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Dad moves out of the ICU today!

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Dad will be moved out of the cardiac ICU today! WOOO HOOO! He's been there for sixty days exactly today. He will be moved to the rehab unit in the same hospital. There, he will have three hours a day of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. We don't have an estimate yet of how long he will be in rehab before finally getting to go home. His therapy team will take a few days and evaluate him, then they'll be able to give us a better picture of where he is, where he needs to be, and how long they expect that to take.


Dad also will get his smaller trach today, which is a BIG deal. With the smaller trach, he will be able to talk better, and his speech therapists will be able to help him learn how to drink and eat! Dad's been two months on a feeding tube. He misses food! He's also lost about THIRTY pounds. Dad looks so skinny, LOL. (Lest that weight loss worry you, dad was a big guy when he went in; 5'9", 230 lbs. His current weight loss takes him from well into the 'obese' category to almost down to just 'overweight'.)


All of dad's caregivers there in the ICU tell us just how miraculous dad's turnaround has been. His favorite nurse was taking care of him yesterday while I was there. She said the ward will just be so different without dad, and just how encouraging it was to get to see a patient make such a dramatic recovery.


Also, I got to take dad outside with his nurse yesteday. Just a quick walk in a wheelchair around outside the hospital. But dad LOVED it.


Jesus is so good. :001_smile:

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I've been following your story and I'm amazed!


I am too!


I honestly can't believe Jesus has healed him so radically. I mean, the doctors gave us a 5% chance of recovery. Mom and I were thiiiiiis close to putting him on hospice.


Praise Jesus, I get more time here on earth with my daddy. :)

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