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  1. We started our first class with TPS (Algebra 1) and I’m disappointed for a number of reasons. The classes are too long (90 mins/twice a week) and not much is covered, so it feels like a lot of wasted time. The teaching seems shallow. Perhaps it’s just the review but I don’t like the instructor’s explanations (encouraging simply using the algorithm instead of mentally doing it in steps, etc.). Anyone have ideas on what we could do instead? I feel like I’ve explored every option and this was supposed to be *we finally found it*. What we are looking for— a conceptual, engaging Algebra
  2. If your child has taken a math class with TPS, I'd love to hear about your experience. Any particular teachers your child enjoyed-- or didn't? They recently switched to using the Elayn Martin-Gay High School Series, which I'm unfamiliar with, but it sounds to be conceptual and rigorous. Any thoughts about that?
  3. Possibly from SM Challenging Word Problems, or an old AMC test? There are a few that I enjoyed so much and recall distinctly-- anyone else remember solving Cheryl's birthday?-- and I was wondering if anyone has a fun one they'd like to share. It doesn't have to be the most difficult, just one you enjoyed.
  4. She actually tests quite high in vocabulary (likely because of all the great literature), but she does have an official 504 plan and all state tests are read aloud to her. She tests way above grade level in reading comprehension, too. The words she's not understanding in Barton are just not ones she hears-- midriff? Snippy? I don't think these will come up in a vocabulary program anyway :-). Has anyone successfully used AAR with a severe dyslexic, after some initial work in Barton? Before, when we tried it and it moved too fast, it wasn't the phonograms that she struggled with, it was the
  5. We tried AAR early on, before we had an official diagnosis, and it moved WAY too fast for her. But perhaps now that she's worked through the early Barton levels, she could jump in easier? Anyone have experience with this?
  6. I just want to say THANK YOU for this response. I am hoping to find an alternative to Barton, but there is so much wisdom here to glean from no matter what program we're using. And until we do find something else, I want to stay positive and enthusiastic, as difficult as it is.
  7. Well, I got on the forum to post but saw the "Throwing in the Barton Towel" thread first, which I can completely relate to. Friends, we literally hate this program. Every single sentence and story is so very contrived and ridiculous. Here are some recent examples: "When I put on my new silk dress, Jenny was a critic. She said, "The fabric is a bit shoddy. I expect it would be spiffy if you were not so skinny." "Once, when Henry did a fancy step, he got a kink in his biceps. When the tempo got frantic, Henry got frisky." "The snippy gals regret their gossip on campus about Patty a
  8. Wow, so many helpful replies! Thank you ladies! I haven’t been on these forums in a while— and I miss this communal knowledge. What a gift!
  9. Well, we’re hitting some MAJOR walls in Singapore 3. Multi digit multiplication— she can do it with manipulatives but then she thinks she’s figuring out short cuts and throws zeros all over the place... Where would you go from here? My first thought was to scrap it and play multiplication games with c rods, which we’ve done for the last 2 months. We came back to the book and bam. Wall again. I know she’s really discouraged... she always thought math was “so easy†which has been such a gift to her confidence because she is SEVERELY dyslexic and struggling to push through Barton 4 r
  10. My MM lover has moved on to AoPS and absolutely loves it. I was hesitant and really leaning toward a more traditional program, but ultimately I let her choose and we're both very happy.
  11. So difficult and this would undoubtedly change, but here are some of our must reads- Preschool- The Real Mother Goose, The World Treasury of Children's Literature Vol. 1 and 2 K- James Herriot's Treasury for Children, Thornton Burgess Collection, The House at Pooh Corner 1- Little House in the Big Woods, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Charlotte's Web 2- Baby Island, The Sign of the Beaver, The Story of Dr. Dolittle 3- The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz, Black Beauty 4- Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Little White Horse, Narnia series (at least The Lion, the Witch, and the War

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