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  1. I know this is an area that is HUGE and there are tons of options out there, but if you have a writing and/or grammar (can be two separate things or one together) curriculum you LOVED with your 6th grader, what was it and why did you like it? We are finishing up our first year of IEW AFF along with MP Grammar Recitation. I like these ok but would love to see what else is out there. I would consider my dd pretty strong in these subjects.
  2. I am doing Foundations A with my k’er this year after having taught my two older kids to read with OPGTR. This one needs more hands-on, multi-sensory activities to learn. At first, I loved it! I loved that it was all planned out, she was active, she was doing worksheets. Now that we are at the end of A, though, I can’t say it was a magic “fix-all.” cons: Lessons are very long— like we usually take a week for each one. There is a new spelling list every lesson. She can barely READ words at this point, She is certainly not ready to spell, at least not that many words at a time. They are lea
  3. I do use the Latin too and as we get farther in, I am seeing the beauty of all of it fitting together. I guess I am just wanting grammar that takes more than 5 minutes a day and offers more practice applying it to writing. My older dd is 10 (5th grade). We started doing a little of CW Aesop and did NOT like that. We are doing IEW AFF this year and I DO like it, I just feel like it doesn’t cover everything (it’s probably just me comparing it to her public school friends’ Writing abilities). I feel pretty confident in where my dd is in Grammar & Writing and honestly could stick wi
  4. So you are referring to Classical Compositon? We have been using the Grammar Recitation. I do love MP but the grammar seems too simplistic and not complete enough for me. I’m not sure if I can do the writing or not. I WANT to like it but I’m just not sure...
  5. Still in the process of deciding a lot of these: Math: TT4 (this is the one I’m sure of since it’s been working for us) Spelling: AAS4 & 5 Writing: Still working on this... He is not at all a writer and IEW is not doing it for us!! Grammar: hoping to find a writing program that also includes this... Latin: Hoping to start MP LC or something basic. (My older DD is using FIrst Form and we both like it.) History: MOH Ancients as a family Science: Also deciding.. Maybe Gods Design for the Physicals world or Science in the Ancient World taekwando, basebal
  6. I very much love the Classical Style of homeschool and my younger kids used FLL and lots of other parent-guided Classical-style curricula. Now that they are older (and there are 4 of them) I need some thing more traditional, workbook-based— at least for Language Arts. I need them to be more independent! I want to switch to something like CLE or BJU for Language Arts but don’t feel like that fits with my Classical style. So I guess my question is, what does “Classical” style Language Arts look like for those of you who have multiple kids and want it to get done?
  7. Math: TT6 Spelling: AAS 7 Writing: Still trying to decide... Either IEW Ancient History Theme or May switch to EIW. Need something she can do independently and something that includes Grammar too! Grammar: Also up in the air, but we have enjoyed MP Grammar Recitation 2 this year Latin: Finish MP First Form & move on to 2nd History: Starting the MOH series as a family, Ancients Science: Either God’s Design for Physical World or maybe Science in the Ancient World— Still undecided here too She does plays, piano practice, and dance. We always find art opp
  8. Tell me your experiences with EIW. I saw a friend's recently and it looks like exactly what I'm looking for for my rising 4th grader. Have you liked it or not? And has anyone tried it without the DVD's or video?
  9. I wonder if anyone has used tiles from AAS with LOE? Surely there is some match up there?
  10. What is ANKI? I have taught two kids to read using OPGTR & done AAS many years so I am also familiar with the phonograms but I think games will appeal to dd3. I may just get the TM and see what happens as we go along.
  11. So, Lexi, are you going to start with First Form or 2nd, having already done LFC A? We are in this same situation!
  12. If you have used LOE Foundations A, what materials would you say are absolute necessities and what can you live without? Obviously I need the Teacher Book & Workbook and I’m guessing Game Cards, but is there anything else I can get creative with?
  13. Cant believe my oldest is almost to 5th Grade! Math- Teaching Textbooks 5 History- MOH1: Ancient Times Science- AiG Gods Design for Plants & Animals Grammar- still undecided about CC Essentials— otherwise will do MP English Grammar Recitation Writing- this would be covered in CC Essentials too, otherwise IEW History Writing Lessons Draw & Write Thru History for art & handwriting Latin- finish up Latin for Children A & move to B Maybe add French with DuoLingo. Continue ballet/ tap, and hopefully add some theater for fine arts since that seem
  14. My 3rd Grade plan so far: Grammar- MP English Grammar Recitation 1 (never tried this but it’s simplicity appeals to me) Spelling- finish AAS3, move to 4 Writing- slowly start IEW All Things Fun & Fascinating, if he’s ready Handwriting- still deciding- need a lot of work in this area— love the CC Prescripts books Math- Teaching Textbooks 3 History- Mystery of History 1: Ancient World Science- God’s Design for Animals & Plants French with Duolingo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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