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  1. (Oops, meant to post this in the chat area... still not used to the new board.)
  2. The episode last night really bothered me- especially the part where the teen cheerleader said she felt bullied when she was a cheerleader, and the attitude of the response seemed to be - fix your problem and they won't bully you. What? It's the victim's fault? It's now OK for kids to bully other kids for being overweight? What a huge disservice to other overweight kids who are trying to be more active. And that girl isn't even dangerously overweight. So, is it just me or do I have company?
  3. I am looking at getting e-readers for the family. While shopping, I started thinking it would be really nice to have a tablet for one of us. I've been trying to research on the web- but it's hard to find what I need. I would like a video camera that points forward- away from the screen. Is that called a back or rear camera? And then the camera that points toward the person looking at the screen is a front camera? I want to be able to video my daughter doing gymnastics... Can my family share e-books? Does it work like i-tunes, where I can put any of the songs I own on any device?
  4. I wish someone had done this for me when I was a teen. We didn't have many family gatherings, so I was pretty clueless. I'm going to do this for other clueless people from now on!
  5. I don't have a Trader Joe's near me, I shop Whole Foods. I'm going to my brother's for Thanksgiving, and I want to make a short rib recipe I love... but they don't have Whole Foods. Do you Trader Joe's shoppers think they will have grass fed beef short ribs?
  6. That's not how my body works. I reversed my diabetes with a high fat/low carb diet. My blood sugar shoots up with whole grain anything, but animal fats are completely fine for me. I really think people should go by the numbers- get a blood sugar monitor and see how different foods affect your blood sugar. Eat that way for a while and get your HBA1-c done, and a lipid panel. Eat the way that makes your body healthier.
  7. If there's no evidence, why are GMOs not legal in Europe? Why did Mansato et al throw so much money to reject the ballot initiative in California? Why is so much of the university-level "research" funded by companies that produce GMOs? I'm not a conspiracy-theory kind of gal, but I do think research in this country is strongly influenced by drug companies and big ag business. If a university study finds results that are not in the best interest of the funding corporation, the funding for the university dries up. Profs lose jobs. Same way the cigarette companies covered up all the stud
  8. :iagree: I had pretty disordered eating when I was in college. I have had much better luck focusing on blood sugar and blood lipids than on weight. Here's a book I read recently on this subject: Don't Die Early
  9. Here's a youtube video that explains it. This documentary moves slowly, but does a good job of explaining why GMO foods are bad, and why the government is sticking its head in the sand. There's a list of I think 7 foods that are the most genetically modified.
  10. I have a different opinion. Not necessarily about gluten, but wheat in general. I think a lot of people would be better off avoiding what is called wheat nowadays, even if they are not gluten sensitive. I have a strong reaction to the gliadin protein in wheat. It makes me crave more and more food. I can tell when I eat foods that have wheat hidden in them, because I have unbelievably strong cravings for MORE! MORE! MORE! when I am full. I avoid all grains, but I still get this reaction when I eat out sometimes. I ask if the item was gluten free, the wait staff asks the cook, and it al
  11. I'm pushing 50, and I think turning 40 was a lot more difficult. I think it's important to take care of yourself, keep changing up your workouts and eating habits to find what keeps you healthy and happy. I think being happy is important to aging gracefully. Remember that aging beats the alternative. We all know people who have died young from accidents and cancer. While I am still able to enjoy life, I plan to be happy and not stress over going grey and having assorted body parts go south.
  12. :iagree: except for the bolded. Everyone grieves differently, and everyone moves on differently. "Getting on with your life" does not always involve another relationship, especially if that's not what your soul wants. My dh wanted me to get re-married ASAP. It's been 7 years and 2 months now, and I'm not dating. I don't think I ever refused to let go... it's just that letting go for me didn't involve moving on to romantic relationships. I didn't even feel "over it" for 4 years. I would be horrified if dh's family didn't accept me for what I am, whether I re-married in 6 months or
  13. You DEFINITELY do NOT have to take all the supplements to be "Primal". And Mark Sisson (who runs that site) agrees. Food is the best way to go. But I do use the multi packet and the fish oil from Primal Blueprint. Very high quality supplements, and they don't make me feel ill like a lot of pills do. The multi-packs have most of what I want to take for my own health, so they save me buying 20 different bottles of pills. The protein shakes from Primal Nutrition are fabulous, I received some free samples with my first vitamin order... but I don't use them because I prefer actual food.
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