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  1. We used a Glencoe textbook I bought off of Amazon and we worked through it together. I thought it covered everything well, and since it wasn't the newest edition it was inexpensive. We met up with friends and did reports and presentations/projects throughout the semester which was fun and they learned a lot from. We also found videos to go along with the topics, and had them do some research on current events/issues since the text was older. I also had them pick from a list of "hot topic" issues in health right now and research/present both sides of the issue (one of them chose vaccinations since we have friends on both sides of the issue that feel very strongly).
  2. I agree that Environmental might be a good fit, if you wanted a third science. We are using Holt's Environmental science as our 3rd year of science this year for my oldest (who sounds very similar to your dd, except we haven't done any testing). It's been a good course. We bought it new from Rainbow and it had an online code that included worksheets, quizzes, tests, labs if desired (none required), and some interactive things.
  3. Our history text for next year only takes us up till 2010. I already have some speeches (and of course current events) to fill in here, but I'd like a couple of "not to be missed" history, biography or literature suggestions for this time period. Actually the last 20 years is fine, since I'm not sure yet how current our literature goes. Our year is very full already, so if I could just get a couple of really great books, that would be perfect. Thanks!
  4. There are also a lot of the other short stories listed at the end of chapters in the teacher's book in Windows to the World to help make it fuller and give the students more practice. We really enjoyed a lot of them.
  5. Thank you! I didn't realize that. Off to check it out!
  6. Actually this is for my younger son for fall- he's not currently using it at all. He is in biology and hasn't struggled with the Apologia biology text, although he does say he wishes the author would stop saying things like "We aren't going to cover that in this course" over and over. (My older son was who I was talking about had used Apologia chem and needed more practice, and I was the one who didn't care for Apologia. Sorry for the confusion.) So maybe just go with the lab group? I want him to take Clover Valley Honors Chem in his junior or senior year, and was leaning towards that for regular chem this year...but he really wants to be with his friends one more year....
  7. is there any chance we will like Wile's new chemistry program Discovering Design with Chem? I liked Chemistry in school, but found Apologia to be wordy and boring, and it didn't have enough practice problems for my older son. This is being used with our local lab group, so I can't change the curriculum being used, we would just have to do it on our own or do an online class instead if we didn't participate. These kids are some of my son's closest friends- so obviously he really wants to continue with the group.
  8. Still in the planning stages although I suppose I should start narrowing things down ... English 10- Probably British Literature with older brother if I teach it using EIL and Ambleside Online, otherwise maybe an online class Geometry- Jacob's with My Fun Science French 1- Online with Excelsior Chemistry- Still deciding on a text. Will be continuing doing labs with local friends every other week. History- Option 1: Gov/Econ with older brother. Haven't found any curriculum that looks fabulous yet though. Option 2: World History if he isn't wanting to work with older brother. PE Piano lessons Possible electives he's choosing between: Computer class of some kind, Logic, Creative Writing (he's wanting to take this sometime during high school), Debate
  9. I know the OP is talking about taking something at college and her dd has taken ASL...but I wanted to throw this out there for parents of dyslexic kids who are looking for a foreign lang. for high school. Marjorie (Marji) McIlvaine teaches both French and Spanish online using TPR methods. She was a Spanish teacher, and then realized her dyslexic child struggled to learn the traditional way, so the way she teaches is geared to meet the needs of kids like that as well as non-dyslexic kids. My son is taking Spanish 1 with her after a year of struggling with traditional methods (including a private tutor from Mexico). He's not been diagnosed but I think it's very probable that he's dyslexic. I've been amazed at his progress this year. Our church recently had a group of kids from Costa Rica visiting and he was able to understand much of what they were saying and have conversations with them. She teaches both through Luma Learn and Academy of Bright Ideas Press Sorry to hijack OP! I just know that it is really hard to find something like this for dyslexic kids so I hope this helps someone out.
  10. I think the links Lori D posted are great for getting an idea of what would be expected. My son did two semester credits of woodworking. We used the books for 4H as the basis for ours. They required things like learning how to stain, learning about different types of wood, how to use different types of tools etc. My husband taught him how to use all the different type of power tools on some projects he was working on (for example, my dh was making a chicken coop from his own plans so he talked about how to plan that out with my son, then they worked on building it. They also made an insulated dog house together. They only did one of these each year, but it gave him plenty of practice) Then my son also made his own project for 4H each year. One year he made a shelf that had a cabinet type section, and one year he made a headboard for his bed. Keep in mind, he really enjoyed this, so I think he put in a lot more hours than he would have in a public school setting, but that was by his choice.
  11. Thank you! Clover Valley was actually the one I was hoping to hear about! This was very helpful
  12. Any particular teacher/class that you would highly recommend? I'm familiar with what is out there for the most part, just trying to find a good teacher. Secular or Christian is fine. I already have Apologia 2nd edition from my older son, but honestly didn't like it very much, so I don't care if it uses that book.
  13. Live online math We are using the recorded sessions for Algebra 2 this year. However I "think" he only does the grading for you if you keep up with the pace of the online class students (turning things in when they're due for the class etc.) so I don't know how that would work for you. Showing work is required on quizzes/tests although the homework is self-check.
  14. Wow! Thanks for the reply! I love that you mentioned how the kids all evened out by the end of the year. That's helpful to know. And I love hearing what a great fit it was for your family. How awesome!
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