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  1. I had it happen a lot in college. Sleep deprivation and stress cause it for me, and college is kind of the perfect storm ;)
  2. PCOS, thyroid, a friend had it happen with low ferritin levels. Lots of things can cause it. In some people, weight loss can make hair fall out for a while until things stabilize a bit.
  3. I purchased it. I saw Dr. Spielhagen speak at the RFWP conference a few years ago and liked her presentation. I kept checking back as I was under the impression it was going to be published not long after that conference, but it was a longer wait than that. I had to order some other books from RFWP, so I added in Dr. Spielhagen's materials once I realized they were available. My kids are almost finished with GSWL, so we are going to use this as a supplement.
  4. Love the Kirkland sheets! They get softer after a few washes.
  5. I *think* that portion of the law is fairly recent. I agree that it is very smart and I'm glad that it is clearly spelled out.
  6. I think it is good you are taking her in. I'd want to explore whether it could be something like endometriosis. Any chance she throws up from migraines? They don't all present with headache; sometimes it is nausea, visual disturbance, etc. I'd write down as much as you can think of about what she's experiencing.
  7. I am looking at totes right now and came across Whipping Post. I imagine a messenger style may be heavy though. Supposedly quality leather that will age well based on reviews of the totes. http://whippingpost.com/products/the-vintage-messenger
  8. I did a big closet purge maybe two months ago (still could refine this a bit) and keep an index card in my wallet with things I'm hoping to add to my wardrobe in the next year. It keeps me a little more focused on filling wardrobe gaps and purchasing pieces I really would get more wear out of. I do a lot of jeans and tees with a blazer, button downs with jeans, fitted ankle length pants (jcrew minnies), ballet flats, pointed toe flats, casual skirts, and dresses. I need 2-3 more casual day dresses but haven't found exactly what I want yet. I need a nice pair of white jeans but haven't found the right ones yet. I would also like a tote bag and clutch. I could use 2 woven (vs knit) type tops. I still have a GC for Macys from MIL that I need to spend at some point. I am looking at Skagen watches or a Kut from the Kloth denim jacket. A few months ago for spring/summer I bought some new tees (madewell), an athleta swim suit, 2 prs of Ann Taylor shorts in a style I bought last year and liked. Also a dress from Target, two barcelona tanks from express. Good sale going on at Ann Taylor (50% off everything, sitewide FS with no min from what I can see. They have 40% off practically every week, but usually there is a shipping minimum). Good for button downs, dressier shorts, etc. Some of it is too career oriented for my daily life, but there are some nice polished basics.
  9. Yes. Ours is somewhat unfriendly compared to our last hometown library, so that colors my view. Our previous library would allow us to make requests, and then books were ready in a holding area for us. This was fantastic when I had young toddlers, etc. and just wanted to be in and out of the library. My current library only does that for a buck a book or something. Our last library would often renew books that had been temporarily lost. If I returned say 29 of 30 books, they'd give me an extra renewal on that single missing book because 99 percent of the time I'd be back in a few days with it. Our current library does not do anything like that. I by no means expect it, but I do miss the user friendly nature of our last library in comparison, kwim? The big kicker is that they had some budget cuts, and at that point, I found that almost every visit or every other visit they wouldn't check materials back in, we'd have a fine, I couldn't check anything else out, etc. I'd have to call, they'd locate the books on the shelf, and clear our fines. That gets old quickly IME. I understand that mistakes happen, but given how they aren't particularly user-friendly overall, it irks me. And on a personal level, I think most of the staff are perpetually grumpy, and that was the case even before budget cuts. I don't know...they are just very dry, unfriendly even towards the kids, very by the book with no flexibility on rules in comparison to our last library. I know they are overworked, underpaid, and don't owe us nice things like an extra renewal, but having had that at our last library, it is hard to go back. Our last library also had a better system for reminders, online management of renewals, etc. in comparison.
  10. I would agree that the spin out doesn't leave things all that dry after spinning out. In fact, my last washer did a little better in that regard, and it was an old manual top loader with agitator. Sometimes I manually add a second spin to the SQ, but usually I don't bother. My last washer was 12-13 yo and was very similar in some ways to a SQ. Manual dial, not a lot of electronics, etc. I don't think it was crafted as nicely, but it operated similarly. In that regard, for me it is kind of the same thing. Low tech, I can manually tweak whatever if I want. Low frills, effective cleaning. My old one couldn't rebalance any more and had issues with the transmission I guess. We repaired a few times, and then it finally got to the point where it was done. So SQ isn't life changing for me really, but it seems to be a quality machine and I hope it lasts.
  11. I live in a smallish town in a suburb (45-60 mins outside of) of a major city in the Mid Atlantic/Northeast. We have 3 local dealers within 15-40 min. The nicer appliance store we deal with most often actually doesn't carry them, but several other small appliance stores do, and they service them as well. We bought our mid range model in January and I've been quite happy with it. At that time they were extending the warranty to 5 years. We were purchasing in a somewhat urgent situation and on NYE, so I went with the mid range since it was immediately available. We would have had to order and wait on the least expensive model. I do not have a SQ dryer yet.
  12. We stayed at POR in Feb 2014 and enjoyed it. As a family of 5, it was a budget-friendly option for us since we could have 5 in a room. I would consider DVC points for a future trip. We opted to drive to the parks vs. take buses, and were happy with that option, although I know many don't enjoy driving on site. I hadn't been to WDW since early childhood, so it was somewhat difficult to decide how to weigh convenience vs. price vs. time we'd spend in the room and resort itself. While we were there, the Poly, Contemporary, etc. were impacted by scheduled maintenance on the monorail the whole time we were there. We had debated staying at a monorail resort, and I would have been upset to have shelled out for that, only to lose the convenience of the monorail. When I was planning and reading the disboards, a lot of folks were really unhappy about having paid for the convenience of the Poly and Contemporary, only to lose access to the monorail for a large portion of the day.
  13. Deleting my post after rereading the thread. I don't want to pile on, OP. I hope things go as smoothly as possible for you.
  14. No referrals here on our current plan. DH works for a business with under 50 employees, and to add our family on to their plan is about 12K/yr. We do better in the private market with a deductible. Even in a worst case year scenario, we would be close to breaking even. The work plan has always been a good one without referrals, but in the last year they switched to one that requires referrals in order to keep costs down. They've asked us to participate, since they could use some younger and healthier employees in their insurance pool, but we have opted to stay with our private plan for the last 5 years. No referrals. I think we pay around 800 per month also; DH's employer does kick back to us what they would have paid for his healthcare benefits. It is ridiculous that it is so difficult to get prices in advance. I worked in healthcare and understand that you can't always anticipate how things will go in terms of procedures, etc. but there's no reason prices should be as difficult as they are to obtain. I don't think we'll ever contain costs until we move away from our current model. Right now we have a perfect storm of a mandate for insurance without adequate price controls. On the upside, my dad's healthcare funds in his retirement accounts have been through the roof. Just trying to find a single upside to the profits being made ;)
  15. When I am faced with this, I will skip over some people who respond in favor of people who seem more on the ball. Sometimes that isn't an option, but I've dealt with enough flaky people that I will opt to skip some responders and go with someone who seems more together. Some who respond, "I'm interested," are no doubt on the ball, but if someone comes across as more serious and organized, I will opt for that person. I used to try to handle it in order of interest, but I was burned too many times to bother. I remember when we were moving one time and put a lot on CL and freecycle, and I literally had people email me things like, "I want it." Nothing else. Ummmm...well, you don't get it LOL. In the same vein, when I really want an item, I have sometimes suspected I am successful in jumping over other responders because I will offer a few locations, days, times, etc. that work for me, that we have a truck or uhaul available (for say something like furniture or other large items), etc. I also look for those types of responses if I have a choice when I am a seller.
  16. Yesterday I went through several large boxes of pictures and threw out two plastic grocery store bags full of extras, fuzzy shots, etc. I had previously organized all of my photos from DH and I dating, etc. through DS1's third year of life a number of years ago, when DS accidentally dumped it all. I have avoided the task of starting over many times because it bummed me out that they were sorted in a fit of pregnancy nesting, only to be undone. So yesterday I got them back in some sort of order with dividers and such. They aren't sorted to great detail, but are greatly improved. I still have another large tote to finish and some of DH's childhood/family photos to go through yet. I'm not sure if he'd like his in an album or what exactly. Right now they are unsorted in a photobox. I spent about 3 hrs and still have a good bit more to do, but it was also nice to toss out 2 bags full. FOr better or for worse, we have rarely printed photos after my 8 yo was past toddlerhood, so the bulk are now sorted I think. And I have "homes" already (dividers in my photoboxes) for some of what needs to be sorted yet, so that should help.
  17. Lack of appetite and feeling very full very easily can be associated with other cancers besides stomach. Hopefully it is not that, but given your somewhat unusual medical history, combined with the duration (this hasn't been just going on a few weeks and is getting worse), I would not wait.
  18. Do you still have an oncologist? I would call him/her.
  19. 102 seems like too much for teething. I know people insist their babies got a fever with teething, but I think that has mostly been refuted in the medical literature. I'm not saying it never happens, but the medical literature has pretty much debunked it, even pointing out that while some physiciians still attribute fevers to teething, it really is unlikely. I would cancel or inform them that you aren't sure, she's running a 102, would they prefer to cancel?
  20. I was a distance runner in track, so I know where you are coming from. All day meets can be tough, particularly because you also need to account for warmup and cooldown time before and after each event. My total mileage on race day was always quite a bit higher in track than in cross country. I was not a big sports drink person, but I did use them when we had all day meets at the end of the season when it was often quite hot out. I think they are overused in general, but depending on conditions, etc. he may or may not find that somewhat helpful. He should get some shade between events as able, and don't forget sunscreen. Among my teammates and friends in similar positions as long distance runners, some ate basically normally, some ate lighter, it really depends on the person IME. I'd have a supply of things like bars with a mix of carbs, protein, and fat to have as a supplement or snack as needed. He could try eating a pretty normal lunch and see how he tolerates it. Ideally I think he'd experiment a bit before a big meet to see how he does running 2 hrs after a typical meal. I also agree with PP that races are often tweaked and changed. I ran 4 events pretty much every meet, and those were a mix of the 4x800m relay, 1600m, 800m, 3200m, and 4x400m relay. Relay mixes in particular were often changed last minute. Best of luck to him.
  21. Fat and protein snacks or meals I like include avocado, nuts, olives, nut butters, guacamole and veggies, cottage cheese or greek yogurt (unsweetened), hardboiled egg dipped in homemade mayo with some hot sauce added. Deviled eggs or deviled eggs using guacamole, cumin, a little chili powder instead of mayo. Coffee with cream or bulletproof coffee. A burger plus a little guac or other healthy fat and a salad. Leftover protein from dinner (chicken thigh or drumstick for ex). Broth (homemade) with 2 whisked eggs drizzled in just til cooked. Scrambled eggs.
  22. ITA. I get that some people find the "thanking things" and similar advice from the book over the top, etc. When I first read the book, I thought that those parts were a little odd. But really, as I started implementing some of it, I realized that that moment of gratitude helps relieve some of the guilt and other emotional baggage many of us carry. It makes it easier to part with things IMO. SImilarly, her advice about thanking items you don't use or like for having taught you something is also helpful in purging with less guilt. And thanking the things I keep (well, having a moment of gratitude vs. actually thanking them ;) ) encourages me to care for the things I have. In the last few years I've found myself at a point where I handwash more items, do more "maintenance" on the things I have, and so forth. Don't look in my messy car though :lol:
  23. My kids are in 5th and 2nd, and we do very few experiments. They explore a lot, have access to things like snap circuits and solder on breadboards, we talk science all of the time, we are currently using some of the McHenry books, they read a lot of science, etc. However, we rarely do experiments. My husband has a doctorate in chemistry and I have a master's in a healthcare/science field.
  24. This is our first year of formal Latin study. My kids are (newly) 11 and 8. We've been using and loving GSWL this year. It has been a perfect introduction for us, as I only took a required semester of Latin in middle school, and then moved onto Spanish in high school. The 8 yo has completed MCT Island level, so she's already familiar with direct and indirect objects, objects of the preposition, etc. As a result, she keeps up easily with her older brother. I am not sure what we'll use next. I have Latin Prep here from Galore Park because I snagged it at a used curriculum sale. I am not sure where to go when we finish GSWL, so I'll be following your thread, OP. My kids seem to really enjoy GSWL.
  25. PA requires testing in certain grades, affidavit and objectives sent to district (these are not "approved" rejected in any way), port review by evaluator chosen by the home education supervisor, and until recently, the whole portfolio, evaluator letter, and test results (in relevant years) went to the district. A recent change in the law now has it so there is an affidavit and objectives sent in at the start of the year, testing in specified years, parent still chooses an evaluator, evaluator reviews the port, but now the port doesn't go to the district. Only the evaluator's letter is sent in vs the whole port. The problem is districts routinely overstep, which puts people into a defensive mode. I dislike dealing with school district even though I have nothing to be concerned about. At one point a few years ago, our state board of education's homeschool liaison redid the Dept of Ed's home education page with info that was not consistent with the law. For example, there were statements to the effect that ports should be handed in using a three inch binder, when there is nothing in the law that was that specific. Then districts were literally telling parents they had to use a three inch binder for their ports because it was on the state website. That kind of stuff is why I am not a fan of the type of oversight we have here; the stuff that comes up tends to be a SD overstepping and making demands that go beyond the law, like requiring parents to meet with the superintendent, when that's not legally required.
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