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  1. If I was looking for a dining table on Craigslist similar to the one you linked, I would expect to pay $250-$300 without chairs or benches. With chairs or benches I could see paying up to $500. Of course this depends on where you live, and the condition of the table.
  2. I saw that this morning, it is heartbreaking. The son of a good friend of mine has the same type of epilepsy. Charlotte’s Web has literally been a lifesaver for him.
  3. I’m sorry! We have a large car manufacturer in our area that directly employs 10,000 people. That plant is shut down through the end of April. Many people like my neighbor have plenty of PTO to help out financially, but eventually that will run out. I haven’t heard about all the area feeder plants in the news, but I assume they are also shut down by default. This affects so many people!
  4. My husband’s company has laid off some people, 27 in his division of 400. Everyone else has a 10%-15% pay cut going into effect at the end of the month. Overall considering the size of his company it could be much worse. It’s hard to say if this is due to coronavirus or the oil price battle between Russia and Saudi Arabia though. I’m just thankful he has a job right now, it could be so much worse. My SIL is in another state, her hours have been reduced by 25% and will likely see an additional 25% cut soon. They had to lay off many people at her nonprofit, she said it keeps her up at night even though those workers were able to be paid for a month and will qualify for unemployment. None of my other family members have had job loss or pay cuts, yet.
  5. This list sounds a lot like my backyard. The Carolina wrens were around all winter but this morning two visited the feeder at the same time, that was a first. Two tufted tit mouses (mice?) visited the feeder together too, then later a saw two mourning doves in the tree, it was like all the birds decided to pair up now that spring is here. I’m jealous of the bluebirds, we have them in this area but not our yard. These aren’t song birds but we have a pond behind our house that’s gotten mallards this year, first time in 8 years. Every night about an hour after dark they get really noisy.
  6. My mom has a round scar in her arm from childhood, she was vaccinated in the US. I think it was for small pox. My dad is 4 years older and doesn’t have one. I have a friend my age who has a scar that looks just like it but she is Czech.
  7. Ok, I found a picture (cropped out the kids). The ladder piece was replaced within the last couple years so it still has a bit of the original stain. The darker color in the fort area is the Sherwin Williams stain, but I don’t know the name of it.
  8. The Rainbow stain we used the first 2-3 times has an reddish tint. Last year we got our stain through Sherwin Williams, it’s a darker brown (I don’t have any pics that depict the right color), they have options though and I’m sure you could get a sample.
  9. Made everyday blog, in general her instructions are easy to follow.
  10. Thank you! I can’t take credit for the trees, they are at a nearby cemetery. We have had such a dreary spring it was a pleasant surprise to get out for a drive today and see all the blooms.
  11. It seems like overnight, everything bloomed. The magnolias this year are especially impressive, apparently they only bloom like this every 3-4 years. I’m thankful this was the year.
  12. It’s been raining incessantly around here and we have a 90% chance of rain tomorrow. But about 4:00 today it stopped and the sun made a brief appearance. I sat on the porch while the kids played for about 2 hours. Then took the dogs for an hour long walk. It was refreshing to be outside!
  13. We have been getting outside in the neighborhood between rain showers, so at least it’s something. 😊
  14. Yes! In addition to everything being shut down, it’s been raining daily. I’d love to go hiking, but the trails are super sloppy or in areas under flash flood warnings.
  15. There are videos and projects within the software. You may have to download the teacher version to get some of them. FLL also has lessons online.
  16. Rachel


    I’m sorry! My SIL’s hours were reduced and her company will be furloughing and laying people off. At least the hourly employees will be paid through the 24th. The restaurants and bars in my state and several others are now closed for dining in, that’s going to put so many people out of work. It’s almost overwhelming to think about.
  17. I just heard that, wow!
  18. My husband, “We didn’t get to watch basketball yesterday, we won’t get to today, and we will really miss it tomorrow! I feel like I do every time Kentucky doesn’t make it to the Final 4.” I‘m not a super fan but I miss all the excitement that March usually brings. We don’t go to Keeneland other than to watch practice but cancellation of the sales and races will definitely hurt restaurants in this area.
  19. I got flowers from Trader Joe’s this week because having fresh flowers sometimes just makes things better. My daughter finally seems to be remembering her math facts, and not complaining about them. It was supposed to rain today (and the next several days) but the sun is out!
  20. As the other recommended, I suggest getting a speech evaluation. Call today, in many areas in can take awhile to get in. It took 6 months to get a call back from two different places in my area and I’m not in a rural area. My then 5.5 year old was having difficulty pronouncing certain sounds, it is common to have difficulty with the particular sounds he struggled with, but he was correcting in an unusual way. Most people told me he would grow out of it, I trusted my gut and got him evaluated. Speech therapy made an incredible difference. Just getting the evaluation gave me comfort.
  21. From a hike last week, it was so cold, but we all really enjoyed it.Sound asleep during a read aloud earlier this week.
  22. I have a Bamboo ink stylus that I use with my laptop. I have not specifically tried it in PowerPoint, but it works well in other programs. It works with Windows 10. I’m sure Mac has something similar.
  23. My husband’s company had a habit of not immediately processing HSA contributions, so sometimes the money isn’t deposited until a week or two after payday. So on occasion I’ll pay a doctors bill and learn there isn't enough in the hsa account. If there isn’t enough money, the amount that is available is deducted from the balance and then I can pay the rest with another method. In other words it seems to be an instantaneous process much like using a debit card. I’d just go online or call, and pay the bill from the new account. If you are in the blackout period, the payment will likely be rejected. Then pay with the other account. If you are sending in the payment for the bill then that is when I think things may get crossed up.
  24. Normally I tend to only buy exactly what I need from the grocery store. If I’m having a soup that requires beans and there are already beans in the pantry, I don’t buy more. I don’t tend to buy cleaning supplies or toilet paper until we are getting near the end. We do have a freezer full of beef, a couple turkeys, and some venison. This week I went ahead and bought everything I needed whether we had it already or not. I bought some extra frozen vegetables just in case trucks are limited to our area and we can’t get produce. I also bought extra flour, sugar, and yeast. That comes from many years ago working in a grocery store during a blizzard when the interstate was shut down for 3 days. The shelves were bare and we didn’t even have supplies to sell so people could make bread themselves. Not that my family eats tons of bread, but the ingredients are versatile. For now I will probably adjust my shopping habits slightly just so we can handle a couple weeks without trucks arriving at our grocery store. I didn’t see anything completely gone on the shelves yesterday other than the big jugs of Tide. I heard the nearby town was limiting quantities of certain cleaning supplies but didn’t see it personally. I will also probably be refilling meds as soon I am able instead of a day or two before I run out. My husband really does need his blood pressure meds, he can miss a couple days without feeling bad but not much more than that.
  25. I prefer Birkenstock’s, you can get them with or without a strap behind your heal. Obviously the ones without the heal strap are easier to kick off. You can also find Chacos without a strap between the toes, they don’t slip off as easily (unless you adjust them loosely) but definitely have plenty of arch support. I have hiked in them although I do prefer a closed toe shoe for hiking. I have found both types of sandals work well on days I am on my feet all day. Both styles can be resoled as well. Teva makes some dressier styles of sandals that fit your requirements, but I got mine several years ago and don’t see them or anything similar currently on their website. My kids have some more athletic looking Teva sandals that are similar to Chacos but with Velcro closures that have been working very well for them.
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