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Who's headed to Greenville?


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Me!! :hurray:


I'll be coming from the Birmingham, Alabama area - a 5 hour drive! Definitely not something I'll do every year, but I'm excited about my "vacation":001_smile:


I have my maps all printed out. I've reprinted and re-highlighted the workshop schedule now that I've narrowed it down a bit. I have my list of curricula to look at in the curriculum hall. And I bought a "dog trolley" for my chicken-eating dog so that he can't cause trouble while I'm gone for three days!:tongue_smilie:


I am ready! Bring it on!:D

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I will be there.... The organizers did a great job in Memphis...looking forward to the Greenville version.


My family and I will be going. Plan on seeing Tim Hawkins. Can't wait!


Dr. Perrin, glad you posted; I plan to stop by and meet you to ask you some Latin questions!


Blessings everyone,


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Quick question, the convention is obviously Christian, will there be any secular type curriculum featured, from previous experience? Are all the lectures from a Christian perspective?


We're going. I'm sending dh to see speakers during a time when I'm seeing a different speaker :) There's enough that looks interesting that I see doing this at least once or twice.


I'm opposed to using fundamentalist curriculum & I want to use material that's only secular (or that isn't blatantly Christian). There are a number of speakers that it has been easy to cross off my list. Even so, there are surprisingly enough that I can keep my days pretty packed. I want to see Susan Wise Bauer and Michael Clay Thompson.

There are quite a few others I'm interested in checking out. As long as the speaker isn't completely whacked out (IMO), I may be able to get some information from them.

The workshops & schedule are on their site, so you can see what might interest you.

I've got a list of curriculum I want to see if I can look at in the vendor's hall too. So check out the workshop descriptions & see if there'll be some things that'll appeal to you.

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