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Where to buy curtains


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This forum has been a wealth of information, so I hope you can help me now.


I need new curtains. Or, I *want* new curtains. :tongue_smilie:


These would be for a front office and DR. I want them to match. The paint color is a (warm?) light taupe and the rooms have hardwood floors.

I would like them to be lined, or maybe you can convince me otherwise. :D


They need to be reasonably priced, as I would need 16 panels, or 8 pairs (4 windows). :huh:


So, where do you buy curtains like that?? :001_cool:


Thanks, forum!!

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Yes, JCP is not what they once were. I'm redoing a few rooms gradually, and I haven't found anything I like there of late. Some of my curtains are 20 years old and are actually falling apart from sun damage! They seem to be having stocking issues. Sometimes I see something I like, and then part of it is backordered for a month or more. My experience is that means "maybe not." Why would I buy a valence, and then maybe not get the rest?


I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond last week and saw a few options that might work for the room I'm working on. We need to repaint and recarpet first, but I'll go there again when that part is done. Target also has some nice curtains, although not a big selection.

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We just spend MONTHS looking for curtains for our newly remodeled bathroom. I ended up making my own. Everything I liked was SO expensive. If you want something simple/single color in a standard size you may have luck at jc penny, ikea, Pier one, Bed Bath Beyond, etc.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Keep them coming.


I have looked at Target, but I think their selection has shrunk by half in my local store..

I do like BB&B, but they are high. Maybe with a coupon and a few at a time??

I have looked on overstock quite a few times, but I would rather see them in person. I may take the plunge though if nothing else works out.

I have also looked at TJ Maxx, but selection varies and when I did find one I liked they did not have enough panels.


Last year my mother bought some lovely drapes at JC Penney, but when I have looked recently I could not find anything. UGH.

A friend found some for her dining room at Lowes. I think I will look there.

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I have had the good luck with Bed Bath and Beyond. I would suggest this though, especially if you have one nearby to return if you need to. I had to order my panels, not too many stores carry 95 inch. I ordered 2 different sets, was not totally happy with the color/texture and took them back to the store after one set was up for a month (tried to like them, but just could not get used to the color) with no issues at all. The third set was perfect! It can be hard to know if you will love them until they are actually hanging up.


Have gotten curtains also from Walmart with no problems either, I felt like they were good quality for the low price. Was also happy with my order from Kohl's, which ended up being very cheap for numerous panels, after using a 30% off coupon.


Overall, read reviews when looking, and try to find photo reviews (I think JCP and Walmart offer photo reviews). That helps a lot to see them actually in someone's home.

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Ikea, Country Curtains (they aren't all super country looking), JC Penney, Overstock.


I've heard lengths are really inconsistent these days, and many times people end up having to buy a bunch to find a few panels that all match right in length. Just as a heads up and something to watch out for.

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