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  1. Belliot, she did not. Last summer, she came to dh & I and told us that she loathed homeschooling and wanted to go to the local public school. So, she has attended there for 10th grade. However, as you can tell from the thread, there have been many positive reviews of TPS English program. I don't think you could go wrong. You may want to start a new thread and pose this question again, to get of sense of what others report for this year. Good luck with whatever you choose. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Jennifer
  2. Glad to hear this. It seems to be the general consensus for the English courses. Thanks! Jennifer
  3. Just wanted to thank you ladies for recommending the Blue TEnt program. It does look exceptional and certainly meets the criteria I mentioned in my OP. Oh, & thanks for the link to Wildcat's post. Jennifer
  4. Thanks, Caroline. I did not know about Melodee Skiles' classes. I love her choice of books, but I'm unsure if dd would get enough writing instruction. I'm sure she would love the lit discussions. Did your dc take the Laurel Tree Writing classes before Captive Thought courses? And if so, was that helpful for the writing component in Captive Thought courses? Morningglory also mentioned Blue Tent, and I guess, so far, that looks like it covers BOTH lit & comp so I'd spend less $$ overall. Do you know anyone who has taken Blue Tent courses? They are also a provider I am not familiar with. Thanks, Jennifer
  5. :lol: I am just cracking up at your response!! Very interesting that no one seemed to care about lit. Hmmm. Maybe I'm worrying too much about lit and need to just concentrate on writing. Thanks so much for your info and transparency! Jennifer
  6. WOW! You really do have a wealth of experience with their courses! I'm glad to hear the positive review of the English courses you've used. Can you give an idea about the weekly workload and types/lengths of papers that students write? What about lit analysis & SAT prep? Thanks, Jennifer
  7. Wow! This looks really great; it does cover everything I'm looking for. It sounds like the workload will be tough, which definitely will crank things up a notch for dd. That's not a bad thing, but I also don't want to burn her out. I'm going to investigate this a little bit further. Thanks so much for the link! Very helpful! About geography...dd and I put together this course. Really it has been "her baby" this year. By the time she finishes, she will have researched EVERY country in the world. She has put together a notebook that includes large continent maps that she has colored and labeled with country, capital, large cities, and physical features. She also completed a one page analysis of each country using the newest version of the Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia and the CIA website. She's been particularly interested in political disputes, terrorism activity, religious influences, and drug/human trafficking. (She's interested in foreign language & intelligence work for a career.) The missions component has been guided by two books, Praying for the 100 Gateway Cities in the 10/40 window (newest ed.) and From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya, a history of world missions. We have prayed over each of the gateway cities and had so many thought-provoking discussions based on our readings/research--probably more so than any other time I can remember. Below I'll link the map sources that I bought at Rainbow Resource. If you have any other questions, I'll be happy to answer them! Maps of the World Curriculum http://www.rainbowre...l.php?id=043296 Geography Matters Continent Maps paper http://www.rainbowre...1c7ae38912e03fb HTH, Jennifer
  8. Sue, thanks for the review and Candid, thanks for the heads up about the class being almost full. If she primarily provides composition, what did you do about literature? My dd has been through R&S Grammar 8, so she's really mastered what she needs to know about grammar. She definitely needs more composition practice especially persuasive essays, longer papers, & MLA format papers. We both love discussing literature, but when it comes to the nuts & bolts of good analysis & writing literary papers, that just is not my forte. I'm a math/science person. DD has a lot on her plate already, so I don't want anything that will overwhelm her and I can't really afford to pay for a composition course & a lit course. According to your review, Sue, this course looks promising, but it still puts me in a quandary about literature. So, if you and Candid, could tell me what you did about lit, that would be great! Thanks, Jennifer
  9. I was going to ask the same thing...which subjects? My dd has had a great experience with French 1, but really, I know nothing about other subjects taught by TPS. Thanks, Jennifer
  10. Dd has had a great experience with two online courses this year: Derek Owens Geometry and Potter's School French 1. For 10th grade, she's going to be taking a chemistry course from a friend of mine at a local private school, TPS French 2, and DO Algebra 2. I'm considering outsourcing English. She's familiar with the TPS format, so I'm inclined to consider them the most. However, I've seen mixed reviews on the boards about some of the classes/teachers. I think they'd probably put her into British Lit since she hasn't taken their Foundations course. She's definitely beyond Foundations and has done literature analysis using IEW Intro to Lit. Louise Wood is the British & American lit teacher. Have any of your dc ever taken either of those courses with her? Any other suggestions, even if it's not TPS? A course that combines grammar, writing, vocab, lit analysis, & SAT prep is what I'm looking for. Thanks, Jennifer
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