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  1. Thank you everyone for the ideas. OneStepataTime, those links are awesome!
  2. My children are rising 4th, 7th, and 8th. They are all interested in studying Chemistry this year. I am NOT a science lover and would prefer to outsource this. I was going to have my 7th and 8th graders do Apologia General together taking an outside class for the labs. I'm just worried that times would interfere with our studies since we only school 4 days a week and already have a pretty full schedule with dance, choir, piano, etc. I also think that Apologia would be amazing for my science loving 7th grader, but my 8th grader would be bored out of her mind. With that being said, they've all shown interest in wanting to study Chemistry. My thinking is that it's still possible to keep them together since I don't have a highschooler yet, but I don't want my daughter to be bombarded when entering 9th grade next year because she will be doing Apologia along with the lab classes for high school credits. Is there a way of keeping them all together, studying Chemistry at their request, but still giving my 8th grader enough this year to get her "warmed up" for starting high school so that she's not overwhelmed? Has anyone put together their own curriculum for a span of ages? Is there a curriculum out there that would fill this request?
  3. I consume very little sugar. I use a bit of organic brown sugar in my oats every morning. If I want to sweeten something, I use Stevia. I don't do treat myself sometimes with maybe some dark chocolate or Justin's peanut butter cups. I haven't done that in quite some time though. I used to be obese and have lost 170 pounds. Sugar was my addiction and what kept me obese my entire life. If I start consuming it again, it is too easy to go back there. With that being said, I now eat a whole foods based, low fat, high carb vegan diet now. I feel best when I don't include sugar in my diet other than the very little bit (maybe a teaspoon) of brown sugar in my oats.
  4. Also, we usually use Easy Grammar and have for years. I am thinking of switching to Fix-it and just starting at the bottom. I am wondering if I should start at the bottom with my 8th grader or with Book 2. She passed the placement test for the first book already, but she struggled with the format of how things are done since we are so used to EG.
  5. I think I am going to go with the DVDs for the parent rather than for the child so that it's easier for me to teach all three of them. How much time do you spend watching the DVDs? Would you suggest I purchase the DVDs or is the streaming just fine?
  6. I have been looking at IEW for years and have always ended up trying something else because of cost. Writing is one of those subjects that never gets done because everything else seems to take precedence. I need to change that this year. I have a 4th, 7th, and 8th grader. I need my 8th grader to be ready for higher level writing (which she is not at this point). My original plan was to outsource writing so it got done, but I've decided to cut some time down with Math now that all my children are finally caught back up after spending 2 years in public school. I have switched math curriculum to TT Algebra 1 for both my 12 and 14 year olds to free all of us up for other things (like writing, of course, Science, and History). My thinking is that, since I was originally going to outsource writing, at the cost of close to $1,000/year for 2 children with the curriculum (Writeshop), it may make sense to spend the $200 on IEW. Even though it will take my time, it will also cut down on the disruption of driving my children to and from one day a week taking up 2 hours of our day between driving and class time. Surely I can get IEW done, even if a couple days a week, in less time that that? If I go with IEW, what exactly do I need? I really loved the look of the themed curriculums, but was told that I need to video instructional DVDs to go along with it? Are these for the student or the parent? How much planning time does IEW actually require? Will I be able to have my 8th grade daughter ready for higher level writing by the end of this year with IEW? The other program I have looked at is Apologia's new program which looks wonderful and is about $54.00 on Christian book. But, I haven't seen reviews for it as of yet since it is pretty new. sidenote: We have used Winning with Writing in the younger years, Writing Strands, but never completed because it was dry, done narrations, free writing, journaling, etc. My children all know how to create outlines, get their thoughts together, get them onto paper in the correct order, write beautiful detailed sentences using stronger adjectives and nouns, etc. So, the basics pretty much. My 4th grader is a natural writer. My 7th grader and 8th grader are not. I did spend 2 weeks on nothing but writing when we took a break last year and my 7th and 8th grader made huge strides in their ability to write.
  7. Thank you for your response. I am not sure why I feel so rushed. Maybe because I held her back a year and she is still concerned years later. I believe in taking things slow, but I think most of her concern about wanting to move ahead faster, is because my DS12 is coming up right behind her and surpassing her in most things. :( After several talks with her about this, she still doesn't understand that she just needs to go at her own pace as does everyone else. It's a struggle for us some days. Sometimes reading these boards overwhelms me and I should just stay off of them. Haha! It would definitely make life a lot easier to do something for her is combined with my other two children (12 and 9). I believe I did mention History. I was looking at MOH for history, but still not sure if that's the route I want to take. I was trying to figure out how to continue with MOH through high school so that it could be a combined subject even later. I really believe she needs to spend time this year working on higher level literature and getting a better understanding of it. She needs to work on improving her writing skills and at least get a research paper written by the end of the year. I would love to use a writing curriculum also that can be combined with my other children that is not going to go beyond my budget. I would love suggestions! :) After reading your response, I may stick with some good reading for Science. Maybe we will use some more Tiner books and add in an experiment set. I can have my DS12 do those along with her too. He loves reading any kind of biography or educational book rather than textbooks as well. If I add in some experiment kits, they can do those together. I might even take another look at Noeo Science. I like to keep our schedule to four days per week because that keeps a day open for activities/classes, etc. Yes, I am definitely stressed. I'm taking lots of deep breaths! Thank you for that! :) :) :) To sum it up (which was my original plan before starting to stress out over it) was: LOL Math: TT Algebra 1 LA: Wordly Wise 7 or 8 (I haven't reviewed them yet) Easy Grammar or Fix it Grammar (I have always used EG with all my children, but love the looks of Fix it). Literature books that line up with whatever I choose for History (not sure if I should add on some type of literary analysis as the only thing she has ever done is DITHOR) CAN'T DECIDE ON WRITING :( Science: She would prefer studying animals forever! I would love suggestions if you have any. If not, I will probably go with some living books or possibly Tiner books and experiment kits. History: MOH - Haven't thought about what level and how to continue it for HS so that she's still getting what she needs for her HS credit and her younger brother can still tag along. Extras: Keyboarding (she wants to learn how to type), dance, choir, guitar Somehow it feels great to have things actually written out and feels a bit calming.
  8. My DD will be 14 in September. Last year, she did mostly 7th grade. Our plan was to do a mix of 7th and 8th so that we can get at least a couple HS credits this year and call it her 8th/9th grade year. My reason for doing this is because I had her repeat most of 2nd grade and we took a bit of a break. She was struggling and we were trying to work out any delays, learning struggles, etc. She has eventually gotten past most of that, but this year came to a road block with math. Our original plan was to get through all of CLE 700/800, But we would hit about book 804, and she was redoing entire lessons, needing a lot of guidance, and we have had to back up to about 708 and repeat a couple times. I assumed that maybe we should move to another curriculum so we are going to move to TT Algebra 1 this year. She would like to start working on HS credits because she doesn't want to be rushed (and I don't blame her). My thought was this. She needs to really work on writing and composition so we do that and see where it takes us. I think she will really take off with this once we get going. Most of our prior work has been through notebooking, journaling, narrating, etc. around every single subject rather than using a formal writing program. This is her style, but I'm thinking we need something more formal this year. I would like to give her an English credit this year by mixing it with some good literature. I am wondering if I can just pick some great literature that goes along with what we are studying in other areas or if I need to follow an actual literature program to be able to call it English and issue her a credit. I was going to outsource writing, but would still need to do a literature program at home so it didn't make sense to spend the money right now. I also think she can learn more at home rather than outsourcing to a local class she will attend for only 1 hour each week. For history, we have used HOD previously (again, she thrives on the CM style of learning), but we are mostly eclectic in our homeschool. I am driving myself to pieces debating over what to do with history, whether or not I can issue credit by using lots of great literature, narration, composition, etc. I've even wondered how I can make MOH work for high school so that I can include my boys too. I would just expect much more from her like the lessons geared towards higher grades, further study, extra writing, research, etc. For Science, I'm ready to drive myself overboard here. She is not a child who loves science. Again, she has always just read whatever interests her. She wants nothing to do with experiments, lab reports, etc. Yes, I have explained to her that she needs a lab credit in high school and that she will need to do it whether I outsource just for the experiments, purchase the kit for home, etc. I thought about doing Apologia General this year and not starting Physical until next year. Apologia General would at least get her warmed up to the idea of using textbooks and doing the experiments. I have also thought about doing the Story of Science books. She reviewed them and said she doesn't enjoy them. She spent her entire last year reading through all the Apologia Zoology books. It was her second time through them because she loves them. She has also done a couple of the Tiner books. My 12 year old son is a Science kid and if I went with Apologia, he could probably take her through all the experiments. That is what would make my life easiest after a very stressful year last year. But, that may not be the best answer. With all of this being said, she is a creative child. She will have no problem with her elective credits. She's in choir, dance, and will start guitar next January. She says she wants to go to college, but also talks about culinary school, makeup artistry, and cosmetology school. Of course, after already graduating one, who said she didn't want to go to college (but moved onto the community college after trying cosmetology and hating it), I know I need to start planning the college track now. Where would be a good place to start for this coming year without overwhelming her? How do I do this, but still keep her happy and not overly stressed? Last year was our worst homeschool year in the 15 years I've been homeschooling. I was ready to give up and put my children in public school. I know that is not the best place for them. I really need a plan, but this year planning just seems so much more stressful for me than it has in previous years. My original plan was to outsource most things, but the cost to do that doesn't work in my budget since I have three children. It would also make life much easier on everyone if I could use the same curriculum (like MOH) for some subjects, but that's difficult when they all learn so differently. I wanted to have her and my DS12 share in some things. I would love for her to be a bit more independent this year so that I can focus more on my youngest (9).
  9. I wish there was a "love" button on this forum so I could love this post a million times! You have no idea how much this spoke to me today!
  10. I am not he OP, but wanted to thank you for your response. I have been wondering if I'm making the right decision with my 8/9th grade DD this year by choosing TT after her getting to a certain point in CLE and really struggling. We backed up and redid half way through 800's back to the end of the 700's a couple times and she just gets stuck when we hit a certain point. It was suggested by her end of year test administrator this year that I try MUS for her. I don't want to go back to MUS. I used it for the younger years and she doesn't do well with mastery. I have read so many negative reviews for TT that I have been afraid to purchase quite yet and we are getting closer and closer to the beginning of the new year. It's time for me to make a decision. Finding your post made me feel much more self-assured that TT will be okay. I didn't realize the scope & sequence was accelerated in their 2.0 version. I also didn't realize that TT was more difficult than MUS. I just assumed MUS had a different style of teaching as well as it being mastery. My 12yr DS also wants to do their TT Algebra and I was holding back from that because he is extremely mathy. He needs to focus on language arts this year so maybe TT will give him a bit of a break. Thank you again for helping me to think this through. :)
  11. The judgemental posts bothered me at first, but I've been on this board long enough to know better. Haha! I understand that everyone has their own views, I just posted mine. Maybe I should have kept it "hush hush". :)
  12. Thank you. I think some are reading way more into my post than what I said. Maybe that or I just have a bad way with wording. My children do have the devices to play with them but only because they are hand-me-downs from my husband and I. If your children don't have any electronic devices, I completely applaud you! I miss the days when children would go outside and play for what it is without the attachment of electronics. I say that, but we DO have electronics, play video games, watch tv, etc., but my children are limited and also encouraged to get outside and play with their friends without being distracted by an iPod in their hands. I want them alert to their surroundings at all times while playing outside no matter where they are. Of course there are many reasons for this post, but everyone is going to pull from it what they see because everyone has different views on matters such as this. I probably should have just thought this and not posted it this morning. I guess I had too much free time on my hands.
  13. Now, why don't I have this problem? #goodfoodislife :)
  14. I'm not saying it has to be all or nothing. My children do all those things and find the balance. I'm talking specifically about the hype of this game and the fact that there is a time and place for everything. My children have lots of different interests, Pokémon not being one of them. Pokémon is actually one of my interests and has been for years and years. I'm a 42 year old mom and still play from time to time, but it's not about that. The folks I see playing Pokémon go, are not finding balance it it. There have been robberies, assaults, injuries, etc. all from the hype of this game. If my children wanted to, "catch them all", they would have to do it with is probably now the old fashioned way.... With THEIR Nintendo DS. The hype of this game is as bad as texting and driving. Now it's Pokémon Go and drive.
  15. Yes, adults encouraging it. I see the same thing. Two adults fell through a fence and all the way down a cliff a few days ago going after Pokémon. It's crazy.
  16. My children know about it and gave no interest. They haven't asked about it at all. They thought it was crazy that everyone was playing this game at the park rather than playing on the playground. It's not even that my children need or want the other children to join them in play. They are perfectly happy hanging with each other. It's just the environment is not what you'd expect to see by visiting a park. We went to the mall last week and it was the same experience. There were even several police officers at the park who are not normally there. This is a park we attend often. It was a whole different environment than it was just two weeks ago. I just think it's sad that this world has become so dependent upon electronics for enjoyment. Believe me, I have nothing against video games. I'm a video gamer myself when I have time aside from my busy schedule between working and homeschooling, but there is a time and place for everything.
  17. I hope it's not just me, but I have not allowed my children to install this game on their iPods. I understand this game has two sides, some positive and some negative. But, the negative, I don't want my children to be apart of. I have stayed away from all parks because they are now "pokestops". We went one day and everyone had their heads stuck in their phones or iPods. This is something I try to keep to a minimum at home, but now we go to a public park and you can't stay away from it there either. I want my children to be at a park for what it is: enjoying nature, realizing the beauty around them, socializing with each other and other children, going on nature walks, getting some physical activity, playing, running around, and just enjoying everything life has to offer rather than everyone around the playground with their heads stuck in an electronic device. Is it just me?
  18. I need a recommendation for a great writing program. I have used Winning with Writing in the past when my children were younger. I've used Writing Strands (never got through it because it was just not motivating). We have done written narrations, journaling, note booking, etc. My children are currently rising 4th, 7th, and 8/9th (8th grade but working on some HS credits). Writing is something we never seem to get to more than once per week (if that) other than including it within other subjects. I was going to outsource writing this year for my 7th and 8th grader, but the class I was going to use is in the middle of the week at 10 a.m. which would be disruptive to our schedule (we homeschool 4 days per week). I have looked at samples online of IEW and have always been scared that it is just too much teacher prep time and/or involvement. We had a horrible year last year and I'm trying to lighten my load as much as I can this coming year. I was half way through last year ready to give up after 15 years. :( I have looked at IEW again (specifically the books for the historical period writing lessons, fables, etc). Then I see there is another set that is quite expensive (writing intensive?). I am confused as to how the program works, what exactly is needed to purchase, and whether I can get away without spending over $200. I've also looked at EIW so that I am freed up and they can do writing on their own. Although, I am not sure how that would work out. I'm also not sure I would want to purchase it on a bunch of different levels. My 4th grader is a natural writer and even the 6th grade video sample he was predicting what the instructor was going to say before he said it. LOL I've also looked at Apologia's new program which looks wonderful, but I'm not sure i want to spend that much to purchase 3 of the textbooks. It also really has no reviews and not many have used it yet. Anyway, it's really not my 4th grader I'm worried about. He's a natural writer, enjoys it, and will write beautifully detailed sentences at his age. He understands what goes into writing a paper and does it for fun. It's really more my older two who are rising 7th and my 8th grader who really needs to actually learn the basics all the way up to writing a report or research paper by the end of the year. I need to really focus on writing this year and need a good program, but not one that is going to soak up all my time and energy. I need something that is going to make it easy for all of us and something that can be used as a family without going beyond my budget.
  19. This is exactly what I'd love to do, but then where do you go for High School? Do you immediately just switch to a textbook? That would be awfully overwhelming I would think. We did CtC too. That was the most amazing year. That was 6th grade. She talks about it often. But, I also had both of my boys in public school at the time who are both home now again. We had a lot of one on one time and it was just amazing how much she got from it. I think it would be different being done more independently.
  20. I'm looking at these now. Thank you for the suggestions. She now says she would like to do the Apologia General Science to "warm up" for having to use textbooks throughout high school. I don't want her to feel like she has to do that though if I can find a way around textbooks for Science. I don't want her to hate Science. I want her to learn to enjoy the subjects she has to learn over the next four years so high school isn't a miserable experience. I mean that's one of the reasons we homeschool, right? :) I am going to miss reading real literature for every subject. I guess I'm just nervous because high school is right around the corner. I have graduated one daughter already, but it's been years. She was originally not college bound, but ended up in college so I know that once again, I must be prepared for a changed mind even though I'm being told Culinary School, makeup artistry, or cosmetology. I also have a 7th grade son who is very Sciency. My plan was to keep them together originally which is why I was thinking Apologia. He wants to do Apologia, but last year was a nightmare for us so I'm trying to make life easier on me a bit so I don't go into extreme burnout after 15 years of homeschooling. I'm almost there. :(
  21. I'm scheduling my daughter's 8th grade year and I'm struggling. We've been a little more relaxed and last year we spent a lot of time trying to help her to understand math. I've decided the best option for her at this point us to go with TT Algebra 1. We've always used CLE and so this is a pretty big change from such a rigorous program. With that being said, we never even got to Science last year. She dislikes Science. My plan was to have her do Apologia, but she read part of the book and was bored to tears. I was going to out her in an outside class for labs because this mom is not sciency either and I could use a bit of a break this year. I have explained to her that she does need Science and doesn't have much of a choice. She will be in high school next year and needs to prepare to work towards her high school credits. Of course, she will never go after a career that is math or science related. She wants to be a make up artist. Shes more of the creative type. If it were up to her, she would just read lots of literature related to Science, but I don't even know how to go about doing something like that and wish there was a curriculum like that. Does anyone else have a girl that is very non sciency? What curriculum have you had success with? I really want something that I can continue through high school. Possibly even start working on a high school credit this year and do it over two years. My other thought was to attempt Apologia Physical Science and just take our time with it using it as a high school credit. Her best homeschool year was when she used HOD. She was happier than she's ever been, relaxed, and content. I am just not really familiar with using HOD throughout high-school and have read mixed reviews. Thoughts?
  22. We have been using CLE for years (probably 2nd grade). When my DD13 was in LightUnit 610, I debated switching math curriculum then as we got closer to high school math. I made the decision to continue with CLE and complete 7 and 8. Well, we got through 7 a few months ago, moved onto 8, and we hit a major road block for some reason. We were half way through 802 and I took a step back. We jumped back to 708 and she is now with my DS12 and they are working together. My DS12 is speeding through it very quickly and has done two books alongside my DD13. We are in 710 right now and have almost completed it. My DS can continue, sometimes sits around waiting on my older DD, and would most likely have no problem moving on. They are 17 months apart is this is causing frustration in our household. My DD13 is so worried that DS12 has caught up to her, and is ready to fly by her all while she isn't understanding the concepts. I honestly don't know where to go from here. My DD13 needs to move to a math curriculum where she has more confidence and I think they need to be in separate curriculum so she is not so concerned about my DS's level. I think her being so concerned about the fact that he is able to move past her and it comes extremely easy for him is holding her back from what she is really capable of. Math has been a constant struggle in our house as of late. I finally just put all math aside because I just don't even want to do it. I think I need something that pulls them away from one another so there is no competition, as well as something that doesn't have me giving my DD a couple hours of help and guidance in a day. I am homeschooling three children and math is taking a majority of my time. Yes, she is struggling that much! I have been homeschooling for fourteen years and I have never been so burnt out. I would love any and all suggestions! :(
  23. Have any of you transitioned from CLE Math to Saxon? I just gave my 11 year old son the placement for Saxon. He missed 5 on the 8/7 portion so that's where I'll place him...into 8/7 from CLE 610. When I looked through the Saxon text, it just seems like there is so much he already has learned and knows well. I'm not sure I'm making the right decision, but would like to transition for high school. I'd love to hear your experience if you've transitioned from one to the other, what grade you decided to do so and how the transition went for you.
  24. My DD has decided to take a break from the four year history cycle. She wants to study something she enjoys this year. She started with Beautiful Feet, The History of Horses and it was a flop for us. :( She's now decided she wants to do a study on slavery, famous slaves, The Civil War, etc. Does anyone have any ideas of people to study (possibly biographies), YouTube videos, Netflix, websites, book suggestions, etc? I would love some ideas! We are already into the start of our year and ditching BF. I need a plan for tomorrow. :)
  25. I will check out the Can Do Cursive. Thank you! I didn't realize it started from the beginning.
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