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  1. I haven't been to these boards in ages. My oldest just graduated with a degree in industrial design from Appalachian State in NC. He was also on a robotics team through middle and high school. We looked at schools mainly within the southeast. Appalachian State, NCState Univ. Virginia Tech, Auburn, James Madison University in Va. We did not look at SCAD but it did come highly recommended, Georgia Tech required calculus so he removed that school from the list early on!! We used the idsa website primarily to locate schools with the major. I wish I could tell you that he has found a permanent job already, but he hasn't quite started his search. He is working temporarily with the company he interned with. Now they did offer him a permanent position as a Mechanical Engineer - but he wants to find something in the design field. But think of that - an engineering position without having to take all the math and science courses!
  2. This is what my son did too. He hated it but made a lot of money.
  3. The Common App has a section to list award/honors type information. This would be a national honor/award. On other online apps, it may be included with their activities, and definitely include it on a separate resume if that is required from any of the colleges you may apply to. In short - it won't be listed on the transcript. But it should be included in the appropriate section of the other application documents.
  4. This was my same experience with my children when I taught them to read a hundred years ago! I loved 100EZ. BTW you can skip the writing portion, and often times I only had them read the "story" once.
  5. This one has worked well so far for my college student on a rainy campus. https://www.ebags.com/product/granite-gear/buffalo/275090?productid=10450701
  6. The beds in my son's dorm allow the mattresses to be raised up to 5 feet. Beds in other dorms can have the mattress and frame raised but not quite that high. Other dorms still have beds that can be bunked or they allow risers. So it all depends on the type of beds in the particular dorm.
  7. You may want to keep the flexible days as just open. Barcelona is a beautiful city and you can just fill those days with museums and shopping. However, some side trip ideas by train: Montserrat (mountainside monastery) Girona. (Ancient roman city to the North) Sitges (Seaside town to the south) Madrid would likely be to far for a day trip.
  8. I also want to say that I totally agree with those that say it's not yet time to let your child loose to plan and hold themselves accountable to the schedule. Depending on how many kids you have, you may have to do that. But now that all my kids are either in high school or graduated, I see the value in trying to keep up with the oldest child especially if you plan to homeschool through high school. The younger kids pick up so much from observing and listening to what their older siblings are doing. And we as teachers are better prepared when it's the younger kid's turn to approach those difficult subjects.
  9. I am a CCer and have had 3 kids go through CH A. The first one is a lot like having your first baby. It seems so time consuming and difficult, but when you have your second, you wonder why you thought it was so hard with the first. Challenge is a lot like that! If your child is 12, keep reminding yourself that it's middle school, the "grades" and courses aren't going on a transcript yet, and that might help to relieve some stress. Remind yourself of why you signed up for CC in the first place and focus on those aspects rather than trying to finish all the workload. Lori D gave some excellent advice!! Work your own pace with math. (It took my daughter, now in CH IV, two years to get through Algebra I!) Keep Latin to under an hour a day. If you don't finish all the exercises, don't worry about it. Review vocab everyday and copy declension endings, and move on to the next assigned lesson each week even if you didn't finish all the exercises. She will repeat those lessons next year, and review them all in CH I. With the new cartography book, I am not sure how geography is now approached. In the past, the maps in the guide weren't very user friendly so I found black line maps on line that my child copied and labeled everyday. We used the Shepard software each day as well to drill the countries and capitals. Hang in there! And when you both feel like crying, take a break - get outside a take a nap - read a book, and pick up later in the day or the next day. You can do this!
  10. Have they tried putting in a maintenance request for a different mattress?
  11. I am bumping this because I would really like to read some info on Apologia Online Academy. I am about to enroll dd in Chemistry, but I can't find any reviews.
  12. Fordham Rams. Which two schools did you not visit? I have visited JMU and Fordham. ECU seems to be a popular school here in NC. JMU seemed to have a more competitive admission requirement regarding languages and science than other schools. Fordham had extra hoops for homeschoolers to go through (if I am remembering right - I was reading there admissions stuff a couple of weeks ago). Fordham - I would have concerns for safety in certain areas off campus (Rose Hill), but our family loves the Arthur Ave. area and the beauty of the campus. DD is interested in the Manhattan campus for dance.
  13. No, it is not abridged. We have the first in the series, and I never gave a thought to it being abridged. I just checked and there is nothing on the title page, covers, or copyright info that would indicate it was abridged.
  14. Well, I did it with my youngest, but. I discovered that he had already learned many sounds from those old leap frog videos (Ciirca early 2000s). We started reading through Bob books and then went to readers. You could start with Bob books which focus on different sounds and see how it goes. I used 100 EZ lessons with my older two. I was very happy that I got to skip it with the third child!
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