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  1. I am getting frozen mice. Not under the tree of course - more like someone else is buying frozen mice for me. I am snake-sitting DD18s corn snake since it was unable to go to college with her this first year. I am ok feeding , cleaning and even handling the snake, but am squicked out going to the store and selecting perfect frozen mice from the freezer (what if I pick a bad mouse?). DD asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I asked her to buy enough mice to get Sneaky and I through the spring semester.
  2. We went on a cruise for our anniversary a few years ago. DH gets bored with nothing to do while I could happily sit and read books and listen to music on deck all day. My solution was to take along youngest DD - then 15. She and her dad went and Did All The Stuff - napkin and towel folding, jewelry and art lectures, trivia contests while I stayed on deck and read. DH talks about going again, but unless we can take someone else along, I would rather take him somewhere that he can climb/bike/swim/hike and not drive me crazy.
  3. I was going to post a link but I bought the exact Zinus Green Tea 10 inch that Kassia linked above. It is a very comfortable mattress. I bought a taller frame to go with it so that DD18 can store her things under it when she is home from college on break. It is very sturdy and does not squeak or rattle. https://www.amazon.com/Zinus-SmartBase-Foundation-Replacement-Noise-Free/dp/B017YETH8K/ref=pd_bxgy_196_3/144-6866266-1094013?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B017YETH8K&pd_rd_r=e5993c33-9d8a-4d72-b400-af7660c3d847&pd_rd_w=LccQE&pd_rd_wg=9ShaO&pf_rd_p=09627863-9889-4290-b90a-5e9f86682449&pf_rd_r=3C07Z2QTKSGQ7QNA6K3D&psc=1&refRID=3C07Z2QTKSGQ7QNA6K3D
  4. Look up some of the research done on the impact of the PFD on the Alaskan economy, especially in rural areas. There are 30+ years of data at this point on the impact. While this payout is not limited to low income and is annual rather than monthly, it still has relevancy in this discussion. Here is a pretty easy to read summary http://greenandgold.uaa.alaska.edu/blog/74354/iser-research-pfd-effect-socio-economic-well-being/ en of the day, people tend to use it for deferred expenses - things they would have to save up to pay for.
  5. I bought Oldest DD a kitchen aid last year for her birthday. Quality seems just fine. The metal bowls last longer because we are pretty hard on glass around here.
  6. Or being told you have to pay International Shipping to get things sent to Alaska. 2-day shipping from Amazon? Not a thing here. USPS 3-day priority shipping takes 5 days to go from here to Boise.
  7. Oldest DD taught at an IB school until this year when she went back to grad school. Producing a lot of written work is part of the program. Essays, articles, analysis - writing, writing, writing. The kids that do well are the ones that are comfortable with writing and that had good short term memories. That being said - DD loved the kids she taught. They tended to be high achievers and focused on their interests. DD is a music teacher and it was lots of fun teaching kids that were passionate about music.
  8. Send your DH out to acquire the special dessert of choice. Watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, silly holiday movies and take a looooooong nap Our thanksgiving tradition is lunch out followed by a movie at the theater. Very low key and easily adaptable to watch a movie at home and eat take out instead.
  9. Cake freezes great. It’s better to freeze the frosting separately.. like Beth, I use ziploc bags for freezing frosting. Wrap the cake in plastic film and it’s good for up to a year.
  10. So.... I’ve been the boss in this situation. My team moved up two floors a couple of years ago. It was a sudden relocation and happened while one of my employees was out on sick leave. The construction guys were building cubes right up until the afternoon we had to move and yes - you guessed it - they ran out of walls to finish. Because my employees are important to me, I did exactly what happened to you - the employee out on leave shared my office when he returned for about a month while we waited for parts to show up. It wasn’t always easy, but it was better than putting someone on a folding table in the hallway, which was out only other option. Just to say - your boss is making room in their space for you because YOU are important to them. I guarantee there were other options that your boss found unreasonable (that folding chair!) for a valued employee. I am glad you are feeling better!
  11. Both of my two older kids got married this year. One April wedding and one in October. i wore this dress to both (in navy). For the April wedding, I had a navy shawl because my arms were cold. The October wedding was in California and it was 80F so no shawl required. With Red/Yellow, I would look for a brown or navy dress. https://m.jcpenney.com/p/onyx-nites-short-sleeve-applique-shift-dress/ppr5007813533?pTmplType=regular&country=US&currency=USD&selectedSKUId=22917050125&selectedLotId=2291705&fromBag=true&quantity=1&utm_medium=cse&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=shift dresses&utm_content=22917050125&cid=cse|google|008 - womens apparel|shift dresses_22917050125&kwid=-adType^PLA&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkNCnoaKn5QIVxx-tBh2TFgQzEAQYDCABEgIKtvD_BwE
  12. So I’m in the other camp - I think it’s perfectly OK to ghost them in this situation. Call and cancel whatever event is coming up because that’s polite and you’ve gotten some good advice on word choice for that. But then, I would just be really busy and Ghost out of their lives - calls to voice mail, etc. Drop the POA paperwork in the mail with a line drawn through where your name is and a note that this isn’t something either of you are able to do. Just stop calling and see if anyone even notices. I sm not in the Big Confrontation camp. I think it’s perfectly ok to move on with your lives and leave other people behind..
  13. Veteran of many flights by myself with small children back in the day. My first suggestion is that if you can afford it, buy a seat for the 14 month old. That gives you the whole row of seats - put yourself on the aisle so they can’t escape. If not - get the window and middle seat - you get the middle, 3yo gets the window. It’s better to have that tiny Bit of extra room (about 2 inches) where the arm rest meets the cabin wall. Having the 3yo be able to stand up after take off and look out the window can really help with little ones that need Double points it you can get a bulkhead row with the extra room on the floor and no seat backs to kick. As other posters said - snacks and screens help. For my High maintenance kid, we practiced “take off” at home. We started by sitting on the couch with a pretend seat belt of one minute - if he did it, he got a gummy bear. We gradually worked up to 15 minutes (which was pretty amazing) and that was enough to get us through most plane trips.
  14. (Said kindly) Maybe she needs to hang with a different crowd. I have a number of young folks that work for me doing tech work - about half don’t drink alcohol. They have wild parties fueled by board games and Coke Zero. Many of them are musicians in their spare time. Which isn’t to say that all musicians or gamers or tech people are teetotalers any more than students at Christian colleges or any place else. But if she is finding mostly drinkers in her crowd, she needs to look for a new crowd to hang with. Maybe ones hit a common interest in something where drinking is a handicap rather than a social expectation.
  15. You can download the movies to a USB drive - it’s the “playing them on the TV” that is the tricky part. For Netflix - the download only plays on the device that did the downloading. Easiest way I can think of would be to download the content to a PC air Mac and then play it back with the computer display connected to the TV
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