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  1. AOPS math books, Giancoli for physics, Chang and Zumdahl for chemistry, Genki for Japanese, Campbell&Reece, Miller Levine for biology, not sure about others yet.
  2. My first year at Purdue in 1991 cost $2324 in-state tuition and now stands at $9992; it has more than quadrupled.
  3. When my husband and I went to college ('91-'97) we had his GI Bill of $350 a month for 9 or 10 months out of the year, we each worked 40 hours a week, I once had a Pell Grant and we had some student loans. In grad school, he was a TA and I an RA and worked 20 hours each in addition to that. We did not want that for our kids so started saving early and will pay their tuition and expenses as they go. They live at home so no extra boarding cost and their school is great about using free or low cost books and other materials. Edit: #2 son also has a scholarship and hubby's MIT degrees later on were paid for by the Navy.
  4. I would probably do both. Go on vacation now and keep saving money until I have made up what we spent on the vacation and renovate the kitchen a couple of years down the road.
  5. We pretty much got the same as always.
  6. My son took Latin, history and literature through Lukeion when we lived in Japan. He had permission to take the class watching the recordings. He did not take AP, but it might be worth asking.
  7. English - community college Pre-Calc - community college Japanese 3- local tutor Econ - ? Government - ? Elective - ? Elective - ? I am still looking for an engineering elective but come up empty, he has no idea what he wants to do for his second elective. I don't know if the community college will work out, we will see.
  8. English Honors 2 - Blue Tent Algebra 2 - ? Biology - ? Japanese 2 - local tutor US History - ? Psychology - ? Music - 1/2 credit - local Ice skating, Venture Crew
  9. Nooo, please do not make the course easier. I wish I had received a solid grounding in chemistry given my later inclinations. My daughter is finally accepting that something less than a perfect score does not mean abject failure and while she may not be on top of the class, she is rather proud that she is not only doing something that exceeds anything her brothers have done (ll her brothers had Honors Chem) but that she is able to hold a decent grade. Just like with Blue Tent, I feel a B or "Good" really means that and it is an accomplishment (that was my only bone of contention with Lukeion, that a B was rather considered a failure). A "B" in Clover Valley means she has far more and more solid knowledge than an "A" at the local high school. I have come across the attitude though that participating in an Honors class should mean that only an A is a valid grade because otherwise the student apparently isn't able to follow the material. I have a different opinion, but there it is.
  10. My daughter is in the Honors Class for chemistry. I personally find the workload roughly the same, Connie gives more time to do it and there are no quizzes in chemistry. Chemistry in my opinion is more abstract and can be harder to grasp to begin with and Connie seems to go into more detail than physics did (Maybe it just seems that way because chemistry takes place on a smaller scale; it is very hard to visualize what is happening on an atomic scale.) I don't think the math in chemistry is any harder and Jetta certainly provided plenty of problems that were not just conceptual in nature. I would call it a very solid foundational physics class but not honors. Having said that, my boys took honors chemistry classes and I come across plenty of things I have not heard of before (or maybe just not under that name but I had plenty of "Aha" moments) myself so even comparing it to other honors classes, Connie's class is a step up when it comes to difficulty. While my daughter is not the science fiend her brothers are, she is considering going into clinical psychology which requires a sequence of calc, several semesters of chemistry and biology and thus we opted for the honors level for chem and bio. My inkling is that Connie's basic class is like Jetta's physics class, a solid foundation for anyone to build on. What I appreciate about both classes is the lack of busy work, especially in an honors class. I have come across too many honors or advanced classes that have a very high workload and in the end the retention is low because the student is more concerned with turning work in rather than actually processing it. Connie's class seems to be less broad but deeper (or Connie assumes that some topics have been dealt with in prior physics. For example, my sons spend a lot more time on unit conversions, the spectrum, the history of the periodic table...) I am glad she had Jetta's class before chem because there are times she directly relates chem to physics (particularly energy and forces) and reasons based on her physics knowledge. I don't think you can go wrong with Connie's class but if I had a student who is not interested in science or struggled with conceptual understanding, I would sign him/her up for the regular class based on my experience. Edited for grammar
  11. Well, we have done Clover Creek Physics and are now doing Clover Valley Chemistry. I keep ignoring the issue because someone (not me) has exactly 8 months to come up with Clover ... Biology. On another note, I am looking at a couple of biology classes for my daughter and I have no idea for my son. He has done physics, chemistry and is now in biology. His favorite subject is physics but he will only be in pre-calc next year. I am trying to remember how much calc I actually needed for physics but it has been 25 years. He is interested in engineering and suggested an engineering class but I am also coming up dry with that (he is not a kid who does well with self-paced study, otherwise I would look at the MIT courses).
  12. Chrome on an iMac and yes, I am also frequently logged out.
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