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Dr Hive, please help -- extreme pain in lower back on right side

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My dh has a high pain tolerance but has been up since 2am with extreme lower back pain on the right side. He says it hurts deep inside, and then also the muscles slightly higher up are affected. He is active (runs) but says he stretched yesterday and didn't do anything weird. We're wondering about kidney infection. No issues involving urination, though. He is almost crying at the pain, which comes in waves. He is also nauseated. Advil/massage did nothing. What could this be? Should we go to the ER? He's having a hot shower right now in case it's muscular. So worried. :(

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Do not mess around if there is a possibility of a kidney infection! My husband did last week. He had back pain (though not that bad) for about a day,

but no fever or other symptoms, until several hours after the pain wet away. Then he woke with uncontrollable chills. It took about 30 minutes of this for the fever (102) to register on a thermometer--I thought he was going to break the glass, he was shaking so hard, and he went downhill fast from there. He was nearly unresponsive by the time we got to the ER. He could barely get out of the car, could not walk in, could not answer questions. It was the weirdest medical event I have ever witnessed.


Perhaps your husband does not have an infection, but with no fever, and then when the pain went away, we thought my husband did not, either. Antibiotics are a wonderful thing!



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