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  1. My daughter is in the Honors Class for chemistry. I personally find the workload roughly the same, Connie gives more time to do it and there are no quizzes in chemistry. Chemistry in my opinion is more abstract and can be harder to grasp to begin with and Connie seems to go into more detail than physics did (Maybe it just seems that way because chemistry takes place on a smaller scale; it is very hard to visualize what is happening on an atomic scale.) I don't think the math in chemistry is any harder and Jetta certainly provided plenty of problems that were not just conceptual in nature. I would call it a very solid foundational physics class but not honors. Having said that, my boys took honors chemistry classes and I come across plenty of things I have not heard of before (or maybe just not under that name but I had plenty of "Aha" moments) myself so even comparing it to other honors classes, Connie's class is a step up when it comes to difficulty. While my daughter is not the science fiend her brothers are, she is considering going into clinical psychology which requires a sequence of calc, several semesters of chemistry and biology and thus we opted for the honors level for chem and bio. My inkling is that Connie's basic class is like Jetta's physics class, a solid foundation for anyone to build on. What I appreciate about both classes is the lack of busy work, especially in an honors class. I have come across too many honors or advanced classes that have a very high workload and in the end the retention is low because the student is more concerned with turning work in rather than actually processing it. Connie's class seems to be less broad but deeper (or Connie assumes that some topics have been dealt with in prior physics. For example, my sons spend a lot more time on unit conversions, the spectrum, the history of the periodic table...) I am glad she had Jetta's class before chem because there are times she directly relates chem to physics (particularly energy and forces) and reasons based on her physics knowledge. I don't think you can go wrong with Connie's class but if I had a student who is not interested in science or struggled with conceptual understanding, I would sign him/her up for the regular class based on my experience. Edited for grammar
  2. Well, we have done Clover Creek Physics and are now doing Clover Valley Chemistry. I keep ignoring the issue because someone (not me) has exactly 8 months to come up with Clover ... Biology. On another note, I am looking at a couple of biology classes for my daughter and I have no idea for my son. He has done physics, chemistry and is now in biology. His favorite subject is physics but he will only be in pre-calc next year. I am trying to remember how much calc I actually needed for physics but it has been 25 years. He is interested in engineering and suggested an engineering class but I am also coming up dry with that (he is not a kid who does well with self-paced study, otherwise I would look at the MIT courses).
  3. rdj2027

    Constantly having to log in

    Chrome on an iMac and yes, I am also frequently logged out.
  4. Hawaii, we got gas at Costco for $2.66. in town I have seen $2.85 through $2.89
  5. Heck yeah, I own neither a tablet nor 😀a smartphone. They should just declare me the winner right now.
  6. We don't have Prime because we do not use the video or audio or electronic books, we never get anything in two days, Prime prices are not necessarily better because they price shipping into the purchase, Amazon Fresh or any other delivery service is not available where I live, Whole Foods did not give us 5% off (only for people with an Amazon credit card). If I buy more than $25 or $35, I get free shipping anyways. What I purchase most are used books from 3rd party sellers so I pay shipping for those anyways. Quite a few sellers do not ship to our location at all. Therefore, no reason for us to pay for Prime.
  7. I had those issues and it at east it got much much better after my vitamin D deficiency was dealt with. Obviously it could have been something else but 2 years later I very rarely have those symptoms anymore, usually only when I am overly stressed.
  8. From an organizational point, both classes are fantastic. My kiddo who took Jetta's class last year and is currently in the chemistry class has a number of mental and physical health issues which can make an online class difficult. Both classes make it not only easy for the student to stay on task, they also make it easy for me as a parent to insert myself when needed because I can easily follow the plan. I also like/d the pace and the workload of both classes. There is time for a student to independently review or take longer without the class crawling. I always liked the set due dates but yet flexible nature of the classes but this year the two week due date schedule in Connie's class is a godsend for us. My daughter at time loses several days per week to feeling lousy, appointments or hospital stays and it is much easier for her to keep up within a two week time frame rather than one. That's a special circumstance though. Both are great teachers, both are very supportive of the student and the parent. I would have had no problem signing up my other kids at younger ages had I known about either class had they existed or had I known about them. Both classes are rigorous and fun and I feel lay a solid foundation for those who wish to go on in those subjects. I am comparing those to Blue Tent English which are good classes for my kids, but staying on task or checking what has been submitted and what is due/late is somewhat of a difficult task for me because of the website works.
  9. rdj2027

    Would like to adopt a new cat

    After our old cat passed away, we adopted a two year old male from the humane society. The second cat, also a two year old male, we adopted from a rescue because they knew his personality. It is working out pretty well, they have their moments but overall they get along fine. Our previous cat never tolerated any other cat and was fiercely protective of her territory.
  10. rdj2027

    Small World stories just for fun

    My husband's best friend from elementary school and all the way through high school now lives a block away from us, 7000 miles from where they grew up. My previous dentist and I attended the same elementary school in Germany at the same time (not military) and met again in Japan two years ago.
  11. rdj2027

    Would this bother you?

    At 19 my kid is an adult and I would not expect to be asked. I stay out of my adult kids' lives unless asked for advice or input.
  12. rdj2027

    Voting when in college

    My son voted via absentee ballot in our home state. As far as the address was concerned, he had to put down his permanent address in his state of residence, not his school address.
  13. rdj2027

    Dr Hive: Heart Rate & BP Fluctuations

    Not necessarily. Your daughter may have something entirely different but I may be something for my son to pick up on. He is also seeing a number of different specialists who all see their own little are whereas your daughter might receive more integrated care. My son also has asthma and HIT which may confound the whole thing. Neither one should lead to the frequent passing out and blood pressure changes he is experiencing but I do think they play into this. I am looking into autoimmune disorders as both conditions are autoimmune issues.
  14. rdj2027

    Dr Hive: Heart Rate & BP Fluctuations

    I am very interested in the outcome of this because my son has the same problem. He has so far seen every specialist in the book and no one has any ideas what the cause is.
  15. rdj2027

    What color is your kitchen?

    Cream like our dining room, living room, study room and entry hall because they are all one room. I really really dislike this concept because right now the TV is on, the dishwasher is on, someone is on the phone, the kitchen is dirty because I just made dinner. Everybody is frustrated because it is hard to hear anything or focus and my friend, who just walked through the door, is welcomed by a huge mess of dirty dishes in the kitchen.
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