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  1. Individuals taking advantage of programs to assist/help/bridge the gap for those that need it bothers me greatly. There is always a limit to the amount of help that can be provided because resourses are not infinite. Unfortunately this is just a reality of every assistance program. I try hard not to make assumptions based on just something I see because I'm always lacking the majority of the story, but sometimes I am told directly by the person how they are taking advantage of the program.
  2. We don't plan to have radically different holidays among family. However, we will see our most vulnerable family first. At that point we will have had very little contact with anyone. Among family we have not worn masks or socially distanced, but we do make sure we have no symptoms or fevers.
  3. Totally needed permission and should have been respectful of your landscaping. BASIC RESPECT. Ultimately they meant no harm, but it is not mean/rude/overreaching/overbearing to establish boundaries when it comes to your property. It can be done in a kind/loving way. How your neighbors take it is up to them. Power lines run near our property line and periodically the power company needs tohave trees trimmed. The power company ALWAYS sends a letter or leaves a note in advance as well as the tree company, introducing themselves, letting us know they are doing work for the power company.
  4. At our library it is 6 card holders and they ask to keep browsing to no more than 15 minutes. If you do not have a card, then you are not allowed in. One may apply online though. Because all my kids(3) and I have our own library card, I will take all of us. My children have just as much desire to browse and pick out their own books as I do. They are upper elementary though and will browse in their area while I am browsing elsewhere. I do time our visit to be at a nonbusy time. Often we are the only ones in the library.
  5. My oldest is 13. Around 10/11, with all the other puberty talk, I discussed shaving if she had a desire or questions, but made sure to address it as a personal preference like hairstyles, clothing, and makeup. So far she hasn't wanted to shave. If she does in the next year or so, I will probably give her an electric razor to start.
  6. I would not unless I could hire it all out and have it done prior to moving. I nor DH like to do house projects, and peice mealing projects have always resulted in me making a lot of compromises which then effect other projects done the road.
  7. My MIL passed away 2yrs ago. DH had a rough day following the news, but his mom had been battling cancer for about 3years prior to her getting the terminal diagnosis of 3-6months. She had been getting frailer and frailer after each round of treatment. We always saw DH's family about once a month or every other month, and those last few months with his mom he went quite frequently. DH did more grieving (as well as embracing as much time as he could) while his mom was alive, and felt that he had closure. He was sad not to have his mom anymore, but relieved that she wasn't in pain anymore.
  8. Probably hormones. I know my oldest sobbed and sobbed over a pencil that dropped on the floor. She was crying because she was tired of picking up her pencils off the floor all the time. For about a year, once or twice a month or every other month, she would just sob over something small that any other time would not phase her. I did start to notice a pattern that she would get grumpier and more irritable day by day, have a good long sob fest, and then be super lovely and pleasant for several days.
  9. I love gas, and will always prefer it. Growing up we had electric as well as in every apartment I ever lived. However, when we moved into this house, it has a gas stove. I love the control for cooking, can even cook somethings (like corn tortillas) directly over the flame, and I like that I can cook even when the power goes out, while doesn't happen often, but when it does it is usually a couple of days. It is also easier to replace parts as well as inexpensive vs. the newer electric/glass top models. In the 17yrs we have lived in the house, my husband has replaced a couple of the igniter
  10. Not knowing the neighbor or custormy habits, I would assume the neighbor mother wanted to mow the lawn. Either because she enjoyes it, wants to get away from said individuals inside, or needs something to do while others are busy doing other things. Sometimes it is less "work" and "stress" for me to do something myself than have someone else do it.
  11. No she hasn't ever confused reading, and still writes left to right, probably because she didn't start using notebook paper until about 3rd grade when she was already reading voraciously and writing pretty well. Prior to that she (and all my kids) used the large lined paper for lower elementary. With spiral bound notebooks, she writes on the backside of the paper. I usually just have her use loose leaf because she only wants to write on that one side.
  12. My middle child is a lefty. It was evident very early on, only a couple of months old. She always reached with her left, moved things from her right to her left, used her pincher fingers on the left, etc. My other two, who are right handed, didn't show a preference until between one and two and even then it wasn't as strong as my lefty. Some things that make school easier for her. Left scissors - the blades are actually switched so she can see where she is cutting, and she uses her spiral bound notebooks backwards or prefers loose leaf paper. Other than that her fine motor skills are
  13. Not a dog owner here. If the trash has not been picked up yet, then it wouldn't bother me. It's sitting right on top, will get picked up soon, and I would rather have that than sitting in my yard. However, an empty can. Yeah I would be mad. One it is on the bottom so may break open and now my trash can has dog poop on the inside. Two, it will be sitting and brewing for the whole week. Despite it being a convenience thing for the dog owner to not have to carry her dog's poop, it is very inconsiderate and rude to place your dog's poop in someone else's property.
  14. I have one good friend that is really struggling because both her and her husband have to work. She works from home and needs to do video calls all day and her husband has to be onsite. All 3 of her kids have to share one tablet because she needs the other for her work as well as her phone. Two of her kids are great at working independently, but the other needs quite a bit of help and direction. They are doing it and figuring it out, but she finds it very time-consuming, energy draining, and stressful to juggle it all.
  15. I have friends on both sides. One that attended and another that believes all the people protesting will kill everyone else in the state with their actions. The one thing both my friends agree on is that they want Michiganders to be safe, healthy, and good citizens. They just disagree in how that happens.
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