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  1. I don't think it is about shortages of any kind because several other companies manage to ship my orders much faster than Amazon. I was just about to order 10 cans of KMR kitten milk replacer but Amazon gave me a delivery date of late September (this is with Prime). I can either walk down to Petco and drop them off on the way home or order from Petco online and have it delivered on Monday all for the same price. There are several other items that small stores in the midwest can get here cheaper and faster than Amazon. I am sort of wondering what Amazon's goal is because it doesn't make sense on the surface.
  2. I never expected to receive my items in 2 days (I am sitting on a rock in the middle of the Pacific) but that an in-stock item is being shipped in two days. They don't even touch the order until a week or so later. To add insult to the injury, I was trying to order Sharpies and got a note saying that Sharpies cannot be shipped to our state. It was okay, I went to Costco and bought said Sharpies for 3$ less than on Amazon and dropped them off at the Humane Society on my way home. Since I was out and about I also bought several other things for various rescues and shelters and ordered some items from somewhere else. Not that it matters to Amazon but they have lost several hundreds of dollars in business, me not signing up for Prime and quite a bit of future business because they refused to ship two packs of Sharpies to my location.
  3. I currently have a trial for Prime and everything I ordered took at least a week to ship, many items took 10 days to two weeks (everything was in stock). Once it was shipped it came relatively quickly (yay for the postal service). Needless to say, I will not be signing up for Prime.
  4. My final two years in high school history. I was preparing for my exit finals and was the only student who had chosen history for orals. I was free to choose my topic and since I had no idea because there were so many interesting options my teacher suggested America's involvement in China from the beginning of the 20th century through WWII based on Barbara Tuchman's book "Stilwell and the American Experience in China: 1911-1945". He was a great teacher and immensely knowledgeable in East Asian and American history. Those two years gave me an an entirely new outlook on American and Chinese history, culture and attitudes and still serves me when looking at current day Chinese-American relationships and politics. It also made me a lifelong fan of Barbara Tuchman 🙂 The other classes were various geology classes in college. They changed my view on time and appreciation for the power of nature.
  5. My 7th grade math/German and PE teachers were openly gay and well loved by (almost) everyone. What is notable is that I attended a catholic school in the late 70's and 80's. One parent had issues with that and tried to get them fired because it went against catholic doctrine. Our principal's stand was that nobody is perfect and everyone deserves respect and acceptance. Later, I realized just how many misfits we had as teachers but save two they were all wonderful people and really great educators in every way.
  6. Two of my children renewed theirs within the last two months. It took less than three weeks without expediting them.
  7. I dare say it depends on the student and the situation as to what situation would work best for any given family. When my children were young we preferred group classes because the main focus was for them in a group activity and the level we were looking for was on an introductory basis. We wished them to be exposed to a variety of instruments, learn some basics such as rhythm, basic note reading and so forth. Once they moved into actually playing an instrument, they moved into private classes because they were supposed to focus on the lesson and not the other kids. For three of my children music was only an extracurricular activity, part of a general education. My youngest though is a serious musician (was just accepted into university as a music (composition) major) and music was always part of her curriculum. For her we preferred classes during school hours, for my boys afternoons would have been better because elective school time was spent on math/science/technology classes.
  8. 16 but my daughter has no interest in make-up. I don't wear any, neither do any of her friends.
  9. Not my wedding gift but when I moved out in 1987, my mother gave me the towels she had received as a wedding gift in 1964. "Made in USA" and still going strong (no holes, frayed edges, thinning...) even though they are our everyday towels.
  10. Blueberry Pineapple and Strawberry Guava
  11. We don't limit our kids' music choices but between 70/80's pop music, elevator jazz, some Japanese/Korean and classical music there isn't much to object to.
  12. How about cat diapers? She may or may not keep them on but it might be worth a try.
  13. No, I was a homebody and had no interest and as my mother was very permissible, I had no reason. My kiddos also have no interest and are free to come and go as they please.
  14. Maize, thank you, this is awesome, I love the Narnia books. Luckily my hubby has just talked me into subscribing to Audible again.
  15. Lawyer&Mom Thank you for the link, I was not familiar with it. When I started hiragana and katakana, I read children's books that I knew in a different language and was going to start on those that also have kanji. I think I will do the readers first as they really do look like a lot of fun. I am okay with recognizing kanji if I can link them to a picture or see them in context so these readers will be very helpful. For some reason writing them is another story.
  16. Tell me about it 🙂 We spent a couple of years in Japan and are planning to go back. I was tired of not being able to read signs in public spaces, ingredient lists or whatever because it would have made life much easier. I work with native speakers for both languages and took classes at the university because once I was past hiragana, katakana (Hangul characters) and basic grammar I did not trust myself to continue on my own. All our Japanese friends are fluent in English, French or German and love practicing their skills with me. Outside of that group I do not interact frequently enough with people to have conversations other than ordering food, asking for directions, items or something similarly basic. My Korean endeavor came out of watching Korean shows on TV and wondering how close the subtitles are to what is actually being said. As with Japanese, I would prefer to be able to read signs in public spaces myself rather than keep asking. I do acquire conversational skills but they are not my priority.
  17. I am studying Japanese and Korean. My primary goal is reading but I am not opposed to mastering the conversational part as well 😉 My French and Ancient Greek are dusty but I have recently started to read and listen again and particularly the French is coming back rather quickly. I used to be fluent but have neither spoken nor listened nor read it for the last 35 years.
  18. #3 son will follow his brother to the University of Hawaii for Mechanical Engineering.
  19. My son does not have a smart phone, neither does he take a laptop to class. Now what? If he attended one of these schools, would he automatically fail because he could not be tracked? Would the school pay for a smart phone? Can a student only successfully study in the library? Needless to say, I have a major problem with tracking students like that.
  20. AOPS math books, Giancoli for physics, Chang and Zumdahl for chemistry, Genki for Japanese, Campbell&Reece, Miller Levine for biology, not sure about others yet.
  21. My first year at Purdue in 1991 cost $2324 in-state tuition and now stands at $9992; it has more than quadrupled.
  22. When my husband and I went to college ('91-'97) we had his GI Bill of $350 a month for 9 or 10 months out of the year, we each worked 40 hours a week, I once had a Pell Grant and we had some student loans. In grad school, he was a TA and I an RA and worked 20 hours each in addition to that. We did not want that for our kids so started saving early and will pay their tuition and expenses as they go. They live at home so no extra boarding cost and their school is great about using free or low cost books and other materials. Edit: #2 son also has a scholarship and hubby's MIT degrees later on were paid for by the Navy.
  23. I would probably do both. Go on vacation now and keep saving money until I have made up what we spent on the vacation and renovate the kitchen a couple of years down the road.
  24. We pretty much got the same as always.
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