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  1. I would start with sentences. I find it very difficult to teach writing without the ability to put together a sentence. I like dictation to begin but you can also do writing from pictures. You can add in grammar components as he improves. Say..."write two sentences and they must have a strong verb (IEW) and an adjective or whatever piece you are working on. I teach with IEW so that is my foundation of writing instruction. You can also use pictures to have him create longer stories. You can also use simple writing prompts to get started. Continue to require grammar components and sentence should get longer and more complex.
  2. Thank you!! This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. This is just a test. ( MANDAMOM -- LONG-TIME MEMBER OF THIS BOARD
  3. No, I don't think only knowing your profs is nothing. As an introvert,I'm struggling to answer your question. My latest self-improvement is to get involved and do more with other people (who are not my kids). One of my criteria is to say yes to things that I may be asked to do (my automatic answer is no). In the past 2 weeks, I've interacted with more people than I have in the past 2 months because of this change in my thinking. I have enjoyed those opportunities and it is leading to more. All that to say, maybe just keep your mind open to things that you may not have considered before, with the goal of increasing your networking opportunities. I'm hoping someone else will have a better answer for you.
  4. Consider networking and developing professional relationships as much as you can. Knowing people is one of the easiest ways to get into a new position.
  5. My daughter just had knee surgery in July due to a torn meniscus. She was a competitive gymnast complaining for a while about her knee. Clcking and getting stuck were the biggest complaints. Fast forward, she was working at her local job and her knee basically gave out on her. She had surgery less than a month later and within a couple of months she was released. She is currently running track. Meniscus healing is faster than ACL hearing. Her best friend had ACL surgery earlier last year. She was out for a while. Kudos to you for getting it figured out now.
  6. I used straight vinegar and that helped a lot. I thought it did better than anything else we tried.
  7. My dh (no college degree) has been working at a warehouse years. There are a lot of people 18+ that he works with. He worked nights for 2.5 years and currently is working days. Its a lot of walking and otherwise physical work but it is a doable job for an adult.
  8. My girls got lice from church. We were homeschooling at the time.
  9. https://www.understood.org/en/school-learning/special-services/special-education-basics/the-difference-between-ieps-and-service-plans I work for a school for students with reading and language disabilities (and ADHD among, others) and we hold Service plans for the majority of our students. We are not obligated to follow the IEP but since we are a school that was designed for our group of students, most of the typical accommodations are already in place. We attend yearly meetings at the nearby public school with the parents and if the students choose to attend the public schools they already have the accommodations in place. Given what you've said already, I wouldn't delay on submitting the official notification and getting the timeline started. If you do wait I wouldn't wait past April.
  10. Have you had a check-up recently where your vitamin levels (D3, b's etc. ) have been checked? I used to struggle with a lot of PMS issues (although it was never bad enough to affect others) and once I started taking some vitamins, I started feeling better so the PMS symptoms improved. I started overall feeling better which helped me be less moody. I wish you the best in figuring out a solution.
  11. When i was homeschooling, I selected not to use an umbrella and was under the county review. Since I don't attend church and am not religious, finding an umbrella that I was willing to accept or were willing to accept me was difficult (plus they cost money and at the time, we didn't have any). Since the umbrellas are under churches, some umbrella may have some rules/restrictions but most are fairly open with what you can use. Under county review, I used many Christian programs and never had a problem. My portfolio consisted of a binder with samples of work from each required subject and that was it. I listed books and activities and that's about it. Most of the time I created my own programs and didn't use published curricula.
  12. I had that happen last Christmas; it wasn't fun. I rested, iced and took ibruprofen (instead of my normal 1, I took 2-3 to help with reducing inflammation) for several days. This was also the time I started with tumeric. Once I felt that I was pretty much back to normal I started adding some light exercise/core strengthening activities. I had to take it easy at first but was able to get to a better place. I started with sitting on an exercise ball and light running on a mini-trampoline. I hope you feel better soon.
  13. My teens don't suffer from major issues but they do have break-outs. In addition to doing some of the recommendations here, I give them zinc several times per week. I notice an improvement in my skin and theirs when they take it.
  14. I live between Baltimore and Newark, DE and we had a major windstorm. Tons of trees down and there are still lots of people without power. The biggest effect we had was the closure of two of the three bridges that cross the Susquehanna River. It started with 2 semis flipping on their side. A normally 2 hour ride resulted in people on the roads for 10-15 hours. People running out of gas, no food/water/bathrooms and sitting for hours. I actually got really lucky and crossed early enough but people who left 1 hour later than me, spent 2-3 hours getting home, normally taking them 20 minutes. Some of them weren't crossing the river but they couldn't get to their homes due to the gridlocked traffic. What scared me the most about it was that my husband and i work on one side of the river and live on the other. I have always been worried about not being able to get to my kids if something were to happen to the bridges. Luckily, my youngest is now 12 and my 17 year old was home so I wasn't too stressed. DH and i both got off work early so that helped, too. And another nor'easter is on its way.
  15. As a child, we had apple, crab apple, peach and some kind of cherry trees and all I remember are the bees. Dh has always wanted fruit trees and I refuse to let him. :) All I remember are the bees and the mushy fruit on the ground.
  16. I had the same question when the neighbor's trampoline flew through the yard and landed on our shed. I'm not worried about our shed but if it flown all the way till it hit our house, I would have been worried. It is currently tied off in the tree that it is currently sitting in.
  17. My small school for kids with reading and language disabilities just had our judged science fair. You can tell the ones where the parents helped but I the discussions that our judges have with each individual student help in selecting the winners. Scientific method is most important. We don't do any research; some of our students can't read anyway and the discussions are the vital component. Enjoy the day.
  18. So sorry to hear that. The other day I went out to the driveway that morning and found a flat tire and since one of the rear tires had a slow leak i decided to go get two new tires. As I got about 2 miles to the tire store, a woman was pointing at my car like I had a problem. When I pulled into the parking lot I found a 3rd flat tire. At least I was in the right place at the right time.
  19. I would suggest finding out what your state laws say about homeschooling. You can use Google "your state" and "homeschooling" for more information. Next, I would go to some local resources (facebook search, library, etc.) to talk to people in your immediate area for insight into local homeschooling. If you are from another country it is even more important to determine what your jurisdiction requires. Homeschooling is school done at home, generally, so individual parents decide what curricula they will be using and teach their child on their own terms, according to their jurisdiction's requirements. Some are required to file attendance laws, others are required to test while others really don't have to show much to their state/county. After you know what you can do per your area, start reading through these boards -- there are thousands if not tens of thousands of messages, over many years, that can provide you additional insight and information on homeschooling. Keep reading and researching.
  20. My dh has ADHD - Inattentive and decided to go on medicine a few years ago. He wishes he had done it years before. He was self-medicating with alcohol and caffeine prior to starting meds. He had been unemployed for several years and once he started meds, he was employed, again, within 2 months. So there are certainly benefits to the meds. He will tell you that living with ADHD -- unmedicated -- does have its benefits. He frequently enjoys the "hyperfocus" part and enjoys completing projects of interest. If he is forced to complete a project (i.e. school work), the hyperfocus doesn't kick in because it isn't "his" interest. 85 - 90% of the students I teach are diagnosed ADHD (all three types) and have seen the changes one has when taking meds and not taking meds. There is a new blood test out that can help in deciding which one would likely have the most benefit for your particular child. We have had a few students go through it, so far so good. You can continue to accommodate your child and be successful (diet, regular exercise, mindfulness training, sensory/OT,) for some students. You may be able to help your son in being able to do more on his own but in the end you may consider meds when he is older. At school, we are seeing success with the addition of a mindfullness program, this year. Many of the parents have noticed a difference. In the past 2 years I am strongly suspicious that my eldest daughter has ADHD. Being extremely active in competitive gymnastics (20+ hours per week of intense work-outs/sensory inputs) helped tremendously. Now that she had to leave the sport due to injury I am seeing a bright teen that is more like her dad than she would like to admit. Since she's almost 18, I will support her in her choices and I will try and guide her, but given her age, I have to follow her lead. I wish I had considered it earlier, it would have been easier than now. I would recommend that you read articles/books by Charles Barkely and George McClosky (executive functions). I wish you the best.
  21. In December my daughter and I ended up with the high fever/hit like a truck version. We were both down for 3-5 days and felt fine after that. My dh just tested positive for the flu yesterday and his only complaint was coughing and a sore throat. He's feeling a little worse today but has been up and about a couple of times (we've had two flat tires today on two different cars) but he's certainly not like we were a couple of months ago. I've got the elderberry going -- glad I got that in December.
  22. Doodling can be a focusing strategy for some and a serious distraction for others. In meetings I am constantly drawing/doodling -- and I"m not even a very good artist. But I find myself more connected to the lesson so I don't worry about it. As far as college, I have never seen anything in a syllabus about students drawing/doodlling. As a matter of fact with the prevalence of tablets, phones, etc. I think that many professors have much bigger distractions (watching movies, etc.) than doodling. If the teacher will not tolerate the drawing, yes your daughter needs to switch activities.
  23. We took my daughter because we didn't know what was going on, because it hit hard and fast. there were few reports of the flu and since it had been since the H1N1 that it had been in our house. This was several days before Christmas. We did not do Tamiflu. She was not vaccinated. She was only down for about 4-5 days. Several days later, on Christmas day, I came down with similar symptoms. I was vaccinated. I just stayed in bed for a couple of days and within about 3 days I was feeling a lot better. The other three people in the house didn't get it. If one of them would show symptoms, I probably would not take them unless there was an additional reason to.
  24. They also live in and under the siding of your house. I use a can of compressed air and flip the can upside down and freeze them to death. Yes I can only do one or two at a time but it is the method I use regularly.
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