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    Looking for 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade DVDs of Home Art Studio. Thank you!


  2. OK, gotcha. This makes sense, and again, thank you all for so many examples and specifics. That's kind of along the lines of what I've done from time to time for just small section, but I've not really approached the entire curriculum or level from that perspective and was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect. @farrar -- I'm also a bit concerned about what you mentioned, because I was wondering (before this thread) if that would be an issue and if I needed to consider something else. Ads for CTC math keep popping up in my inbox (they certainly have an enthusiastic advertising person!
  3. All great replies! Thank you! And it's interesting how you each have your own little systems. @silver -- when you say you have him do at least one problem from each "set" ...what do you mean by "set"? I am looking at a page from 3A (order of operations 2, page 87-88), for example: page 87 has #1 (a-f) #2 (a-j) page 88 has #3 (a-f) #4 (a-d) #5 (a-b ) Puzzle Corner So according to your "set" description, do you mean that you would have him do one (lettered) problem from #1-5 (so like 1b, 2j, 3c, 4a, 5b) and then something with the puzzle corner? Just want to be sure I'm co
  4. I know this has been discussed and referenced, but as I'm searching threads I just can't find anything that directly addresses this. We've been using MM for years and I feel like it's a solid program, but it's just overkill. But I'm not sure where or how to "cut" while retaining the thoroughness but letting go of the monotony. I know this is going to depend on the child. We've been taking a break from MM for a few months with some Life of Fred and just less math in general (and it's been lovely!), but ....IDK... I guess it's time to get back to it. So I figured out which topics they n
  5. The topic says it all. I keep seeing emails/ads for CTC, and I've watched the sample video and read some reviews. But this is what I can't shake -- how is this different and significantly better than Khan? I'm considering math options so debating once again.... Thanks!
  6. Wondering the same thing.... Has anyone used this? What ages? Was it just something fun your kids did on their own, or was it more formal than that?

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    Lyrical Life Science (text, workbook, CD). Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes; Volume 3: The Human Body. Very nice condition, totally clean pages. Non-smoking home. Paypal. $18ppd for each set, or both sets for $33ppd.



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    Artistic Pursuits, Book One Grades K-3, $28ppd. Very good condition. Non-smoking home. Paypal.



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    From RightStart Math: Worksheets for the AL Abacus & Activities for the AL Abacus. $16ppd/each or take both for $22ppd. Some wear to outside of covers, but otherwise very nice with perfectly clean pages. Non-smoking home. Paypal.


  10. It's a thinner spiral-bound book, but it looks like the "student book" would basically just have lined pages for the student to write in with a portion of the "instructor section" repeated for convenience. Does that seem accurate? I'm just so used to WWE being these very thick books, that now I'm doubting myself since pulling it off the shelf. Thanks!
  11. OK so when I look on GoogleMaps, at this time of day (like noon-ish?), it looks like from The Plains it takes just a few minutes more than hour "in current traffic" to get to the Smithsonian Institute or Zoo area. So do you think that's really off? I would love to be able to go to museums, zoo, etc. regularly. Are there decent ones in the area but maybe closer than all the Smithsonian ones? How is homeschooling in this western area?
  12. OK, that's a good point. :) So a bit more west out 66, like The Plains, Marshall, Front Royal, or a bit more out 29 like Warrenton. How bad is the cost of living? We were talking to someone who lives there (single man) and he talked about it being pretty reasonable...but perhaps that's a word that is open to wide interpretation. And thank you, reefgazer for clarifying the law for me -- to me it seems like a lot of regulation relative to where I've been, but you make it sound very easy.
  13. I've read over the Virginia homeschool law and read a few old threads here on the forums, but I'm wondering... - do most of you choose "option 1" or do you go with the religious option or what? While my religious beliefs certainly do impact my attitude about hs-ing and what we do, the vast majority of my fellow church members send their kids to ps...it's not like I feel I need to hs for religious reasons. - in summary, you just send in the NOI and list the general subjects, then at the end of the year you send in your test scores (or possibly an evaluation). Is that pretty much it? I'
  14. I am really enjoying this thread and hearing the different opinions. :) I thought this was interesting: ...because for us it was just the opposite. I think it worked better (in terms of its overall effect) with my middle schoolers because they already could write multi paragraph narrations, had an established voice and a wide vocabulary. For them, some of the IEW helped their writing be more purposeful. That doesn't necessarily seem to be how many people use it, or the benefit they get from it. Now when I tried using it with a younger set, thinking it would have some of the benef
  15. Well I don't know if this will help, but maybe people will post so they can disagree with me! :P I am not a fan of Writing Strands. To be fair, we didn't end up really using it because I found it just boring, tedious, uninspiring. But that's me. I really didn't give it a fair shot; obviously there are others (like your friend!) who love it, and that is great! I think IEW is great at some things, but I don't think it's "it" for everything and everyone. I first used it when my older ones (coming from a strong CM upbringing) were heading into 8th grade. They did SWI-C as a 2 week intens
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