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  1. Do most people eat hot dogs? We don’t so the Sunday lunch stood out to me because it would leave me eating salad only. Also as others have said, I think the first breakfast needs more protein. Maybe some cheese cubes?
  2. Since it’s in good condition, I would leave it for now unless you really hate it. I think it’s better to live in a house for a bit and see how it feels and how it wants to be. I know my thoughts on colors and materials in our new home have changed a lot over the months of being here and I’m glad now I didn’t go with my first inclinations which would have been a mistake.
  3. It seems I’m not a forever home kind of person. We haven’t even been here a year yet and I’m talking of the next place and looking forward to it.
  4. That flight only takes an hour and the Boeing 717 is not a jumbo jet. You won’t be that far away. Maybe that helps.
  5. I think gender neutral cowboy is cowhand. Sorry I have nothing to offer about jeans except my commiseration since I hate them, too.
  6. Grr. Grr. Grr. My daughter is refusing to look at hers until after the camp she’s at finishes on Friday.
  7. I’ve never before seen horizontal deck rails so my brain things they both look weird. But I would like the second one best if the bottom rail was brought up about six inches and then the middle rail split the distance, if that makes sense.
  8. I hear you. Sadly my house is filled with 80s orangey wood trim and built-ins that we will not be painting, so it hates the yellows, oranges and reds I love. It wants to be filled with cool blues. The previous owners used warm, yellow tones and dirty beiges everywhere. I’m going to be painting all summer.
  9. Early on in our homeschool life I learned my lesson about loaning things I care about. Awkward situation. Now I don’t follow up on things I lend out because I only lend things I’m prepared to never see again but for whatever reason am not quite ready to get rid of entirely. Both times I lent whole curriculums they came back at the end of the year. One of the gals I loaned to insisted on making a detailed list of every book I had loaned her so I knew those were coming back. The other person apparently lost one of our books and bought a replacement copy which was very nice, but unnecessary,
  10. I had one I purchased and used in our dining room at a previous house. It was very much like the link you posted. I was able to fit a surprising amount of stuff in it. I wouldn’t use open shelving in the dining room.
  11. My girl refuses to consider it now after her friend had such a horrible time finding her people there that she became very depressed and had to leave the school. She’s such a friendly young woman, too. We didn’t really understand it.
  12. My guess would be it’s the close-minded parents who are instigating the roommate change.
  13. Thinking of it as bragging wouldn’t have occurred to me. We don’t buy them because I have an aversion to owning lots of stuff and don’t really like t-shirts, especially if they have writing on them.
  14. This is not uncommon where I grew up. The church would always host a shower without any expectation of invites to the wedding. It was the same for my workplace. They surprised me with a small shower. They didn’t expect wedding invites. I didn’t even know a couple of them very well.
  15. Grrr. I was also looking at them for the computer science intro. Thanks for the heads up.
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