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  1. I used the “old” IEW with my kids as their main writing program from 3rd through 8th grades. The old IEW SWI and SICC added complexity each year. So even though the program was teaching and reviewing the same units, the complexity and assignments were progressively at higher levels. As my kids got older, I relaxed on the checklist requirements because they naturally included the usual elements in their writing and didn’t require a strict checklist. Periodically we took some breaks from IEW to provide variety. I am not familiar with the new IEW program, so I can’t give you advice about th
  2. I used Rod and Staff English with all of my kids. It is not fun, but it has very clear, systematic instruction. I only assigned about half of the grammar exercises since that amount was sufficient to learn the concepts.
  3. Horizons Math would be an easy-to-implement spiral program with a ton of review.
  4. I have used Rod and Staff English just for grammar instruction. In R&S, the composition lessons are clearly marked so that they can be skipped if you don’t want to use them for grammar. Rod and Staff English has systematic and straightforward instruction which I appreciated. It can work well for middle school students, but make sure to choose the appropriate level if the higher levels are too advanced. For example, you may elect to use the Grade 5 book instead of Grade 6 or 7. I have not used GWTM, so I can not provide a comparison.
  5. I have all my kids do map drawing with this program: http://map-of-the-whole-world.weebly.com They learn to draw the continents, all the countries in the world, the states in USA, and provinces of Canada. This program used to be a PDF that you could purchase, but apparently now it is a Udemy course. I also have my kids use Maps, Charts, and Graphs workbooks to learn map skills.
  6. My youngest is not fond of homeschooling which is why I have outsourced so much. I do think we will have a good year, though, mostly because everyone we know is currently a homeschooler. 🙂 Geometry: Part-time student at local middle school German 2: Part-time student at local middle school Grammar/Writing/Vocabulary/Cursive: Rod and Staff English 8, IEW (finish SICC B), CTC Word Roots, Practice cursive copying IEW poetry Literature: BJU (finish Excursions in Literature), continue read alouds Logic: CTC Basics of Critical Thinking, Khan Academy SAT practice Sc
  7. Thank you! i used 100 Easy Lessons to teach all my kids to read. It is an awesome and economical resource.
  8. I agree that there has to be one-on-one teaching with the young kids. I used to have a general aim of one hour per grade level per day of seat work (i.e: one hour total for first grade, two hours for second grade, etc.). The parents (or maybe a grandparent in some cases) will need to find time to give this individual attention, at least for the younger kids. I suppose I am asking for suggestions for all-in-one resources, as in options for open-and-go programs these parents could use to do school this year that would help their children make progress and stay on track. These options will cer
  9. Any options for these grade levels? K, 1-2, 3-5, 6-8
  10. Excellent! Thank you very much. I will look into these options.
  11. Thanks so much for this feedback. This is exactly the situation my friends have at the moment. It is not the situation they would prefer, but they need a way for their kids to make progress this school year.
  12. Various ages. I am looking for options for anything K-8. Thanks!
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