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  1. Not based on this interview. This interview only confirms my decision.
  2. Pen, thanks for posting this and Plum thanks so much for the apple podcast link. I am still listening to this. I will just say this to those that are so quick to be dismissive you probably ought to think about giving this a listen.
  3. I would think raw is best if you have it available. I honestly can't remember which we used. A friend had advised me of this before oldest had her wisdom teeth removed. She did still have some swelling and bruising. Perhaps it would have been worse without the pineapple. Youngest who loves pineapple anyway had less swelling and really no bruising. The link below offers more info. Hope your daughter's surgery goes well. https://grownandflown.com/teens-wisdom-teeth-pulled-best-ten-survival-tips/
  4. Eating/drinking pineapple the day before to help with swelling, inflammation and bruising.
  5. He sounds like a sweet and caring little boy. So sorry he is having to deal with cancer. Just to encourage you, my now 40ish nephew was 5 or 6 when my sister was pregnant with my niece. He worried about the baby and my sister during her pregnancy for no known reason. He was a healthy child, although my sister would tell you he has always been a bit of a hypochondriac. All that to say he was a very protective big brother and they have always been very close. I hope this is the case with your little boy and this new baby on the way.
  6. The big difference I see here is this, the speakers on college campuses and the posts on social media are optional. You can choose to attend or follow those events/posts. Teachers and curriculums are not optional. Those students, professors and outsiders that show up at these on campus events to protest speakers in an effort (usually successfully) to shut down free speech have the option to just not attend the event. Students in classrooms that are presented with a curriculum can not opt out. As we have seen in some of these cases the curriculum is being hidden from parents. That in parti
  7. As I said afaik. She may have known and chosen not to ask. That wouldn't really surprise me. If those forms were dependent on my siblings and I bringing them home from school she likely never saw them. We were latchkey kids. She was gone to work before we woke up and didn't get home until we were home from school. The schools never saw my mom's signature on anything. We learned early to forge her name rather than get in trouble at school for not remembering to get forms signed the night before 🙂.
  8. No, welfare is not the ONLY cause. It certainly played a big part. I do think it is odd that there was no mention from our (3 siblings + me) PS that we qualified for free lunch. The pediatrician's office surely knew about our situation and that we qualified for welfare/food stamps etc. and afaik never suggested to mom to apply. I do recall my mom helping another single mom (CNA who obviously made less $ than mom) who was told she did not qualify for food stamps after she did request them. This woman had 3 kids and had taken in her elderly parents as well.
  9. The Welfare system's "man in the house" rule certainly played a part in setting up this family dynamic. https://ifstudies.org/blog/family-breakdown-and-americas-welfare-system From 1890 to 1950, black women had a higher marriage rate than white women. And in 1950, just 9% of black children lived without their father. By 1960, the black marriage rate had declined but remained close to the white marriage rate. In other words, despite open racism and widespread poverty, strong black families used to be the norm. But by the mid-1980s, black fatherlessness skyrocketed. Today, only 4
  10. Paraphrasing from the video, "If you believe in kids and teach them to believe in themselves they will rise to the occasion and succeed." IMO, that's the secret sauce no matter gender, race, or sex! This starts at home with the parents. I realize not every kid gets that from their parents. Having the schools do a better job of this rather than studying the wheel of privileges' or focusing on our perceived differences based on race seems likely to bring about a better outcome for all kids.
  11. The following websites may be of interest to some on this thread. http:// manningvbsb.com/ Vicky Manning serves in the At Large seat on the Virginia Beach School Board Her posting (with embedded links for groups she addresses) below may be of interest to some. http://www.manningvbsb.com/blog/praising-marxism-virginia-inquiry-collaborative-virginia-beach-schools-joins-6-other-schools-across-the-state-to-rewrite-va-history-curriculum https://defendinged.org/ https://noleftturn.us/about-us/ This group brought the lawsuit previously mentioned in this thre
  12. This and the fact that many, maybe even most of the school systems aren't able to get all ( or even a majority) of the children on grade level in the basics. IMO, it is much more important for their futures to focus getting a solid foundation in the basics than establishing who is oppressed/oppressor etc..
  13. I do not see any mention of an increase in white supremacy in either of the above links.
  14. From the link: Barrett ended the email with a reasonable request: “I would like to know HOW this fits into your science curriculum and when and how many other lessons like this you plan to teach this school year.” The school responded to the mom The school’s principal, Myra Arnone, set up a phone call to discuss Barrett’s concerns. “She explained that this kind of teaching is now being incorporated into all subjects at the teacher’s ‘professional discretion,'” Barrett explained to the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. “If the teacher feels that there is something along th
  15. That is what I mean about too much wiggle room for what is included in the "CRT curriculum". This has no place in K-12 setting. They have enough material they aren't effectively teaching now.
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