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  1. I agree - my 9 and 6 year olds played it a few days ago. It can go on for a while, so willingness to play a long game could be an issue. The idea of taking a few pieces away is a good idea.
  2. I found a mostly-complete set on ebay for a great price. I don't think I would have bought it new. The set I bought was missing things like the thermometer, the ruler, and I don't think any of the sets of 100 things had all 100. You never really need all pieces of anything, so it was a great find. Don't be afraid to buy an incomplete set.
  3. My kids love Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is no longer on Netflix, but is on Amazon Prime. Also, DH and I did not finish Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister before it went away from Netflix; we were delighted to find it on Amazon Prime.
  4. I read this recently: http://www.amazon.com/In-Garden-Beasts-American-Hitlers/dp/030740885X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388936808&sr=8-1&keywords=in+the+garden+of+beasts It focuses on the American ambassador to Germany in the early-mid 1930s during Hitler's rise to power. and this as well - a newer biography of CS Lewis. I haven't read all the other bios on him, so I can't compare, but I did enjoy this one! http://www.amazon.com/C-S-Lewis-Eccentric-Reluctant/dp/1414339356/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1388937127&sr=8-1&keywords=c.s+lewis+a+life
  5. Long Story Short and Old Story New would be good resources as well. We use it for our Family Worship time (I use Veritas Press for "school" Bible time which others have already recommended), and their website has curriculum and Bible memory cards to go along if you want.
  6. These posts are always encouraging me - to stick with WWE. We have just begun WWE3; DS does well enough with the summary questions and dictation, but the narrations are pretty tough for us. We also do narrations for SOTW, but I'm willing to help him more with those. I always read his narrations back to him for reinforcement, and I like the idea of reading the samples. DS took the Woodcock-Johnson test last year, and his best area was passage comprehension. I was surprised at first since we struggle so with narrations, and I have no other experience with which to compare. Now it makes sense since this approach is rigorous for him and is one-on-one. I do the testing solely for state req's, but it was nice to see something like this on paper to encourage me to stay the course.
  7. I've bought and seen God's Design for Science Teacher Supp's at the RR conference booth but not online. The CD is in a sleeve in the back of the book, so I imagine it is sold everywhere that way.
  8. I once worked for an education researcher, and back in 2007, our state at least, had been anticipating a teacher shortage. A common figure (applies to many states I believe) is that half of newly hired teachers will change professions after 5 years. Many states even started alternative licensure programs (as a PP mentioned) for those with degrees who want to get licensed to teach. I can see that the excess in college teacher ed programs made up for the poor retention. Then in 2008, the economy tanked. This changed everything in my state. Teachers close to retiring were no longer retiring as soon as they could; newer teachers would be more reluctant to leave a solid teaching job for something else, even if they wanted to. School funding was cut, so schools weren't hiring as much either. The interest level in our local university's online licensure program (for degreed people) skyrocketed as people were looking for stable jobs. Would love to finish, but it's bed time...
  9. Another mummy failure here. I had a bad cold during DS's first week of 1st grade, and I think I missed one of the early salt changes. It never really recovered - didn't stink terribly, but had more odor than it should have. DH begged me to throw it away. I plan to try again in 2 years!
  10. After being sick Friday through Sunday and sleeping in a bit this morning with sick DH at home, I'd say our first day went pretty well.

  11. A friend of mine saw this banner in a chapel and, many of us in our church think banners such as these would be great for our new building. Apparently she can't find the person who purchased this one, so we don't know where to find them. Does anyone know where we might look for such a thing ready-made? Or would we be better off having a sign company make a custom design? Please see attached photo... TIA!
  12. I am soooo LOVING our 'new' laser printer we picked up from the local university yard sale. DH put a little work and $ into it, and it is as good as new!

  13. Our County Rec Department offers a homeschool PE course once a week. And yes, we get less done on those days. The class is in the morning, so it isn't too disruptive and it's not during nap time. And it is a time when I know they will expend energy. This has been a great time for my children. They have done kickball, volleyball, soccer, running, tennis, etc. They have even played parachute games :thumbup: . They do fitness tests at the beginning and end of each semester. My children have so many sweet memories with their friends and PE is 'covered'. I don't have the fondest memories of PE myself, but this has been such a different experience. While the kids do make competitions out of everything they can, it is still an encouraging environment and they cheer each other on regularly. A PE setup with the correct environment and the right teacher is quite fun.
  14. Trying to finish up before mini-vacation on Wednesday. Really don't want to follow through with my threat to take school with us!

  15. There is an associated curriculum - if cost is not a consideration. It is priced for schools; I took one look at the prices and said no way. http://gospelstoryforkids.com/portfolio/curriculum/ We love it as a devotional! I would think you can use it on its own - maybe go through an entire week's studies in one sitting? That may make it feel more age appropriate and meaty. It has bee a while since we have done it (oops), so I don't know if this would require much tweaking or not.
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