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  1. I can not watch her. Ugh! My favorite is Cathe Friedrich. She is awesome and most all her workouts are "advanced" which is what I need. She really really works you! I also love Kelly Coffey Meyer, but use her on lighter days since most of hers are not as intense as Cathe's workouts.
  2. We don't. My DS ends up spending hours undoing everything as the kids choose what they want to play with next. If we undid all the boxes to make it easy, what would my DH have to do on Christmas Day? :lol::lol:
  3. We are in Union County just outside of Charlotte.
  4. My 2nd grader is still having some real fluency problems. She is still sounding out every single sound of most every word except for most cvc words. I am beginning to get worried. We have used so many different phonics programs. I now have her using McRuffy 1st grade which seems to have helped a lot and her spelling is really improved, but her fluency is still in need of help. She doesn't really like to read and I don't want to force her because I don't want to cause any resistance. Some days, if she is really concentrating, she can read faster, but most days she is still sounding out ev
  5. My oldest daughter is a Junior in high school this year and is still attemting to master Algebra 1. We used TT all last year. She didn't retain any of it so I hired a tutor to help her over the summer to catch her up. Well, her tutor decided to not show up anymore, no phone call, no email, no nothing ...so I am in a rut! I have looked for another tutor and have found a couple, but no way can I afford $50/session. The TT dvds are not working for her and haven't since the beginning. The tutor has worked with her for weeks and I would say she is understanding a little more, but not enoug
  6. Is there anyone here that has used it and DOESN'T like it? I hear glowing reviews all the time on this board a bout McRuffy Phonics and Math. I am using both with both of my children. It is working wonderfully for my K'er, but not so much my 2nd grader. I think the Math jumps around way too much and takes her way too long to complete. By the time she is done, she is completely frustrated. The only thing it does the same everyday in the 2nd grade book thus far is addition, and now subtraction so plenty of review of that, but everything else seems to skip around. One day we are doing story p
  7. have a question with regard to using MathUSee at the lower level (specifically Alpha and Beta). I have been talking to another homeschool mom and she says she is using a supplement with the program. She is using it alongside Horizons. That seems like an awful lot of math to me for a 2nd grader, or maybe I'm wrong. We used MathUSee last year (Alpha), and are thinking about going back to it, but I never thought you needed another program with it. She says she was told she needed another program with it by other homeschool moms, and I have been told the same thing. I have also been told by th
  8. Maybe I was wrong in calling it "busy work". It is the workbook pages that are required for each lesson. The way it is set up is that they do the same type of "worksheet" each week for each reader. There is a worksheet they have to do for each reader that has a sentence and they have to make "yes" or "no" as to whether it happened in the story or not. Then there are sentences that are in the reader that they have to find in the reader, fill in the blank and mark the page they found it on. It is taking her forever to do these pages because she just doesn't want to do them. If I have
  9. My head is about to spin off! I was so excited to receive McRuffy Phonics and Math for my K'er and 2nd grader and start using it. Both children loved it when we started it. My K'er is still doing wonderful with the phonics. With Math, I find myself skipping a lot of lessons because it is just too easy for him. Ill start with my 2nd grader because this is really the most important to me at the moment. It is taking us three hours or more to complete Math and Phonics (she is using 1st grade phonics because I felt we needed review so it is definitely not too difficult for her). By the t
  10. I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who had suggested Notgrass American History last week when I had posted that my daughter was frustrated with LifePacs. We received it a couple days ago and started today. Today was the first day that my teenager daughter sat with me and we read together in a very long time! This is one of the best history programs I have seen in all the years I have been homeschooling. I can't believe I had never checked it out until just last week. I really wish I would had known about it last year. I had already registered my DD for a Intro to Comp and
  11. I am using SoS Spanish 1 because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on Spanish. I had already spent so much money on curriculum this year and was over my budget. Someone had suggested the SoS and said they enjoyed it more then Rosetta Stone. I didn't want to spend over $200 so I went with SoS. I am so disappointed! My daughter is doing more screaming at the computer and getting aggravated at the program then she is spending learning anything. I looked over the program and it doesn't seem to go over enough before it gets into pronouns, etc. I remember when I learned Spanish, I learned "
  12. I had my DD look at the online samples this morning for the Notgrass History and she said this is what she wants. I can't believe it. I thought for sure she would say it was too much reading. She is taking a outside class for Comp & Lit and says she wants to also do the literature part of Notgrass along with the history for an extra English credit. I am thinking this is way too much. I thought she hated reading! :lol:
  13. I had first found the McRuffy posts on this forum. I went and checked out the website after trying everything else out there and it failing miserably! My 6 year old daughter was very resistent to reading anything when we started McRuffy at the beginning of this week. I have to say....MCRUFFY IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PRAYERS! Both my 7 year old and 5 year old told me everyday this week, "Mommy, we LOVE school!" Hearing this from my 7 year old whom I had so much trouble wiht last year and was at the public school filling out the registration to put her back in, is a dream come true! :D:D:D
  14. Just went to the site to check it out. It looks fantastic, but we are already taking a Comp & Lit class outside of the home so we would only need Bible and History. Is there a way around that?
  15. I used Homeschool Tracker (not plus) for the past two years. It did not do weighted grades (unless it has changed or it is just for plus). I have since switched to the forms from the Donna Young website which I love and I can use them on my iMAC which was a huge plus for me! Pam
  16. Does anyone have any suggestions for American History? I am doing a classical education with my youngest children, but my oldest I would imagine would be too difficult to change the way we educate since she is so set in her ways. I ended up purchasing LifePacs this year. She started....we are through 3 days and she HATES them! We always used Abeka, but I decided I didn't want to use Abeka this year again. It seems as though the last couple years, we are done with school for the year and still have ABeka History to do! When I am done... I want to be done! :lol: Anyway, please give me all
  17. My oldest is doing Apologia Human Body this year. I didn't bother to look through the book until last week (this is horrible since we started school today). I ordered the required slides, coloring book and microscope from Rainbow Resource last Friday. I get the email today that the MICROSCOPE is on back-order! Ugh! Go figure! I don't think I want my whole order held for a microscope, although, this was the best one for the price that I have found. Can anyone recommend a microscope I can order online from a trustworthy site? I am hoping to find one I can order and get shipped before ne
  18. I have received my McRuffy Phonics and Math for both K, 1st and 2nd. My kids are begging me to "start school" after seeing it. I am still wanting my summer break though! :)
  19. I haven't seen that and was looking for forms myself! Those look great! :lurk5:
  20. After reading the Rosetta Stone thread, I have steered away from buying Rosetta Stone for our Spanish 1 this Fall. What have you used for Spanish (other then RS, of course) that has worked for you? Has anyone used Switched on Schoolhouse Spanish 1 for highschoolers? I have heard good things about it (to my surprise). Pamela
  21. Hey Jann! Would you by chance have the ISBN for the Introductory Algebra? Is the actual book I need a paperback and workbook? I was reading reviews on Amazon and it seems as some are receiving the Teacher's edition instead of the student's. I was able to look at a sample of the Basic College Math and the book looks amazing. It is so step-by-step and seems to be exactly what I have been looking for! Also, am I looking for the student's workbook version of this? Is the Teacher's Edition and solution manual two different things? Silly questions, I know! I am just not familiar with this
  22. Yes, she has used Saxon Math before (5/4, 6/5, and 7/6) which is why she wants to go back. We always used Saxon in elementary/middle school levels from the time we started homeschooling (4th grade). We have swayed from it, but always ended up going back to it because it worked when something else did not (i.e., Singapore, School of Tomorrow PACES). Pam
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