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  1. Hi, my friend has an abnoxious, rude, and very disrespectful 7 year old who has no qualms about being disrespectful to family members and adult friends. We had a play date (3 moms & 4 kids.) My son is 3, and the other mom has 2 three year old twin daughters. Daughters are coloring on one side of the room, and the hosting mom was in the kitchen. Her son was acting absolutely inappropriately so I told him that. He responded with: well, I can call CPS. Mind you, he had mentioned calling cps on his mom once because she wouldn’t buy him a hamster. The other mom had already been packing up the girls’ stuff, but she heard what the hosting mom’s son said. Both of our mouths dropped open. I told him that you don’t joke around like that and that it wasn’t funny. Hosting mom comes back into the room and I told her my son and I were leaving as well. I sounded stern, and then her child says to me: (in front of her) you don’t have to get snotty about it. Jaws dropped again, and this time I told my son to get his shoes on because we were leaving now. His mom did tell him it wasn’t nice to say that, but making him sit in a corner to think about how his poor attitude has just affected his life. I haven’t spoken to the mom since, and will not have my son playing with the other boy again. My son doesn’t need to learn bad habits at this very impressionable age. What do I say to the mom if she calls?
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