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hideous troll feet

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I'd say put really thick lotion or vasaline on your feet overnight. Be sure to wear socks to protect your sheets. The next day, put a little nair on any hairy parts to take care of that. The should look cleaner once you've removed any hair and softened the dirt a bit so it can be washed away. Then, paint your toenails. The toenail polish makes ALL the difference. It draws the eye to the pretty color. Also, unlike a manicure, a home pedicure lasts a really long time, so it's worth the few minutes you put into it.


I spend a lot of time barefoot, and I even dance barefoot, so I do NOT slough off and callouses that form on the bottoms of my feet. I NEED them and would be in pain without them.

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Vaseline+socks overnight = a miracle. Also, get a pumice stone and use it after you shower, when your feet are at their softest.


Once they're in good-enough shape that you won't be totally embarrassed, get a professional pedicure. I run and have ugly feet from that, plus they're just naturally ugly and, while I have my nails done regularly, always figured the nail ladies would judge me for my ugly feet. But I worked most of the summer on getting them presentable and just went in last week for my first pedi in 15 years. I immediately got compliments on my now-intensely-purple toes for the first time ever.



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Yes to the Satin Hands! My version is to use the inexpensive Apricot Scrub (St. Ives or Wal-Mart) and put it on dry hands and feet, with some liquid soap if you want, use a damp wash cloth if you want, but keep it all dry and just wring your hands and scrub skin to skin all the places that have dead skin (elbows and knees while you're at it.) Then, put any greasy moisturizer on, very thickly. I love the pink Mary Kay stuff, but vaseline works really great. To upgrade from Vaseline a bit, use A&D ointment....then just a little A&D every night....keeps your nails nice too (mine are dry and brittle.) If I do A&D once a week, and the scrubbing once a month, my feet stay great. DO wear those socks, or your sheets get yucky. Lotion on feet every night, or cocoanut oil, helps.


Friend of mine walks on the beach after putting olive oil on her feet.


I wear shoes everyday, because Flylady told me to, and that keeps mine looking better than ever before.

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I love this title :)


I thought I would have ugly feet forever, as a pumice stone and lotion didn't do anything. I even swallowed my pride and paid $30 for a pedicure, and the lady just rubbed my feet and painted my toenails. I figured I was doomed.


Finally I learned that if I just use a sandpapery foot file, I can fix my feet! I have had this foot file for years and dismissed it, but it totally works. I had to vacuum the carpet when I was done. :blushing: I tried it on dry feet and freshly-washed feet, and it worked better on dry. I'm sure a local drugstore would have them.


My feet were bad enough that I still have some roughness, so I ordered a Ped Egg and will give that a try. I got at least 80% of it off with the file, though.

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