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Puppy cuteness!

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Ah, he/she (?) is just precious!


What sort of a doodle is he/she? Goldendoodle? We have a Labradoodle who's just over a year old and she's wonderful. I could write a very long post singing her praises, but suffice it to say that she's been the most amazing, fun friend for the boys, and given us all a great deal of pleasure. I'm sure your doodle will also be a much loved member of your family.


Oh, does he/she have a name yet?


Best wishes



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One thing I've never understood about Labradoodles (or golden doodles, for that matter) is their tails. Neither the Lab, golden retriever or poodle carries its tail so high up over the back, yet every doodle I've seen has the same tail as your pup. Wonder where it comes from?



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She is adorable! Can I ask where you got her, and whether she is a f1, f2, or a multi- gen? I've gone back and forth between a labradoodle and a standard poodle.....think we've settled on a standard, but she is awfully cute!


She is an F2. My last was an F1. We had little shedding with the F1, but definitely more than an F2. She will be about 50-60 pounds as an adult. We got her from a breeder nearby. I can share that info with you through PM if you like.


Good luck with yours, whatever you decide!

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