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I hate moles

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Ok, funny mole story.


My DH is not from the US. We were living in our first home which had a very nice backyard with a large, green, well manicured lawn. One morning we woke up to a small pile of dirt in the backyard. The next day a few more piles appeared. My DH was CONVINCED that the neighbors were secretly throwing dirt over the fence in some anti-Indian statement!! I was a city girl so I had NO idea what was happening. Thank god I mentioned it to someone at work who set me straight (and recommended sitting at the site with a shotgun waiting for the mole!)


Good lesson for all of us. BTW - we went with the sonic mole irritant.

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Dh swears that if you put out chewed juicy-fruit gum, you will no longer have a mole problem.


Yep :iagree::iagree::iagree:but use juji fruits candy (the gummy colored candy).


And, there are dirt piles in our yard again, time to go to the dollar store to get some more...

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Chewed Juicy-Fruit stuffed down in each mole hole did the trick here also. I felt stupid standing in my front yard with a mouth full of gum, but it worked. I used one or two lightly-chewed pieces per hole.




Oh my....my kids are going to LOVE this job!! Moles....here we come...and we have GUM!:D

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I have a female cat who is an EXCELLENT hunter (and one male who won't even swat at a grasshopper, but I digress...) Unfortunately, with her ninja hunting skills comes cat ADHD. She is like a ping pong ball on speed. You want me to mail her to you? Maybe all the moles will keep her busy.

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okay - what is the logic behind juicy fruit gum?

dh found a mole repellant you spray on the lawn and it soaks in. he also found the smoke bombs you shove in their holes and block behind the entry. (can't always find their holes around here.)


the tunnels collapsing and the earth displacement on the surface. I've had young specimen trees die, and the only logical explanation is the disruption of the dirt affected their roots getting water. and then there is the sinking down every single time I take a step . . . . .

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