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Favorite chapter books for a 4yo (read aloud).

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DD is due for a new chapter book. So far we have read Winnie the Pooh, Nim's Island, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Nancy Clancy. She loved them all, but Willie Wonka is by far the favorite. For whatever reason I can't think of a next book to get her! I don't remember anything I read at this age, everything I remember is much too mature. She is sensitive/easily scared, so I do try to avoid anything with scary content.


ETA, I'm reading to her, reading level is not an issue. Just content and interest for a 4yo girl.

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Oh, we read My Father's Dragon too, I forgot that! Only the first one though. I should look for the other two.


We loved my Father's Dragon!

Our all time favorite, after Little House ....was Little Pear by Eleanor Francis Lattimore. There are a few of them. My kids love Little Pear and Fat Head:D

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Love MMMandy and Betsy-Tacy.

Be aware (spoiler alert)



















Tacy's sister dies. They handle it beautifully in the book--I actually read it aloud at a bible/theology study I do, and we talked about it. But it's there, so you should know.

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Great suggestions. Two I didn’t see that my 5 year old has recently loved:


Tumtum and Nutmeg

Toys Go Out series (Series of three book. He just told me last night that some books take awhile to decide if you are going to like but that “the toy books” were good from the first words.)

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I'm realizing I need to start keeping a list, because we've read several of the suggestions and I had forgotten (we read Charlotte's Web about 14987957143571 times. How on earth did I forget that? I can nearly recite the book.)


Lots of good ideas though! I'm going to write them all down for the next few months. I think I'm currently leaning toward Pippi Longstocking for now.

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