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  1. Whoa that is a lot! I don't know if you want JAWM, are decompressing and regrouping, or want suggestions. From what you wrote, this is what I see, feel free to contemplate, disregard, anything: You love working at the theater. This is something that can recharge you, inspire you, show your kids a passion of yours. All good. A way to "fill your cup." Kids need to know you are someone else other than a "need provider" and also its good for them to learn independence for another family member to do something that brings them joy. You do that for them, let them rise to the challenge and do that for you. If you feel that enriched doing this, I would encourage you to explore how you can continue. Even if it means putting your kids in public. Also, if you enjoy the preschool, and bringing your preschooler with you, how would it be to seek full time? With the others are at public, this could be a possibility. Don't be so loyal to home educating that it destroys any quality of life you might have. It never speaks well of home educating to trash the mom in the process, it is supposed to be, for the most part, an enriching experience. Some family set ups are not that great for home educating, especially homes where the husband works a lot of hours, and the wife doesn't have a lot of support or help. That is what causes burnout for the mom. The airlines say "put on your oxygen mask first, then your childrens'" and that is very good advice. Your daughters need to see an empowered woman to model after, and you doing what you need to achieve that, whether or not that includes homeschooling.
  2. In US: We just had an urgent matter that required surgery... I had to drive three times long distance in a week (don't want to discuss details, but its fine in the end). The wait where we live was 3-4 weeks to see a GP/Internal Med. doctor... and forget the specialist, and great pain was involved. Sooooo drive (and drive and drive) far away. My question would be, to Canada and UK: What about specialists? Can you go straight to one? Can you pick one that is well known in their specialty? Or are you "stuck" with whoever you might be sent to by the GP? Let's pretend its cancer... can you pick a medical center well known to treat what you have and with record of good outcomes? So I guess in summary, how much choice does the patient have in socialized medicine?
  3. I vote no. It feeds it. You want to diffuse it. Go silent. No exceptions. If he brings it up, ask how his family are, or comment on the lovely day, or weather. If he still talks about it, say you don't discuss politics. He has decided his stance, any offering from you is a waste of oxygen. ADDING: Either delete his emails, or put in an UNREAD folder. Either way, scan to make sure other than those views are there... then delete without reading. No need to ruin your day.
  4. I've had good luck with Turbo Tax making uneven estimated payments. You do have to coax it a bit... (Tax Act royally messed it up.) Use the self employed version, download or CD, its easier, with the forms function, (with online, you lose access for the last payment, although TT gave us the download to retrieve it). Its hard to explain, but you take your income so far in the year, and multiply it as if it is your annual income. For Jan-Mar, multiply by 4, Apr-May multiply Jan-May income by 2.5, rest, factor is 12 over how many months so far in year. Don't forget to subtract about what your Sch. C expenses are, or you will overpay. Go into the "pay estimated tax" portion of federal and state, plug the annual income in (changing each quarter), then take what is left owing for entire year, and divide what's left to figure what to pay that quarter. Keep track of payments, and feed your payments in. If you make more in a quarter, it will give a really high amount, don't use that, or you will overpay. I always get really close this way. You do have to fill out form 2210 to prevent a penalty, and make your percentages by annual income divided by each quarter, and then applying those percentages whenever you need to come up with quarterly amounts paid or owed.
  5. Maybe this will be of interest to you:
  6. has good articles, and a facebook page as well
  7. :grouphug: Does your insurance allow you to go straight to a specialist? Would you consider trying to get into Mayo? Its a bit of a drive... but its Mayo.
  8. Southern Living has a lot of their recipes archived online on their website, try there.
  9. I hope OP didn't leave here... I read her thread and was coming back to tell her that her "Mom mission statement" was one of the best I've ever read. Her daughters, and family, are fortunate to have her and I wish her the best.
  10. I've heard of it both ways. But we don't charge ours. I've heard of some charging the rent, saving it up, and giving it to them when they move. The economy is not being friendly to our young adults, and I don't want to make it worse. I want my dc to be able to have a period of time where they can save money so they can have reserves to work with.
  11. That helps a lot! Burning the dvds (and having them actually play) has scared me from carrying this out . I have the little box to play VHS to a macbook pro (older). I still need to get a 8mm camcorder from someone for those... but my technical skills are lacking... I can keep files on the computer, a hard drive, and/or flash drive, and would feel better to have a flash drive as back up. I've heard to use iMovie (eeks), are there options to "save files as" if so, what do I pick? Any links, help what to do when it lands in the computer would be greatly appreciated. Simple to me editing options would be even better. Adding: I've been stuck on dvd option because of needing to "upconvert" to HD viewing on flat screen tv. What will a flash do if viewed there?
  12. Hi Laura, Is there any reason you can't carry on as before? Maybe she might join in at some point? Or at minimum, just observe. I'm not sure I'd change the whole dynamics of my family to follow her's (unless that is considered disrespectful). It might take her awhile to get used to having others around if she lived alone before and know how she wants to respond to it.
  13. I've been told that's what the scented towels are for...
  14. Hey Sparkly - Make sure you pee in the cup... years ago I thought I had prolapse... it was a bladder infection, evidently those feel much different after childbirth.... GL
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