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  1. Thanks very much! Off to check out the link and also Thinking in Threes (had not heard of this). I know what you mean about the 'trees'.. this is my concern at present - its hard to trust in the process at times when you cannot see some immediate progress.
  2. oh okay. We are only in WWS1 and I read somewhere here that it does not teach essay writing. If it does - great! Can anyone confirm?
  3. For a 13yo kid (boy) who is loving WWS 1, what would recommendations be for teaching essay writing. I was going to look at LTOW but understand it is very similar to IEW (which he abhorred). Would love to hear your suggestions for something that would gel with a program like WWS.
  4. I haven’t read whole thread but I have the previous edition of TWSS if you are interested Melissa. I’m not at home right now to check but I think I have the discs and binder. I’m in Perth by the way so postage would be a lot cheaper. If you are interested feel free to pm me
  5. Its funny, I originally came here with concerns about W&R's lack of instruction for outlining, however after looking through a couple of other writing programs that give too much instruction, and break the process down way too much, for this child W&R is continuing to look like the most suitable writing instruction. I also have a better understanding of the premise behind the program thanks to the podcast recommended above, and I like what I have seen/heard.
  6. Thanks for your advice throughout this thread Clear Creek. It has been immensely helpful in deciding whether we keep going with W&R or ditch it. For now, I think we will keep going. I look forward to receiving Chreia so I can have a look through it myself.
  7. I also don't see the point of outlining fiction. We are going to try Chreia too and if that bombs then we may go to WWS. I say may loosely though because I don't want to be turned off W&R because of Chreia (the negative reviews are all I have to go on right now), so I will need to be mindful of that. DS did start WWS a year or so ago and found it too stifling (again with breaking things down too much like IEW), whereas with W&R he actually enjoys the exercises.
  8. Thanks so much for this advice Chelli. It helps me to better understand what I need to focus on before moving on in W&R. It sounds like it might be a good idea to pause and focus on outlining and understand that well enough before moving on. I have just purchased Chreia after reading your comments, because I am starting to feel it would be a bad idea to skip any of the books. Do you use the Most Wonderful Writing Lessons to supplement other parts of W&R also, or only the outlining section?
  9. Thanks thats a good idea - I have WWS1-2 here so I will have a better look at how they approach outlining.
  10. Yes thats how I feel about the lack of instruction re: outlining. Which is why I was concerned about instruction in the future books. My son did key word outlining in IEW for a while too, which he hated. He didn't like the instruction broken down so much. I am thinking of sticking with W&R solely because DS enjoys it and using the Remedia book mentioned above.
  11. This is good to hear. After listening to the podcast I felt that I had a better understanding of where W&R was going.
  12. Thanks Clear Creek. Good to know about using the books at the upper end of the age range. Though I'm a little concerned about your grammar comment. We are using Fix It by IEW and I'm not sure I would call it 'thorough'. DS likes it because he HATES grammar and Fix It makes it bearable and likeable for him.
  13. Yes that's the thing: my son quite likes the program too, and that is very important, but running into the outlining instruction issue has me concerned about the level of instruction in future books. I need decent instruction because I'm not confident with teaching writing. However, if the lack of instruction is only with the outlining lessons, then I would be happy to continue on with the program. Can I ask what extra outlining unit you used for a few weeks?
  14. Here is the podcast if anyone is interested. The first part tends to discuss the progym. He (Paul Kortepeter) discusses whether is it advisable to miss books, or skip around with them, at around 33 mins. He makes the point that the books are sequential, but said (somewhat reluctantly) that they can be used out of sequence if the teacher is 'acquainted enough with what is going on'. My understanding (from what he says) is that it's probably best not to skip books unless necessary. http://theclassicalhomeschool.com/14-interview-with-paul-kortepeter/
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