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  1. You'd never know if you could *actually* get those concessions until you put in an offer, no matter what the realtor thinks. We were of the "doesn't hurt to make the offer" type when house hunting. Good luck.
  2. I'm sorry that people haven't come up with foods that are agreeable to you. But you know what's not my thing? The very real fear and anxiety that my child might *die* because you haven't found foods that are acceptable enough to you for the duration of a plane flight.
  3. This "Little House Virtual Field Trip" popped up on my Facebook feed if anyone is interested.
  4. DD just had an ortho appt this morning where we were advised (for the third time--and that we should do it now) to pull a couple of baby teeth. She has a "peg tooth" which doesn't have a corresponding tooth on the other side. The ortho wants us to pull a premolar to allow room for a canine to come in straighter and not damage the peg tooth's root ("if it isn't already damaged.") She had one pulled last summer to allow another to come in straighter. There weren't any problems, but had a gap for a little longer than she would have if the tooth had come out on its own. I'm not sure now that we really needed to do it. I'm feeling like this orthodontia thing is a racket (for us--there are plenty of people who need it for issues other than aesthetics, like joannqn's DH.)
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