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  1. Other all in one curricula: Easy Peasy online The Good and the Beautiful
  2. Sorry. No review. We're planning on using it next year for 7th also! Would love for someone who has used it to chime in.
  3. Looking for suggestions of the best geography apps for android which would include things such as the major rivers of the world, the major mountain ranges of the world, etc.
  4. Does anyone happen to know if there are answers to the suggested exercises which are contained within the story of Grammar-land by Nesbit?
  5. I was going to suggest Art With a Purpose also.
  6. Does anyone have a reading schedule of Sotw 2 that includes the History Lives Books by Mindy and Brandon Withrow? There would be a few chapters from Peril and Peace, then Monks and Mystics, and some chapters from Courage and Conviction. I have found a schedule that includes Trial and Triumph. I think Biblioplan may include all of these resources together, and has them scheduled, but is it worth it to buy it just for that? TIA.
  7. Thank you for asking this question. I'm interested in Spelling U See also, but I'm just not sure about it. I had not heard of Wheeler's before, so I clicked your link. Their first rule is if a word ends with the sound of a "t" then spell it with a "t" instead of "ed" such as burnt, instead of burned. This would not follow what our modern day spelling teaches. I like and prefer those older spellings, but it just isn't what our children will read most of the time. I'm almost to the point of going with SpellWell for my ds. I'm thinking of Spellbound for my dd's.
  8. This is exactly what I was thinking. Make it copywork first.
  9. I have not used these, so only throwing options out to you. Teaching Textbooks. Math-U-See. Mastering Essential Math Skills by Richard W. Fisher - for this, once you buy the book, then you get a free code, which is inside the book, for short online lessons. I'm considering this to fill in some gaps for my dd's, or I'll use MM. Systematic Mathematics - I just went to their website and it says that they are no longer selling curriculum, so you'd have to find it used somewhere.
  10. All subject to change, especially if one of ds's sisters is homeschooled again next year. Math: CLE 300 with MM supplementation OR just transition over to MM and see where he lands, probably 2B to start. Reading and Phonics: AAR 4 or if he finishes that over the summer, then likely Elson Readers (which I love, love, love), but if we do BFB Medieval History that would be enough. Science: If older sister is homeschooled then I'd like to do one of the Berean Builders books or Apologia Astronomy, and (see history below) History and Literature: I'd like to incorporate BFBooks Medieval History with above science somehow, or just read aloud SOTW 2 with supplemented books. Grammar: Might not even do this, or "I Laid an Egg on Aunt Ruth's Head." Latin: Prima Latina maybe? This has a lot of grammar built in, so maybe our grammar will just come from this. Writing: Core Skills: Writing Grade 2 or 3. Spelling: SpellWell or Spelling U See, what I do know is that AAS is not working for us, even though AAR has been great! Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 3rd Edition Grade 2 or 3. Bible: Studying God's Word finish Book C and go to Book D
  11. Does anyone have a link to the BB site with the schedules for different history publishers? I'd love to know if they have one for BFBooks Medieval History!
  12. I now understand how the OP feels! Never did I suggest that parents are in charge of how the teacher conducts his/her classroom. Teachers are to work with parents, and parents with teachers. There have been plenty of times, outside of report cards or PT conferences, when I have contacted teachers in regards to various issues. If I would have waited for the report card or PT conferences, it would have been too late. Now, it is very unlikely that I would ever ask to see all of my children's assignments at once, and it's unlikely that I would visit the teacher inside or outside of the classroom without first arranging a meeting time; but, yes, should I ever need to do so, I will. Public schools are taxpayer funded institutions. This does not mean that we have relinquished our rights regarding the content of our children's educations to the government. This thread has made me think that this is exactly what many people believe, and is a huge reason why so many choose to homeschool. Of the five different schools that my children have attended, each school has sent work back and forth, and to date, nothing has been lost or overly damaged. In fact, in each school it was expected that the children would finish work, when needed, at home. Part of them learning responsibility is to make sure that their work returns on time. Yes, if there is a big enough issue, then Mom or Dad or guardian should visit the school. Usually I would arrange a meeting ahead of time, but there are times when observing a class unscheduled can be very enlightening. Should the teacher stay after or come in early so Mom can come in and discuss issues - YOU BET!!!! This would be a prearranged time.
  13. I agree with you - that you should have full access to ALL of your child's work whenever you want to see it!!!! Yes, you can and should be sharing mentoring rights with school teachers, for goodness sakes, their job is to teach and your job is to make sure that they're teaching your child! No, it doesn't have to be all or nothing! If my dd's school held back as much as the teacher you're talking about, I would be VERY worried, and you bet I would be showing up unannounced in school, regardless of whether or not they have a so-called open door policy! I'd be emailing the teacher and asking questions, and making sure that the teacher is answering via email so that you have a hard copy of it, just in case. I'd also copy the principal on those emails! And, setting up an appointment to speak with the principal. There's absolutely no reason why this teacher should be unwilling to do what you have asked.
  14. Well, this might not help, but my dd12, after being homeschooled for two years, begged and begged to be put back into public school. So, that's what we did. She just learns better from someone other than me. The irony of it though, is that now when she's struggling with her homework, she ASKS me to help her. In fact she has said, "It's a good thing I have a smart mom, otherwise I'd be failing all my classes."
  15. Do you have an account at homeschool buyer's co-op? An account is free, and if you have one, they'll send you emails letting you know what's coming, what's new, etc....
  16. I haven't been here for a while, so am wondering what this ALL is that many are mentioning?
  17. My 6th grade dd has asked me if I can help her this summer with spelling and math. My idea for spelling is Megawords, and for math is Mastering Essential Math Skills. What other ideas would you have? She struggles in both areas. She is slightly dyslexic, but not terribly so. She has had phonics instruction at school and with me when I homeschooled her, but it just doesn't seem to stick in her brain. She knows her math facts well, and is able to understand the big picture of math concepts, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty details, then it's a struggle, such as explaining how she got her answer. She can often arrive at the correct answer, but when she has to show her work, that's where the problem comes in.
  18. There's a new program just getting started. The homeschool buyer's co-op might have it on sale soon, if there's enough interest. It's called CursiveLogic (cursivelogic.com) - to me it looks a lot like Peterson Directed Handwriting which someone else mentioned above. It will likely be cheaper than Peterson. Another inexpensive option is Cursive First (under $20 and is reproducible, can find it at rainbowresource.com - there's a lot of different cursive programs that you can find there! - and you don't need the phonograms with it), which also looks a lot like CursiveLogic.
  19. This book, Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables by Alan Walker (I like this much better than Times Tales). Or just make up your own rhymes or stories for the times tables. One that we found online that we really like is this one, 6 and 8 went on a date, they didn't get back until they were 48. Visualize the times tables with your child first, with arrays or blocks, so he understands what it means first. Yes, I do think that Times Tales would be too babyish for a child that age.
  20. Please let me know what your recommendations are for a good star projector and planet model. My boy is finally interested in something other than computer games - or maybe there's a good computer simulation? TIA
  21. I have not been able to find many reviews of the Early Times Series by Suzanne Strauss Art, except for the glowing review of the whole series on Exodus Books. I'm thinking that this would be a good series to follow the SOTW, for a second rotation. Has anyone here used this complete series? Thoughts?
  22. LOL! I just played this from youtube for my kids a few weeks ago. James Earl Jones' voice just made it sound perfect! It did get all of my children a bit freaked out - but it was fun at the same time.
  23. Does anyone happen to have the free download that used to be available here: http://triviumacademy.blogspot.com/2007/02/sotws-church-history-schedules.html#axzz4LPWlrzxk This is what the above referenced website states about the download, "I have created a reading schedules that correlates the History Lives Chronicles (Peril & Peace, Monks & Mystics, Courage & Conviction), The 100 Most Important Events in Christian History and Trial Triumph." Read more: http://triviumacademy.blogspot.com/2007/02/sotws-church-history-schedules.html#ixzz4LPsJrz8b The link no longer works, but I'm hoping that someone here may still have it from the past?????? Or has anyone developed their own schedule that you would be willing to share? TIA!!!
  24. What would you do? One of my daughters has a field trip coming up. She's not interested in going, and I have no problem keeping her home for the day. I've already emailed the teacher and told her why my daughter isn't interested in going (and, yes, the reasons are very legitimate). The teacher emailed me back to tell me that if my daughter does not go on the field trip, and does not go to school (and follow another grade for the day) on that day, and even if I call in to let the school know that she will not be there that day, that it will be an unexcused absence!!! WHAT??? I'm the parent, calling in to tell the school that my child will not be there that day, how is that unexcused? Does anyone know the law in regards to this?
  25. I had enrolled all my children in public school this year, and already withdrew one because of the four days that he was there, three of those days he was denied his last recess because he didn't have his work done. I had taught him cursive first, and never taught him to print - I didn't think it would be a big deal, but...........he wasn't getting his work done because they told him he HAD to print, so it was taking him a long time, and because his work wasn't done "on time," he had to stay in during his last recess to finish his work. I went the whole route of talking and emailing to the teacher and then the principal to no avail - "that's the way we do things here." I even told them that I preferred for him to have his recess, and send the work home to be finished with me, and yes, in cursive. Didn't work. Now I'm having an issue with one of my daughters. There's a field trip coming up that she's not interested in, and I have no problem keeping her at home, as it's something we're already quite well versed in. Her teacher has told me that if I call the school that day and keep her home, that it will be an unexcused absence - WHAT!!!??? I'm the parent calling in to expressly excuse her for the day! I'll be posting a question on another forum in regards to this.
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