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Random question: If 3 teenage boys in your area wanted to go have adventurous fun...

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What would they do?

I was trying to think of something fun that my boys (ages 16, almost 18, and 19 1/2) could do. My parameters were:

*Must be somewhere they haven't been before.

*Must be relatively "safe".

*Not hugely expensive--activity can cost up to $100 per guy. (I'll pay gas & some cheap food)

*Can be gone up to 48 hours.

*Should sound fun for young men.


I came up with a couple of options:

65 mile jet boat ride with a stop on the river for all-you-can-eat barbeque dinner.

Camping/hiking Mt. Lassen.

Beach camping on the coast near the Bay area of San Francisco.

Trip to Yosemite national park (obviously more camping/hiking)


So, in your area, what would be fun for young men to do on a weekend getaway?

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I was totally thinking of pranks they could pull when I started reading your post! What is wrong with me? All of your ideas sound more wholesome than what I was going to say.

They will not be forking anyone's yard, or tp'ing, or trying to get into Porky's on their trip. ;)

ETA: Not that I've ever watched such a disgustingly raunchy movie like that....ever....:D

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I imagine there are pretty much limitless fun things to do where you live! {sigh}


There are tons of things in California too, I'm sure! You just have to think like a tourist. ;)


Get some ideas from some of these sites, they can probably plan something similar on their own:







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1 vote for Yosemite!!! They will have a blast and it's beautiful this time of year. :) If it's been dry, the waterfalls might be less than spectacular, but that won't affect the beauty of the rest of the park. Let them tent camp, in one of the camping areas, and their chances of spotting a bear with be pretty good. :D They can shoot it too.









With their camera of course. :lol:

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While you are trying to decide on something, go ahead and watch the movie Wild America and get fired up about the adventure in store!


Around here, adventurous fun might include river kayaking/camping, caving, or airsoft warfare in the woods or cornfield. A really grand adventure would require a 6 to 8 hour drive east, west or south.

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