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  1. My sister has a college degree in genealogy, and my mom has gotten really into it, too. A few years ago I came for a visit and somewhat skeptically joined them working at it, because it was what they really wanted to do. It was awesome! It’s like a big treasure hunt, poring over old documents, trying to decipher the “code†(mix of German and Latin written in the old Gothic alphabet). And you can grow to feel so connected to the people you “discoverâ€â€”I especially do to one family who had 14 children, and only three of them survived to adulthood. Every few years the plague would c
  2. Those in AU or the UK, do you foresee illegal guns becoming more of a problem in your countries as they are rapidly becoming easier and cheaper to make at home? Or do you think that the very rareness of firearms in your countries will help the police to stay on top of finding and destroying these weapons?
  3. The LDS church has family history centers all over where you can use Ancestry.com for free. They also have volunteers to help if you want.
  4. I think it really depends what your state’s legal requirements for private schools are. There were some homeschool moms who formed a private school in the town south of here many years ago, and it’s still going strong. (But a normal teachers-teach-the-kids-on-location school, not teaching at home). They were religious homeschoolers whose #1 goal was to keep their kids out of the bad public schools, and they kept having other parents ask if they could pay them to homeschool their children, too. They make good money running their little Christian school out of a church during the week, b
  5. I followed a similar concept, but with weekly dividers in binders. It was a big bother to be constantly adjusting subjects forward and back as the kids grasped some concepts more quickly or slowly than planned for. Now I still prepare all the worksheets similarly, but I have them organized by subject in order of use. I just transfer over approximately a few weeks’ worth of pages to the kids’ binders whenever that subject is getting low, and this allows me to have the ease of the advance prep that the file system allows while still allowing the flexibility for my kids to move at their ow
  6. I don't bother with the workbook, unless a kid seems to need extra practice on a particular subject. The workbook contains lots of simple repetition of the concepts covered in the textbook, so I use it for only things they don't seem to get yet after covering the textbook. The IP books practice the same concepts, but in more interesting ways that take things a step further. My kids do Singapore Textbook, IP and CWP and Beast, but we will shorten and skip things from Singapore when it isn't offering anything new or challenging--often if it is a topic that BA has touched on, we will skip the
  7. Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and of course, the best ever: The Hobbit ETA: the trilogy Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, and Dragondrums and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Dealing with Dragons, Searching for Dragons, and Calling on Dragons
  8. No, 5 is slated for some time this summer. 3 & 4 are April, and 2 is supposed to be sometime around or shortly after the level 2 books are all out. Dd1 is halfway through 4, so I was figuring roughly from next school year.
  9. Yes. That would have been amazing! No bullying and resultant social anxiety, no waiting all the time, no confiscating my novel to make me sit on the mat and listen to the Little Red Hen. Being allowed to move at my own pace and use my time wisely in my education. No petty teachers in middle/high school who took offense if I wasn't paying attention in class when I already knew the material. However, I would have really missed out on my fifth grade teacher, my eighth grade teacher, and getting into art and art history. I don't think that my mother would have thought to expose me to that
  10. I think I saw a while ago they were saying you could do memberships by the year or by the month.
  11. I didn't say I thought it was unreasonable--Beast Academy is so awesome, they could charge whatever they want--just that it is untenable for my family.
  12. My kids have been super excited. I've been wondering how much to set aside from our charter funds to pay for it. On their facebook page, BA said that a year of BA online will be roughly equivalent to one year of books--but I was thinking per family, and it sounds like that is per kid (though they may offer a small sibling discount). Ugh. Oldest dd has another year of BA, and youngest son will have one or two years before he's ready for it. We've all been looking forward to it, but that would add up very fast--maybe $1200+ over the next five years or so? For an addendum to a $400+ (4 year)
  13. Ds2 has dictated: AAR is begun and he has started self-directed piano with Hoffmann
  14. I second the Dragon Box apps. Also, Reading Raven 1 and 2 are great fun and real learning for phonics. And Letter School is great.
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