email to a religious cult... I’m going to choose to not look at her new department quite that way. 👠:)
  3. It's honestly so nice to have some others understand the pain dd went through when the professor gave her the news. We're big believers in "What's meant to be..." but, still. OUCH! I'm laughing at your comment about getting music kids into college and it winding up cheaper!! That's how we felt when DD1-the-athlete went to college! I was like, "Wow! We don't have to pay for her travel anymore! Someone else does that!" and "We don't have to pay for her uniforms anymore! Someone else does that!!" "No more monthly fees!" Woot!! :hurray: And - too true about the music being more important t
  4. This is so true!! It's pretty cute - she's received congratulatory notes from a couple of the professors already! lol They are *really* excited to have new blood joining their ranks! Hopefully the students will be as welcoming (she knows not-a-one at this point). :laugh
  5. My kids are taking Apologia Chemistry through a local class. The only "intentions' for this was to give them a somewhat solid footing for AP Chem next year. Their teacher insists that the kids can take the CLEP after Apologia Chemistry (they're using the second-edition Apologia Chemistry book - not the newer one, and NOT the Advanced Chemistry book). This seems like nonsense to me, but I've ordered the prep materials anyway, so we can look it over and hopefully discover that he is correct! Has anyone's student(s) taken the CLEP after using Apologia Chemistry? Was it successful?
  6. PLEASE DON'T QUOTE. I might take this down later. :) Thank you! ♥ I'd posted a while back that dd1 wanted to change majors (she's at the end of her sophomore year now, and her school requires that she "Declares" a final major by the end of this semester). You guys gave some GREAT feedback for us to chew on and she decided it was too risky and would remain her original major, with a math minor. It ate at her. Kept her up at night. So. She made an appointment with her academic advisor (we'd made up a full four-year plan with everything spelled out). The academic advisor explain
  7. THANK YOU GUYS!!!! :grouphug: A bit more info: While dd hasn't traveled to universities to make official visits, she has met several professors when they have been here, locally, for master classes. Or at competitions. Or when she's been at a summer music festival/workshop and has had lessons and master classes with those individuals while there for weeks at a time. So, the visits will be brand-new, but she will be visiting *some* familiar faces and wants to take a lesson with those familiar faces 'in their own territory" so to speak. How do you ask how much they charge for
  8. Interesting about being taken seriously. Definitely something to think about!! She was considering a BA, but we were warned that BAs are often not taken as seriously either. The music world is so snooty!! :rolleyes: (said by a non-musician!! :p )
  9. Yes, we've "visited" some schools and have attended recitals, concerts, master classes that were open to the public... but she hasn't "officially" visited any yet (other than the nearby one, where she practically lives). There are maybe two within driving distance. The rest are a trek. THANK YOU!!
  10. I've asked a similar question over a year ago, but am asking again for new information if anyone has it. Any words of wisdom for applying to music schools? Both stand-alone conservatories and those that are within a university? DDs Plan A is a performance degree. Possibly with a minor in business or computer science. Possibly with a double-major (she will have quite a few accumulated CLEP/AP credits by then, so at some schools, this might be a realistic possibility). All of these "possibilities" simply vary depending on which school we're talking about, and what will be, or won't be, p
  11. My dd lost out on a major scholarship at an in-state university because her lack of interest was obvious. She bombed the interview for several reasons - but also because when they asked the "why do you love the idea of going here?" types of questions, she wasn't able to disguise the fact that she really didn't want to go there, but rather, was at the interview because her mama wanted to her have a safety. :lol: The scholarship went to someone with significantly less "credentials" than dd, but who was overjoyed to attend that university. When we got dds scholarship from that university, we
  12. Very cool @JennW in SoCal! My surprise is that I'd thought the program was more focused on "academics," whereas my friend's dd's experience seems focused on the work-experience and the behind-the-scenes experiences - which seems to be in-line with JennW's son's experience. I'd honestly thought the program was: job-shadowing or interning some of the "desk jobs" or "career jobs" during the daytime hours with classes held in the evenings! I'm not sure where I got that idea... but that's what I imagined! So when friend told me her dd's job (lifeguarding) I was surprised - because that's ju
  13. If so, how was their experience? A friend's daughter is currently doing this and I've been following along and asking questions. It's not anything like I'd imagined! DD2 will most likely want to apply eventually, and so I'm curious to see if others' experiences are similar to my friend's dd's experience. (She's having a GREAT time... it just wasn't what I was expecting it to be! So I'm wondering if there are variations or if I just originally imagined something vastly different from the actual experience)
  14. nm - I think we stumbled upon just the thing tonight!
  15. That is awesome!!! Congrats!!
  16. You and your 3-yo son had a playdate with another mom and her two 3-year-olds at the home of a mom with a 9 (or 7?) year old son? I'm confused. Why would a mom with a 9 (or 7?) year old son invite three 3-year-olds over for a playdate?
  17. our list is getting whittled down to a manageable level! DD2 (senior year) Derek Owens AP Calc AB Derek Owens Physics (planning to do this over the summer into fall) Blue Tent AP English Lit PAH AP Music Theory Spanish III there will be 2-3 more classes that she'll take in short "bursts" throughout the summer/year to take some CLEP exams DS1 (sophomore year) Derek Owens AP Calc AB PAH AP Chemistry Blue Tent Honors English II AP* Music Theory (private instruction - might take two years to cover the material... his teacher is planning that now) Spanish III US Histor
  18. Ha! Good questions! DD's highest level of "Official Math Taken" is indeed, Calc I. She could have taken Calc II this semester, but didn't (she regrets that choice now...) She's taken a couple additional math courses "for fun," but unfortunately, those do not apply toward the math major (a stats class and some abstract geometry something or another) However, she has "audited" a couple of upper-level math courses since arriving at the university. Not full-time audits, per se, but the professors allowed her to "sit in" during the lectures after she talked with them. A friend of hers was t
  19. I'm going to have her call her advisor and ask about this before her appointment. If this can happen - that certainly makes this less daunting!!!! DD will be thrilled!! The Curriculum Sheet for the major. Sort of like this: http://catalog.utk.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=22&poid=9212 OK. That's true. That's why she's excited at the prospect, while I look at that much math and get cold chills and start to panic. Very good point.
  20. Yes. There are four classes that are in both sections (Advanced Calculus 1&2 or Abstract Algebra 1&2). Either pair are a "requirement." Two are available FE/WO and two are available FO/WE. They all require Calc III as a pre-req, iirc... so dd has to take Calc III before she can take either. Then those same four classes appear in the electives section along with other classes to choose from.
  21. Another concern is math overload. The "Sample Curriculum" for a Math Major shows: Freshman year: 10 math credits Sophomore year: 10 math credits Junior year: 12 math credits Senior year: 12 math credits DDs would be: Junior year fall: 7 math credits (plus Physics I and Kinesiology, which won't be a walk in the park for her) (Calc II, Introductory Linear Algebra) Junior year spring: 10 math credits (Plus Physics II) (Calc III, Ordinary Differential Equations, Number Theory) Junior Year: 17 total math credits Senior year fall: 9 math credits (Abstract Algebra I, Pro
  22. Help me walk through this logically. DD will be talking to her academic advisor as well... but her appointment is a few days away. DD would love to change her major to mathematics. She's currently in her fourth semester. Right now she is an Athletic Training Major with a Mathematics minor (will include Calc I, II, III and 2-3 other higher-math classes). We discussed this over the Christmas Break and that's when she added the math minor because we weren't sure making the "major" change was do-able. But as this semester has progressed, she's increasingly frustrated at herself for not mak
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