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  1. University of Richmond? We were supposed to visit there in Feb, but that was when Richmond received 1' of snow! Unfortunately, that cancelled our trip, but we plan to go back. From everything we've researched they have an excellent reputation and students truly seem to love their experience there. They are apparently very generous with aid, too. HTH, Jennifer
  2. Kudos to you and your dd, Amy! From all I've read in your other posts, you have nothing to worry about. You've done a great job!!! Blessings, Jennifer
  3. With DD#1, I used Sing, Spell, Read, and Write. I liked the program OK, but there was a lot of writing, and it was too much for my then 5 yo dd. So, I began to research other programs when it came time to teach DS#2 how to read. I stumbled upon the book, The Writing Road to Reading by Romalda Spalding. (This is now called the Spalding Method.) This is a fascinating book about the neuroscience of how the brain processes information. I absolutely love this methodology! It works, it isn't expensive, and it makes sense! This was a much better choice for us; there was less writing, but lots of ora
  4. Have you looked at the Potter's School? They have excellent foreign language courses.
  5. DD is also taking APUSH, and they have no research papers due. The writing focus for that course is knowing how to answer the DBQ's for the AP exam. As far as the literary criticism papers, I would expect that more in AP Lit rather than AP English Lang/Comp. What I've noticed so far about the AP English course is that the teacher is preparing the students for two exams: the AP exam and the end-of-course exam in American Lit that is required of ALL 11th graders in GA. So there is a heavy focus on Amer Lit in this AP course. I'm not saying that is a bad thing, just not what I expected from this
  6. It sounds like your school system has done a much better job of integrating the IB program throughout the K-12 curriculum. You probably live in a different state than GA. I know people in other counties here in GA who, as Laura mentioned, are so swamped and stressed out with so much being crammed into those last 3 years, that many of them have pulled their kids out.
  7. Maybe your right; maybe there is more to it. Thanks for the link to the history dept's requirements and expectations. I might poke around some more on Tech & UGA's sites.
  8. Like you, I expect both Tech & UGA to require papers. When we went to visit Univ of MD in the spring, the students leading the campus tour stated that pretty much all disciplines taught and expected excellent writing skills. They said research writing was heavily emphasized in freshman level English courses. The uni even has a writing clinic housed in a building near the library where students can have one-on-one tutoring for all types of writing assignments.
  9. Oh, believe me, they are at odds. Several of my friends who have worked at the high school for 20+ years, say that morale is the lowest they have ever seen. I REALLY hope that this is not true.
  10. Jane, you are probably on target with your comments applying to our school's teachers. There has been so much cutting that it really is ridiculous. Most classes now contain 32-33 students, but teachers have 3 block class loads. So, that equates to 150+ students and when you look at it from that perspective, I can understand how overwhelmed a teacher would be to grade all those papers. I'm sure our teachers feel grossly underpaid for the number of hours that they invest. This is the part that makes me feel so sad for both the teachers and the dismalness of our educational system. Jennifer
  11. We are finally on the mend!! My ds had a respiratory virus that caused him to wheeze, even though he is not asthmatic. We've been doing round the clock breathing treatments and he's been on prednisone. Yesterday, the doc ok'd him to begin weaning the breathing treatments; she did not hear any more wheezing and his oxygen levels were at 98%. Praise God! Meanwhile, I caught a sinus infection and ran a fever for several days & generally felt miserable myself. I do mention the issue with my son, because the doctor said their practice (which encompasses 4 counties) has been swamped with this ki
  12. Laura, Interesting that you highlight this about the IB. The principal at my dd's high school has only been there 1 yr, so he is still new, and I know he wants more for these kids than they currently are getting. He came from a school system that offers the IB diploma in many of its high schools. Last spring, he presented the IB concept to our board of education. It was not received with great enthusiasm, mainly because of ...$$$$--it means more highly qualified teachers, training, paperwork, blah, blah, blah. (I'm sure you sense my cynicism.) I would LOVE to see the high school offer that,
  13. First, let me apologize for taking a little while to come back and reply, but we have had so much sickness at my house that I've either been in the bed or a nurse to someone else. Anyways.... Thank you all for your thoughtful responses. As I read through them, the overwhelming majority stated that indeed, colleges DO STILL require research papers of various sorts. This is what I thought, but I wanted to find out from others' experiences so as to confirm my skepticism. How could an entire English dept at the high school make such claims when this is NOT the norm. Is it really that teachers
  14. My dd is taking AP English Language at the local high school this year. In my conversation with her teacher (who holds a doctorate in English) and several other teachers in the English department at the high school, I have been asking why none of the English courses require students to write a research paper. All of the teachers have told me that research papers are no longer being required at the college level. What??? They claim no one wants to read them; they would rather students create a power point presentation and document their sources. In addition, the cheating is so widespread that
  15. Have you checked the Potter's School? I think they cover how to use all of Microsoft Office. I don't know anything about content, nor can I give you any reviews. However, I will say that our experience with Potter's School was very positive when my dd took their online French courses. Hope that helps! Jennifer
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