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  1. I'm trying to remember a preschool "curriculum" that I saved a few years ago, but have since deleted. I think my friend would like it, if I could find it! It was divided into seasons. Each week had a theme with related activities and books (making butter, visiting a farmer's market?). A few books were used for math and phonics, but I don't remember what ones (Explore the Code, maybe). You could download each season separately. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
  2. I'm finding myself getting bored, to be honest. I LIKE quiet, but I kinda feel lonely. My favorite scenario is when kids are HOME but OUTSIDE. Close but not too close. ;) I work two part time jobs, so that takes up some time. Still, I'm ending up with a lot of time on my hands that I don't want to squander. I don't want to look back in a few years and realize that I spent most of it watching Netflix, you know? We're just 3 weeks into our public schooling adventure. Still figuring these things out! :) (Right now, though, I'm off to work at our local teaching supplies store, where I get to drool over all the pretty books and posters and decoratives and stickers and pencils! :drool5:)
  3. This is one of the issues I'm encountering. Some days we can do DS's daily reading at bedtime, and some days we run out of time/energy. DD always makes time herself, cause she WANTS to read. DS is the one who needs it! Yesterday I had them do their homework right away, after snack, and it worked out pretty well. Today I think I'll try having DS do his reading earlier, too. I don't think I could manage the brain power to have them do anything BEFORE school! We have sufficient afternoon/evening time. It's just a matter of managing it well. That's always the hard part, right?? :)
  4. Thanks for all your replies! It really helps me to see what's working for others. I think we'll be having play time after school until dinner. I'll read Bible during dinner, then we'll do homework or other extras that I've assigned. If they don't putz around too much, they'll have time to watch a tv show before bedtime (which is when they'll do their personal reading). We're settling in nicely, but there are definitely still some adjusting to do. :)
  5. Do your kids do homework/afterschooling as soon as they get home? Do they play first? How much time do you spent on after-school work? I'm just looking for a general run-down of your day after school. We're a couple weeks into this new public school adventure and I'm still getting a feel for what works best for US.
  6. It's possible that you might actually be able to homeschool, depending on your schedule. Since you sub, I am assuming you arrive home earlier than a standard 9-5 office job? Why not pay a babysitter while you work, then teach her when you get home? I only suggest this because I get the impression that it's more in line with your heart's desire. :) It would be harder to do this with higher grades, but kindy is so much more relaxed. Perhaps her babysitter could do read alouds and other simple things, too. Just a thought! I haven't juggled all-day work with homeschooling, but I HAVE juggled two part time jobs (one of which is at home) with homeschooling. Where there's a will, there's a way! (My kids have just started public schooling this year, cause the "will" has disappeared! lol!)
  7. As others said, you can do more than one chapter at once. In addition, this year I added in Math 4 Today by Carson Dellosa. It's just 4 problems a day to review concepts. There are a number of other review books that do the same thing. I've been really pleased with the combination.
  8. Word Bingo is fun for a child who's ready to practice the words on the Dolch list (i.e. "sight words"). I don't teach sight words as such, so it depends on their reading level. Fun game, though. :)
  9. I start mine reading with other resources, then shift them to Spalding in 1st grade. DS5 is currently reading with Bob Books, Explode the Code book 2, and the vintage Word Mastery available through google books. I've started teaching some "teams" (ch, th, etc.) but it's very low pressure at this point.
  10. Truly, I think that reading a Psalm every morning would teach all that and more! :)
  11. This 100th Anniversary Edition. I saw this in person and knew that I simply couldn't live without it. :) It's sooo beautiful and wonderful! The amazon price is really good, too. Well worth it.
  12. For transferring over, we have done flashcards for memorization, letting them use the rods when they don't know the answer. I just tell them to first see if they know the answer without using the rods. (beth83, I see in your siggy that your DD uses Horizons Math 1, which we also used for first grade.)
  13. I have no experience with language disorders, but I can say that this was normal for my DS (my middle child). He's better now at 7 than he was at 5. I've started WWE this year to try to help him in that area.
  14. I am so very interested in seeing this and reading more about it! I already have plans for this year's science, but there's always next year. :)
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