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  1. It is fine to ask. I think it is a newer thing to request. Currently we do not get the flu shot. If event was happening at baby's house, my family would honor the wishes and stay away this year. If I were hosting or it was being hosted at someone other than baby's house, we would attend regardless of not having the flu shot. I, of course, would not attend if anyone is sick.
  2. I would probably count all the learning of the CAD program and other computer related components as an individual study. However, those hours learning the programs, I would not count towards the project. In my high school, we also had vocational training programs where the students took classes and had internships outside of school (some during school hours as well as outside of school hours) and still received class credit and a grade. One student did earn his Eagle Scout project using school equipment during his shop class. Each student had an "independent project" during their 2nd year of shop that they had to plan, create, and install. This student did "double dip", and received a lot of recognition for mastering his skills to create a wonderful project to benefit the community.
  3. Trying to gather people together can be tricky so getting together sometime within close proximity to the birthday would make me happy. I would still like to do something on my actual birthday even if it's by myself. Now for me kids, DH and I make the actual day special. They usually get the day off from school work, get to pick their dinner, and have birthday treats and presents from us. A party on the other hand with extended family and/or friends is almost always on the weekend around the birthday. It is important to me to acknowledge and celebrate my child's ACTUAL birthday rather than when it is convenient, but this is a hurt I have from my own childhood. When my kiddos become adults or teenagers and wish to do things differently, I'm more than happy to change things up. I would still make an effort to call, drop off a card, meet for coffee. or something on their actual birthday though.
  4. DH works to provide our family an income. I homeschool, and I am in charge of making sure our children meet educational requirements. While I do the bulk of housework with the help of the kids because we are home during the day, DH is more than willing and self-motivated to take care of housework that needs to be done. As for "formal" teaching, DH does none, but he is a very involved parent and has taught them many things - baking, home maintenance and repair, board games, computer related things, and other life skills.
  5. I truly don't know what I would do. At the moment, I would not choose reconstructive surgery. I may go ahead with the double not so much for appearance, but because of lopsided weight on my frame. I'm on the larger side so I would think the more weight and pull on one side of my spine would or could cause some back issues. It would be something I consider when choosing a unilateral or bilateral surgery.
  6. Usually gifts aren't expected in my experience. There are always those that do bring something, but it's usually small and inexpensive. In your case, I would want to bring something nostalgic. A favorite candy or treat. A fun school supply similar to what you had growing up. Socks that remind you of your school uniform. Maybe a hairbow around/in a plant. A homemade card with a picture of that desired toy when you were little. Something that would make your friend think fondly of her childhood.
  7. My husband had one on his last car. We loved it. It was factory installed vs. aftermarket. We didn't choose the option again because we had to go bargain, but it is probably one of our most missed items. Pros: It had the window but also an inside roof cover to block light if desired. It had multiple open options. Tilt open, half open, and full open. When opening the roof cover would recede with the opening of the window. In the heat of summer, my DH get in the car and open the moon all the way.Itt would release so much of the heat upon opening. Never had any leaks. Cons: The back seat could get to much wind. Although it was less than when opening the regular windows. Affects gas mileage in the negative. For us it wasn't significant enough to make a a difference.
  8. I have one DD that is a very slow eater, at least to me. Even as a baby, she was a slow nurser. My slow eater DD takes very small bites and appears to get distracted when she eats. My middle child on the other hand is a fast eater, and she nursed fast as well.
  9. We often will watch a movie with a fun snack and drink. I will purchase a DVD, wrap it up, and then the kids get to unwrap it to see which movie we are watching. It's a family gift as opposed to individual gifts. My BFF's family decorates sugar cookies while listening to old records.
  10. My 6th and 3rd grader do, but in honesty, they are still sitting in the schoolroom doing their work. I'm keeping an eye on them as well as there are a few subjects that require one one one with me. It started with my child working on something that they didn't help while I worked with a sibling. They also like to choose what order they complete their work.
  11. My oldest will vomit almost anytime she has a fever. Also, colds generally induce vomitting as well. The colds, I know the vomitting is due to having a very sensitive gag reflex. The draining mucus just hits that old gag reflex. Coughing to hard or even crying to hard will induce vomit as well. Thankfully she is old enough now to anticipate the vomiting and get herself to the bathroom in time.
  12. We just went through this with my MIL. DH and I decided that it was better for our 3 kiddos (11, 8, and 6) to have a their last memory be positive. We were honest about the situation especially since DH still traveled each weekend to visit his mom. In addition to wanting their last memory to be positive, my MIL was staying with my SIL and under hospice care. My SIL house was just so crowded, and my MIL's lucid moments would occur at random times throughout a 24hr period. All the adults were just able to get the call and just come over to my SIL house during my MIL's awake periods, and it wouldn't have been practical with the kids since we couldn't stay at my SIL's house. As my MIL rapidly declined near the end, it got pretty graphic (blood pouring from her neck and mouth) at random moments, and I think it would have really scary/terrifying for the kids. I don't know that there is a right answer, and it was something DH and I seriously discussed and weighed the good and the bad. The night MIL died I got a lot of questions, many more than all the months we had been talking with the kids. Many hugs for this difficult time for your family.
  13. I visit my chiropractor and I sleep with a wedge under my knees. My chiropractor gave me some stretches to do as well. One is to lie on my back, keep one leg flat on the ground, and then stretch my other against a solid upright object. For me it is a doorway. Hopefully you find something that works.
  14. I deal with sciatica pain from time to time as my pelvis will get out of alignment and put pressure on that nerve. My first symptoms are usually a dull ache down my whole leg. Maybe it could be something like this.
  15. Yes I have with both my own children as well as other close friends and family. However, "holding" at 2 or 3 would be different then 7 or 8. The toddler sat down on the couch and I (or the other mama) would sit right next to them and place the baby in their arms helping the toddler learn how to hold and support a baby. Once the baby was very squirmy and wiggly (for me it was about when the baby was 4 months old or a little older) the toddler and I together held the baby. I did this only when a child WANTED to hold the baby. If the toddler asked at an inconvient time (usually when I was nursing), I have allowed the toddler sit right next to me and stroke the baby's head, hands, or feet depending on the situation and my baby's temperment.
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