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How long is your 5th grader homeschool day

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My dd works *very* fast -- too fast, really, but somehow she does adequate (not stellar) work anyway -- and usually she finishes everything in 3-4 hours, plus some reading time. Sometimes she'll do all of her extra reading in one sitting, but if I spread that out over the course of the week, it's still less than about 5 hours a day. Sometimes a lot less. She's 10.5 and I usually think of her as a 5th/6th grader.


Here's what she's doing:

Teaching Textbooks 7 (4 lessons per week)

Horizons 5 (5 lessons per week)

Timez Attack (about 10-15 minutes per day)

Lightning Lit (7 and half of 8 this year)

So You Really Want to Learn Latin 1 (and the accompanying Translations book)

K12 Human Odyssey v. 1 (reading a "Reading Guide" pages)

So You Really Want to Learn Science 1 (reading + written exercises)

A Child's Story of the Animal World (reading only)

The Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way (reading only)

Exploring the History of Medicine (read, then a very simple written comprehension exercise)

Milestones in Science (about an hour or so of lab work once a week)

Art: either Artistic Pursuits or working from a "how to draw" book 4 times per week

MP Christian Studies 1

Logic - just a couple of exercises from Orbiting With Logic each week

Writing - additional writing assignments with Dad, usually one finished work (about 350 words) per week

Reading - one novel per week (either associated with Lightning Lit or history or something else I've assigned like Heidi, Pinocchio, The Giver, etc)

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About 5 hours, which doesn't include "supplemental" assigned reading (like historical fiction tied to history) or free/literary reading. I know you wanted that figured in, but it varies from 0 to 4 hours per day, so it would skew the average!


The 5 hours includes 1 hour of math, ~1.5 hours of English (composition, vocab, literature), .5 hour of Latin, 1 hour of science and 1 hour of history. More or less. Actual results may (and do) vary on a daily basis) :D

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We average 33- 36 hours/week including library time, group and independent reading, PT/OT, and intentional exercise. (Closer to 30 hours if you remove therapy and the exercise tied to it. I included it because it is directly tied to his future academic success, so is school in my book.)


Some days are light, (2-3 hours), others are heavy (7 hours). We school 6 days a week.

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8:00 - independent reading (some choice, some history, some other related)

8:45 - check homework, Bible

9:00 - grammar/spelling/Dutch depending on the day

9:30 - "recess"

9:45 - math

10:30 - "homework" (incl. flute practice, 6 weeks units in art/music appreciation/typing, sometimes independent work in a subject

11:30 - bring dd3 to school and have lunch

12:30 - history or science depending on the day


Theoretically she's done by 1:30 but she rarely is, unfortunately. Especially her "homework" tends to drag on and on due to a lack of focus. But when she buckles down, this is it.


Of course some weeks we do projects that are fun but require more time. Last week, for example, she began working on a diorama to demonstrate landforms. She's enjoying that and so is willing to spend some extra time on it.

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Mon-Thurs, work at home:


2.5- 3 hrs in the morning and 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Plus free reading later, maybe some math to finish later.


And extra curriculars right now which count as school hours: 4 on Mon-Thurs.


Friday is co-op, so 5 hrs of out of the house classes and P.E.


Then there is usually some finish up or homework over the weekend, maybe an hour or 2.


So for the week we are around: 31-33 as well.

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Twice a week - 3 hrs plus an hour of independent work in the evening.

Three times per week - about 5 hrs plus an hour of independent work on two of those days.

I think that adds up to around 25 hrs per week. It feels plenty.


Plus ballet 4x per week

Plus sewing class 2x per week

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Here are the approximate times for 4 x a week

30 minutes of Bible

60 minutes of math

60 minutes of foreign language

60 minutes of language arts

60 minutes of reading

60 minutes of PE

20 minutes of guitar practice

45 minutes of science

45 minutes of history, logic, geography, art, or music

45 minutes child-led study/projects


1x week

60 minutes foreign language

60 minutes PE

60 minutes reading

4.5-5 hours child-led study/projects


More details are here.

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With independent reading but not outside classes or activities it averages 4 hours a day. I have a very focused child.

He reads 3 chapters of Life of Fred for math a day and then usually 10 minutes of Khan. That takes about 45 min

Language Arts is about 30-45 minutes a day

Science is about 30 minutes a day

Social Studies is about 30 minutes a day

30 minutes a day alternating Latin/Technology/music/art

Free reading(Usually historical, sometimes classical or choice is 30-60

and we usually watch some sort of Science or History show for 30-60 minutes

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Honestly, until he finishes whatever is on the daily schedule. If he finishes in 2 hours great, if it takes him 7 hours, because he's being slow or daydreaming, well, that's fine too.


Here's what he's doing this year:


History Odyssey with Human Odyssey as a spine

Teaching Textbooks

Logic (Building Thinking Skills 2x/week and Philosophy for Kids 1x/week)


Ancient Greek

CPO Earth Science

Growing with Grammar

Phonetic Zoo spelling


30 mins independent reading/day

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