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Help me avoid a vet visit.

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I want to start out saying that if home remedies don't work, I will definitely take my dog to the vet. He's on the cusp of maybe needing vet attention and maybe not and finances are tight.


He has been licking and worrying at his back paw for the last couple of weeks. I have clipped the fur on the paw and have carefully checked it for injury and thorns. I read on the 'net that dogs can lick and chew on themselves and cause injury where there wasn't any. I don't know if this is what is going on. Last night I noticed that his paw is slightly swollen. He wouldn't let me look at it. He is not limping and is putting weight on it just fine.


My plan today is to put a cone on him so that he can't keep licking the paw. I was also thinking of soaking his foot in epsom salts - is that safe for dogs? And of course looking at his paw even more closely for any problem. I'll have to leash him tightly so that I can do so. Is there anything else you might suggest?

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Benadryl is a good idea, just in case he has had a sting or bite or some other sort of allergic reaction.Even though he is putting weight on it, he could have a sprain or perhaps arthritic pain. Or maybe it started out as some kind of irritation, and the licking has become a habit. Bitter Apple spray is a good solution to the "bad habit" problem....unless you have a dog like my Duncan. For him, spraying bitter apple on something was like covering it with turkey gravy. He loved the stuff. :confused:


Hope you find the cause, and your pup is okay!

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