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  1. It sounds like you have really thought this through. I like all of your suggestions. You might get confirmation that seniority trumps qualification. Would you now have seniority for the next position?
  2. Can somebody tell me how to delete a Facebook account. A family member set one up and can't remember the password, but we want to delete the account totally. Thanks!
  3. My dad did something similar after my mom died. He was retired and lonely, so I get that he wanted someone. What really tipped me over was when I met her she showed me her engagement ring and told me the diamond was from my mom's wedding set. That marriage lasted about 2-1/2 yrs. when she left my dad. I regret not trying to find her and buy her ring from her so I could have the diamond my mom had for 36 years.
  4. Pictures were worth the wait. . . such a sweetheart.
  5. Now all we need is a picture! Congrats and welcome to the world and your loving family, Rosemary!
  6. I've been filling my van with stuff for Goodwill and finally got it donated today. I also donated two big trash bags to another textile donation site. I cleaned out/resorted two of my junk drawers in my kitchen. And this may not count, but I filled my yard waste bin on Tuesday for the Wed. pick up, and now I've filled it half way again with blackberry vine clippings.
  7. My dh keeps things just in case, and then he can't find what he needs and ends up buying that missing tool or whatever again! I'm thinking we could save money just by getting rid of unused things so we can see the things we actually might use! Anyone else have to buy something you needed because you couldn't find it in the mess?
  8. Last week I took about 20 bags to donation - 8 were from my sister, but boy did that feel good. We also did a van full of stuff to the dump. This week my goal is to fill the van for things to Goodwill - I know I have an old desk, a baby cradle, an old artificial Christmas tree, wall hangings, and more odds and ends. I also need to fill my yard waste container by Tuesday night, so that means a couple of hours out in the yard.
  9. When is your wedding, cuz I totally want to see some pictures posted here!
  10. I saw a wedding where it was the second marriage for both and they had 6 kids between them. Each child had a different color of sand and poured it into a vase or it could be a fancy jar with a lid. It made for a pretty keep sake and showed the blending of the families. Just an idea on how to involve the kids in your ceremony. Best wishes to you. When is the date?
  11. I don't have any particular names, but look for touch and feel books or ones where they get to open a flap. You get the longest use out of those.
  12. Prayers and virtual hugs for you and your family. I'm glad you have some family and friends for support. Are you ok financially with him out of the home?
  13. I voted" I wish you a good night", but I think it depends at what time it is being said. If there is some time left in the evening "...a good night" sounds like there is time to do something to make it a good night. If it is immediately before people go to bed, then "...good night" is what I would normally say to my family. As long as you are making it formal by saying I wish you . . . , then I think you need to put the "a" in there.
  14. What a great idea, DawnM, to have a thread for this. Thanks for sharing how your organizer works with you. Oh how I would love to have a professional organizer work with me. I think it helps to have someone to do the work with and keep you on task. I get stuck on what to do and how to do it. I had hoped that would be my dh, but he is a sentimental, we might need this some day, kind of guy so I have to use him sparingly. He is great for taking things to the dump and thrift store which I'm so appreciative for. My goal is to declutter by April 1 too, Storygirl. Today we are working on the garage. We have things that need to go to the dump and we need to make room for a car - something that garage hasn't seen for about 20 years! Tomorrow I am donating clothing, shoes, old sheets, etc. I have 4 big bags so far. It is amazing how much "lighter" the house feels as I work through this process!
  15. I enjoy that show and I don't have any experience with adoption, multiple births, musicians or actors in the family, people with money, homelessness or drug addiction. I do have a weight issue, but not to that extreme. It is so different from other shows out there.
  16. My hairdresser has a puzzle always going at her salon for customers to put pieces into. She then hangs it on the wall when it is complete. She puts regular Elmers glue on the back of the completed puzzle and flips it onto poster board. She must have 50 puzzles on her walls and they have held up great.
  17. I think it depends how hot your house is over night. Our house is in the 50s at night at this time of year so I wouldn't have a problem eating it.
  18. What is a dryer ball? I have an LG. Just yesterday I washed two fitted twin sheets, two pillowcases, and 1 flat twin sheet. I shake each out as I'm putting each item in the dryer. I put the drying on "Bulky Bedding" and I had to add another 20 minutes to the setting to get them dry because they tend to bunch up. Then my daughter said her sheet still wasn't completely dry and put it in for a little longer. I think the fitted sheets also have a tendency to trap water from the washer in the pockets created by the elastic that run all along the bottom.
  19. Turning 50 was the hardest year for me. I don't mind being in that decade. It's just that I was (am) the youngest in my immediate family and of all my 1st cousins. How can the youngest be 50 years old?
  20. There was a first time mother where I worked who was told she was having a girl. She had the pink baby shower and everything. She ended up delivering a boy. That's one of the reasons I didn't want to know ahead of time. I was afraid I would have my mind set on one sex and then have the opposite. Then I would wonder what happened to the baby I thought I was having. I think, though, if I had 3 boys, I would want to know if I was having a girl. It would give me time to get over the disappointment of not having a girl (if that was the case). If it turned out the tech was wrong and I did have a girl, I would be thrilled. I'm sure you'd be thrilled with either. I believe every baby is special.
  21. On behalf of those of us who hate gift cards - thank you! I do child care and some of the moms gave treats and cards. I am truly very thankful, but a couple of the moms gave gift cards to Starbucks. I don't drink coffee. I know they have other stuff there, but I would have much preferred the $5 in cash. I love the kiddos, but I'm really doing it for the money. (I guess I really needed to say this - thanks for opportunity!)
  22. I'm so sorry this wasn't the week you expected. My sympathies to your family on the loss of your FIL passing so suddenly. May things go better for you this next week under the circumstances, and all the plans fall into place.
  23. That far ahead I make sure the house is clean, the linens are ready for the table, I have all the silverware I need, and any decorations are out. I prepare the turkey and stuffing Wed. night, so I just need to make sure everything else is ready to go. I might set the dining table the night before or early morning too.
  24. My sister's French teacher was named Mrs. Parris. My OB with my daughter was named Dr. Storck.
  25. My sister gave her nephew $21 in cash - so I guess it depends how close you are to the young man.
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