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  1. Thanks for the advice petepie2. It's encouraging to hear. I think I need to bump up the outside of spelling dictation to expose him to more words that we haven't reached yet in AAS.
  2. I know the mindset of 'if it's not broken, don't fix it' so I'm trying hard to avoid that! But I just can't seem to figure out if AAS isn't working for DS8, or if it just takes more time developmentally. Here is our background: We started AAS when DS was in second grade with AAS1 and moved through quickly until we started hitting stuff he didn't know. We are now halfway through level 3 and finishing up third grade. My main reason/concern for looking at other spelling is that at his age I think some things aren't getting covered quickly enough. Are we just behind? I don't want to rush, I just
  3. I like the method used in math mammoth. We don't use MM, but I downloaded just the multiplication unit to work through. I also watched her video explaining the method. It's not very exciting, but seems to be thorough. It's systematic and isn't just random facts practice, so it seems to be good for us so far.
  4. I'm not sure if you've tried this method, but my DS did better seeing that kind of problem as 60 and 7+8. The 'going up to the next ten' (using 3 of the 8) just seemed too complicated for him to grasp.
  5. I have three boys and they love rocks. I found a cool rock assortment on rainbow resource that I think I will buy just so we can look at them and know them by name. Then we can try to find them on our hikes, walks, etc! I also want to get annual passes to the science museum. It's an hour and a half from us, so I haven't decided yet. I also really want something from Lego Education, but it would be a pricey 'extra'. Like others, I also will buy a few new apps for the ipad.
  6. When my DS8 was struggling with his X4 table, I made a Bingo-looking grid on a piece of paper with all the answers in the squares. I gave him this, with some discs (buttons, beans, etc). I'd call out the problem (4x7! 9x4! Etc) and he'd have to quickly place his bean on the right answer. He really liked this game, even though there was no competition since no body else was playing. :)
  7. I've never used it, but I *think* Bob Jones University (BJU) offers DVD instruction.
  8. Well, I constantly feel like I don't do enough, and still feel burned out sometimes! With my third grader this year, our daily subjects that actually get done are math, spelling, and reading. History and science are about once a week. My kindergartner does handwriting and phonics daily.
  9. Sorry...confessions of a Homeschooler. She has a ton of free stuff that is perfect for pre-k. I've used many of the things for fine motor skills as well as her weather/calendar/seasons work.
  10. My third grader and I really enjoyed Memoria Press literature guides this year. I used it solely as a way for me to discuss the right elements, ask the important questions, and go over the vocabulary words. We used Farmer Boy at a nice, slow pace, not because he's a slow reader, but so we could enjoy it. He'd read a chapter to me out loud and we'd discuss it. I didn't have him write the answers because we mainly did it as an oral discussion. We already have The Moffats to read next and we are both excited to start it!
  11. My third edition recommends for first grade: Life Science (animals, human beings, plants): Dorling Kindersley's DK First Animal Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher First Human Body Encyclopedia, and Laurie Carlson's Green Thumbs as science spines. HTH!
  12. I can't compare because I've not seen the Essentials guide yet, but I know there's a lot of memorization. Memoria Press has a grammar recitation guide that is memorization, but not intended to be a full grammar curriculum on its own. So maybe combine the MP grammar recitation, with the IEW writing?
  13. I think his handwriting really looks good for his age. My K'er despised handwriting at the beginning of the year. I asked a veteran Homeschooler at a convention if she had any tips for me. She recommended setting a timer for five minutes and telling him if he gave me his very best handwriting for the full five minutes, he could be finished. Any fiddling around, and a minute would be added. It helped tremendously! It took a couple of weeks but I guess he finally realized that five minutes wasn't that long so he did his best. It helped me to see what he could actually accomplish when he tried,
  14. I haven't used any of these, but I noticed that Memoria Press has a timeline if you want to have one more to look at.
  15. Math U See website has facts practice that you can set the parameters on. I don't use their curriculum but love their facts practice online! It's free, simple, and I can set it up to be exactly what DS needs to practice on.
  16. I can't offer a lot of advice, but I at least wanted to give you a response. :) We had our first year of CC this year and I have three boys ages 8, 5, and 3. I kept the three year old with me and didn't utilize the nursery. Another mom kept her nursing infant with her as well. My kids seemed to really enjoy the CC days and have learned a lot. I have pre-enrolled for Essentials and Foundations next year, but I'm still on the fence about Essentials. CC days are long, and staying an extra two hours will be a stretch for us. Only you can determine if it would be a lot for your family to handle. :
  17. I agree that it is probably a developmental thing too. If you are wanting to try something else, I've liked the way First Start Reading by Memoria Press teaches blending. My DS5 is only half way through book A but the blending method seems to be working better than when I used OPGTR to teach my older DS to read. My older DS did exactly what your describing with your child. My DS5 has the first few Bob books memorized and uses the pictures to guess words sometimes, but he can't do that in the First Start Reading because there aren't pictures. With your son just turning 5, I'd take a break from
  18. Once again, I can completely relate to what you're saying about CC. I quickly decided that I would not make my five year old memorize the majority of the things we were doing in CC, and just focus on reading. He likes the history songs and timeline song, so he easily memorized them. I had my DS8 memorize more because he needed the math and grammar memorization. I just can't seem to get on board with CC being our spine, so I see it simply as a bonus. With that said, I do worry a bit more now that my oldest will be in fourth grade that we need a bit more on history and science. To answer your qu
  19. Welcome Three Little Bears! I want to respond because we seemingly have many similarities. I have three sons ages 8, 5, and 3. So I understand where you're at! My first recommendation, for what it's worth, is to take things slowly by adding in pieces you want/need to incorporate. Being overwhelmed always leads to frustration for DC and mom! Even though it always seems like we 'should' be doing more, your kids are at an age where you can cover the necessary things and count everything else as icing on the cake! Some people disagree on necessary, but for me (and many others) it's the three R
  20. Thank you paradox5. That's very helpful information! I guess since we haven't even finished First Start Reading yet, I can wait until their new plans for first grad come out. I'm sure we won't be finished be the end of May!
  21. Thank you for your replies. They are all helpful and give me some options to consider. Mamamindy: yes, it was a lot of the 'repeat after me' stuff that just seemed mind-numbing. I appreciate the recommendation of English Lessons Through Literature. I had not heard of it and it looks good! Hkchik: thank you for telling me about MP's changes. I didn't know about that, so it could make first grade still an option. Have you used their curricula before for first? Tld: great idea! For some reason I had never even thought of starting FLL first, then adding WWE the second half of the year. I alre
  22. We had the same experience this year with my DC. dS8 enjoyed apologia, ds5 zoned out. Like PP recommended, I got the Usborne first book of nature used from amazon, and it is much better for my K'er.
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