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Your favorite online classes?

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We are preparing to sign up DS11 for his first online classes next year.


Thinking about effectiveness, affordability and ease of use, which online programs are the best? I am not looking for individual classes, rather the umbrella organization (Memoria Press, WTMA, etc.).



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I think the teachers make the class.


Sr Gamache for Spanish has been fabulous for dd#1, but his organization skills & communication sometimes leave something to be desired for *me*. I wouldn't pull her from a class she loves & is learning a ton from because of a couple times when things are last-minute on the paper-shuffling end.


WTMA's Steve Otto is absolutely fabulous to work with. But he's not a teacher. The teacher makes a HUGE difference.

Memoria Press seemed like a well-run online academy. The one teacher we've experienced was competent and engaged.

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Yes, the teacher is more important than the provider overall. We've always mixed-and-matched providers for that reason.


That said, we've done classes with Veritas Press, Lukeion, Classic Academic Press, and PA Homeschoolers and have never been disappointed. But we've always done a lot of research before too.


Local classes were mixed for us. Classical Conversations wasn't good for high school, but we've done local history/lit for three years now with a friend that is outstanding. I wish that I had time to sit in on that one every time!



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Lukeion for anything Ancient, we are very happy with Wilson Hill, PA Homeschoolers though they only do AP classes, WTM Academy, AOPS, Derek Owens (self paced), Blue Tent.  They are all high school level classes with the exception of WTM Ã…cademy where my then 7th grader took a writing class.


What I have learned is that my kids do not well with classes that last more than an hour max and the class must flow.  If too much time is spent on one particular problem or one student, they tune out.  

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