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Pork Chops--blech. Tell me what to do with them for tonight

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With my pork chops- and this works best with the good center cut ones- I sprinkle on salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and then brown them in butter in a frying pan. I pour in maybe a cup of beef stock, throw in a bay leaf, turn the heat down to low, cover, and let them simmer for an hour.

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These are such good ideas!


I don't have any stock, but maybe some bouillon cube stuff would do in a pinch?


No heavy cream here--and I'm lactose intol, so that's out, but it does sound good.


Not many veggies in the crisper, I'm afraid, so stir-fry is out--but next time!


Thanks so much!


Any other ideas?

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If it was earlier in the day, I'd suggest putting them in a crockpot along with some barbeque sauce, a little brown sugar, onion, small bit of mustard, and some pineapple with a bit of the juice. I do this sometimes. It makes a Hawaiian BBQ. Then it can be served over rice with a vegetable.


If breading was fine, I usually salt and pepper them, dip in flour then egg, and then roll in bread crumbs mixed with parmasean cheese. I cook them in a bit of oil in a frying pan then finish in the oven.

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You could do a schnitzel type thing. Just pound them even thinner, bread them, and fry them quickly in butter. Add some paprika to the bread crumbs to give it a little boost with color.


They are ok if you don't overcook them, but frankly it's not my favorite cut either. It's too easy to kill them. I don't like chewy tough dried out meat.


I would suggest this, or my FAVORITE: beat em flat, roll them up with a mixture of sauted onions/mushrooms/breadcrumbs. Or think chicken cordon bleu

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I made some the other day and they came out well. I browned them VERY briefly, then added some apple juice to the pan and spooned some apple butter over the top of them, and covered the pan. I turned the heat down to low and let them simmer. the juice kept them from getting dry.


I've also baked them covered in a can of crushed or diced pineapple and covered with tinfoil.

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