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  1. jentancalann

    Gym Moms

    We are in Region 8, too. Went to Regionals in Raleigh a couple years ago. Since it was in GA this past year, we lucked out and didn't have to travel. :-)
  2. jentancalann

    Gym Moms

    I have a boy gymnast going into his 5th year of competition- 2nd year of level 8 since they changed the age requirements last year. Our season won't start til December, but they've gotten serious in the last few weeks. Six of the eight optional boys are homeschooled, which makes practice time for them during the day (1-4pm). This makes getting everything in challenging. Anyway, he's good- nationally ranked at #20 for his age/level last year. We are preparing for another good season, Lord willing.
  3. jentancalann

    So who lives in Georgia?

    Right, but he said that since my hs year ends after that date I am not required to submit, because the bill will be in effect at that point. I believe my year is over the first of August. I'll look into it, but really, I get the idea that the DoE just doesn't really care. edited: here's the email House Bill 283 was signed today by Governor Nathan Deal. This new law, effective 7/1/2013, says that Georgia Homeschoolers are no longer required to turn in their attendance records to the government, BUT must maintain students' records, keeping them for 3 years. Since your last day of school, as reported on your 2012/2013 Declaration of Intent is after 7/1/2013, you will not be required to file your 2012/2013 annual attendance report. All current and future attendance records entered using will continue to be archived for 12 years and will NOT be provided to any 3rd party. Sincerely, Scott Meadows - E-file and 12 years document backup (706)-353-3548
  4. jentancalann

    So who lives in Georgia?

    Also, I got an email from Scott Meadows from HS Compliance that said that since my school year started after July 1st, I don't have to submit attendance for 2012/13. Anyone else get one of those?
  5. jentancalann

    So who lives in Georgia?

    no, it doesn't require a school record or transcript. it is super easy to get the learners. just take the declaration of intent with that number on the bottom of it, plus the other things the dmv says- birth certificate, a few household bills to verify address, your driver's license, etc. We just got one a few weeks ago.
  6. jentancalann

    So who lives in Georgia?

    I'm just south of McDonough. PTC is a great place to live and has a good sized hsing community. HSing in GA is easy peasy :-)
  7. LOVING Duolingo here. We found it through either here or SL forums, can't remember, but I'm pretty addicted so far. Ds has even started German on his own and has kept the motivation thus far.
  8. Can you link me to the textbook/workbook? I can't seem to find it....
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