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  1. Hi all! i just dropped back in to say that DD18 was inducted into the Order of the Arrow this weekend as part of this chapter’s first ever Call-Out to include female youth. She and the other two girls inducted were all from her Venture Crew, but it is expected there will be female youth from Scout troops in the future. DD18 has earned her Summit Award this year (highest award for Venturers) and inducted to OA is a great cap to a good year. She was recruited to work on staff at two different scout camps this year - with the inclusion of girls at camps this year, there is a real need for young women with leadership experience to serve as staff and mentors for the female campers. DD will be teaching archery at the camp in Juneaa and the High Adventure camp at Denali. Then, she heads East to work staff at the World Jamboree this summer. She is on track to complete her Ranger year as well - most likely before heading off to college in the fall.
  2. With my meal-avoiding kid, I found that low-effort food worked best. Low effort as in I didn’t even ask him what he wanted - I just made something I knew he liked and handed it to him. Sort of like your sandwich from the local shop - food is there with zero effort so they eat it. Even waking to the kitchen seemed too much trouble for him some days I figured my kid was using his mental energy in just coping most of the time and didn’t have anything left for interacting about food. These days, he lives on his own and eats a limited variety of food, all of which can be made with little mental effort. He is healthy and doing well. I would not secretly track his eating - my kid would have resented that greatly. Providing easy food was the key for us during the growing years.
  3. Re: Northern Lights. You may see them if you stay up late (or get up early) between 1am and 4am on a cool clear night that was warm during the day. Re: Sleeping. Bring the mask with you and get used to using it before you come. Few locations have sufficient black out curtains to meet your needs. Trust me on this one. Re: What to do. Arctic Mama’s train suggestion is my favorite to recommend to visitors. You see great stuff - amazing views and historical things - and the stress level is very low. Mama Geeks car trip would be my second choice. A wonderful thing to do is A Fjord boat trip out of Seward and they coordinate with the train schedule too. Enjoy your trip! Bring a rain coat and a fleece jacket regardless of when you come because Alaska’s a big place and it has its own weather. ETA: Re Pizza. Moose’s Tooth Pizza has a sister restaurant nearby called Bears Tooth with the same pizza. You can call BT and order the pizza for pick up without the wait and then eat in one of our many parks. It really is something amazing. Menu is online too.
  4. I work for a telecom company in one of the last areas of the country to get number portability for phone numbers, so the majority of customers still have numbers with area codes that match this region. But things are changing and it’s a pretty transient area, so more and more often numbers are ported in from other places. i have had my cell number a very long time and it’s easy to remember, so I plan to take it with me eventually when I move somewhere else. DD24 still has her regional AK number even though she lives in Idaho these days.
  5. Biolage makes a shampoo for colored hair that is the bet I have used for maintaining the color after I dye it, but I always cringe at the price ($15+ for a small bottle). I snagged a really giant bottle of it for $10 at Ulta’s post-Christmas sale this year and now I have enough to last probably a full year. I have dyed my hair for 20+ years after my hair went full on grey in the two years between the births of kids #1 and #2. I have found that having a quality shampoo and conditioner makes a difference in how long the color lasts.
  6. I keep a drink within hands reach all the time. Also, I bought myself an expensive (for me) keyboard that I refuse to touch without washing my hands after eating. Total investment - $95 (Contigo coffee cup plus fancy keyboard), but it helped me eliminate the Snacking While Working habit.
  7. Kid #4 graduates on Thursday and then I’m done. 1 public school grad who is off flying planes for the Air Force. 2 that did a mix of public and homeschool. Oldest DD is a music teacher and about to go back to get her masters in the fall. Kid #3 is working out things his own way and slowly getting his undergrad in computers. DD17 will turn 18 next week and graduate on her birthday. She is off to college in the fall out of state after being homeschooled since 1st grade. We always used an eclectic mix of coursework including outsourcing music classes and lessons as well as some classes at the local college. It’s been a good run, but I’m glad to be done. ETA: WTM has been a source of great inspiration to me over the years. While the traditional classic coursework was never a good fit, I used many of the ideas to keep our work interesting. DD17 loved story of the world and also the high school books rom Peacehill. Thanks, WTM!!
  8. When we had 4-5 people eating sandwiches 6 days a week, DH used his bread maker every other day to keep up. We bought it used from the thrift store and got a really good one for $7. These days we have only one regular sandwich eater (DH) so we do store bought bread and only use the bread maker for making rice. But for the Heavy Sandwich Years, it was the most useful appliance we owned.
  9. I’m not sure what it’s called because I saw it in a magazine years ago and remembered it. I suppose Cheesecake Pudding is a good name. You make a base crust of sugar cookie dough (the roll out kind) and bake it in a cake tin. Then you mix up pudding, pour it in the baked crust and let it set I. The fridge for many hours. Top with whipped cream and dig in! i will try to come back and post a pic when it’s done.
  10. Organ meat - liver, tongue, kidney, whatever. Just gags me - I ate it as a kid because that’s what we had to eat but no thanks. There are a few other things I do t choose to eat - chicken salad - but mostly because I dont like the taste. DD17 dislikes the taste of Mexican food. I’m not sure where I went wrong raising her......
  11. Age 12 or 13 is about the age when oldest DD started self medicating with caffeine for her ADD. Not necessarily “better” than meds but more socially acceptable. She started with tea or a coke in the mornings before school and these days does well with large cups of coffee. Please no lectures about teens and the evils of caffeine. Yes, I know it’s a drug. It is one that works well for both DD and DH and has for many years to help them focus. Stimulants work well for some folks with focus issues, so it’s probably worth a try.
  12. I had IKEA dishes for years and they held up great. But I live a million miles from IKEA so when I needed to replace them, I bought Fiestaware on sale at Kohl’s. Excellent in the microwave and dishwasher and my family of Hard Users have only chipped one bowl in many years of daily use.
  13. Hang in there OP. I will keep Happy Thoughts for you guys that you get it all worked out without too much more stress. I had to help my dad get his birth certificate copy when he turned 65. He had no clue where he was born and there was no one left or ask and his memory was not so great. Google was super helpful as was a clerk at the VA. Turned out his mom had lied about his age so he could go into WW2 with his older brother and we would never have figured it out. Hang in there, OP!
  14. I never did it. It ventures a bit too close to cannibalism for my comfort. i have never met anyone who ever did it - not even in pill form - but I have read that it is done occasionally. I am not convinced there can be much physical benefit from the practice. I have never met or even read about anyone who ever admitted to being a practitioner of Lotus Birth. I suspect most medical practitioners - even very organic and crunchy ones - would be deeply opposed to the practice as being reckless and dangerous. I am pretty sure keeping my lovely new baby attached to a decomposing hunk of flesh for 3-10 days would send me mentally over the edge and I’d be hacking it loose with a kitchen knife. Yuck.
  15. Yes - ages 9-11 is when “I” had to start working s lot harder to get social stuff set up for DD17. Before that, she was happy playing with other kids at the park. What I did was to sign her up for Everything for a while and see what stuck. Battle of the books, art classes, even tutoring (which she didn’t really need). Classes at the museum and on Saturdays. Library programs and science center. OP - I would check yourself to make sure you aren’t limiting your more social twin’s outings to fit around her sister’s needs. I apologize if that sounds harsh, but they are probably at the age where It’s OK to do separate things and you need to encourage that. Maybe she needs a sport or activity that she can do that is Just Hers and that takes her out of the house 2-3 days a week. When DD was that age, I found I had been doing just that - tailoring our activities for her older brothers needs for routine and quiet. I had to make a conscious effort to get DD involved in things outside our house - in her case skiing and music - where she could be with other Non-sibling kids.
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