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  1. My son (or sons?) will be doing BTB Spanish. I'm considering adding Homeschool Spanish Academy, one class a week. My other son used HSA last year and really enjoyed it, but the cost of using that as our main Spanish curriculum is more than we want to spend- $600 for one credit.
  2. Thank you for mentioning this, we were just talking about it. You're right, we'll have to make sure he's done before he graduates high school.
  3. I appreciate everyone's comments. I've wondered how his DE classes would affect college acceptance and scholarship. He is determined to get his Associate degree in computer science before he graduates high school. I believe he is on schedule to graduate with his Associate degree summer after his senior year.
  4. This is a good point, I will need to look into this further as he is doing some honor level classes.
  5. Thanks everyone. He's our first so this is the first time we are dealing with this. The college he likes guaranteed he would be accepted based on his high ACT score, so we were looking at Merit scholarships and how much of a difference he would get between having a 3.6 versus a 3.8. A couple thousands dollars difference, but not a deal breaker.
  6. I'm not familiar with Common App. The college we talked to didn't mention that, just told him to apply on their website?
  7. We are getting ready to apply to colleges and finishing all the paperwork. My son will have a couple dozen dual enrolled courses from a community college he took through high school. If he took two social studies classes (or computer classes, or whatever) in one year, can I just take the one with the higher grade to put on his transcript, or will that look suspicious if we have ALL his courses transferred over to his college. Would anyone even know we didn't put them all on the transcript?
  8. I had my sons do a couple timed practice tests before they took the ACT. It helped them learn to manage their time, as they hadn't taken timed tests before.
  9. Yes, we got accomodations for my son on the ACT. I'm guessing the SAT would be similar. We had to send in a copy of his test with the diagnosis, and choose what accomodations he would need. It was pretty quick and easy.
  10. My sons will be in 11th and 12th grades next year. The both take college classes, so they sign up for classes based on what is offered that semester, then we fill in the rest at home. They usually take social studies, computer science and english at their colleges, and we do science, math and foreign languages at home. They will probably do: Derek Owens Pre-Calc Derek Owens Physics Foreign Language ?
  11. My son is completeing the honors questions on the tests, how do I grade those? Are those points averaged in with the rest of the questions, or are they added like extra credit? Thanks!
  12. That is definitely another consideration- the self teaching aspect. So far they have done very well with no outside help or videos. They prefer a textbook they work through on their own, though they do work together often times. Thank you for your comment. :)
  13. I'm looking at my options for Algebra 2, and I see that Dr. Callahan uses College Algebra with Trig for his text. My sons have used Jacob's Algebra 1 and Geometry and it was a good fit for them. I'm wondering if this would be a good option for Algebra 2, or if I should switch to Foerster.
  14. I'm previewing the Iowa test that I will give my 9th grader soon, and came across the section on 'Sources of Information'. We have not covered this before, so I'm hoping someone has a good website or video recommendation that will give him some basic information on finding sources.
  15. Oh, and a couple good FB groups to learn more: 'Real Essential Oil Education' and 'Scentsable Health'. Also, I have a friend with advanced training in aromatherapy, her website it called Life Holistically. Also, Barefoot Dragonfly has a wonderful website.
  16. A couple things to consider when choosing an essential oil company: - Is it owned/managed by an aromatherapist and are they available to answer questions? -Do they have important safety information on their website? Do they explain contraindications and safety info? -Do they have a good relationship with their distillers? -Do they have a good reputation in the aromatherapy field and do they follow the latest research in aromatherapy? -Do they test ALL batches of oils using a GC/MS, AND, do they publicize the results? There are quite a few companies that check all those boxes. :) My favorites are: Nature's Gift, Aromatics International, Stillpoint Aromatics, Florihana (can order from France or at Tropical Traditions in the US) and Plant Therapy. I do not recommend Young Living for many reasons. They promote unsafe use, They do not provide their GC/MS reports, and they do not offer safety info on their website or to their reps. Also, a couple reps recently sent in some oils to be tested since the company refuses to make their test results public. The testing showed some of the oils were adulterated with petroleum based synthetics. Unfortunately, the company denies the results from the tests done by 4 independent scientists. There are much better choices, and they are less expensive too. You can see the test results in two FB groups, 'Blue Tansy Analysis' and 'Essential Oil Consumer Reports'. I also recommend following Robert Tisserand and Essential Oil University on FB.
  17. The benefit of getting a book recently published, is that there has been so much research on essential oils in the last couple years. I absolutely agree that Tisserand's book is the 'go-to' if you want to learn more about the chemistry and safety of essential oils. He has compiled over 4,000 research studies on essential oils and their constituents. The FDA cracking down on a couple of the big MLM companies is because of the medical claims they are making, and problems with their labels. A product can not be both cosmetic (topical use) and a supplement (internal use) at the same time. I have read most of the newer books, or previewed them, and the FDA has not affected anything in the scientifically based books. The two I always recommend are Tisserand's book and this one: https://www.amazon.com/Complete-Aromatherapy-Essential-Handbook-Everyday/dp/0778804860/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1468727896&sr=8-3&keywords=the+complete+book+of+essential+oils+and+aromatherapy. When you get an older book you will need to double check the recommendations for safety info and contraindications. A lot of those books were written by people with a background in herbalism, and many thought that the chemistry of herbs is the same as essential oils, but they are very different. If you don't have Tisserand's book, you can find a lot of that at aromaweb.com. There are also many research studies of essential oils on PubMed.
  18. We have used quite a few. The ones I didn't like: Prima Latina, Galore Park, and CAP. Although I do like some of the free printable charts from CAP. The ones I do like: Lively Latin, Minimus and Getting Started With Latin. I have one more great resource, but I can't remember the name. I'll have to go check. :) Found it- 'Looking at Latin'. It is a great resource for those who are more visual. https://www.amazon.com/Looking-at-Latin-Grammar-Pre-college/dp/0865166153/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1468715819&sr=8-1&keywords=looking+at+latin
  19. Why older than 2010? You mean more current than 2010?
  20. My sons used the self paced history courses. They have never really enjoyed history (gasp!) so I was hoping this would go over well with them. They did enjoy it, and tested very well. We supplemented with books and the flash cards. However, 4 years later, I'd say they really did not retain very much of it. I probably will not use it for my daughter for that reason.
  21. Math- MM3 Science- WP Animals and their Worlds History- SCMEarly Modern LA- SWO3, Grammar Island, Cursive and ??writing?? SCM Shakespeare study- Midsummer Night's Dream Latin- Lively Latin
  22. Thank you, everyone! This is so helpful. We will make an appointment to meet about these concerns as soon as he is registered.
  23. My son will be in tenth grade in the fall, and can start taking (free!) classes at a local community college- up to 11 credits each semester. He has dyslexia and dysgraphia and is highly gifted. He has never taken classes outside of the home, so I'm not sure how to prepare him. Also, what accomodations should we ask for? How does that work in a college? He will most likely take classes in computer programmimg and finance. Thanks!
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