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  1. Hi! I recently got a new oven. I love it except it is a slide in oven so there is a gap between the oven and my counter on both sides so crumbs fall in the crack. My last oven had a lip that went over the counter. I think there is something that you can place between the oven and the counter to eliminate the gap. I tried to google this appliance accessory, but I couldn't find it. Any ideas? Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!
  2. I'm so very sorry for your family's loss. Praying you will be comforted at the memorial service.
  3. Our son lived at home while attending a local college so there has never been a time without him to price with and without his use of food or utilities. No college loans either. I do think that having multiple people living in a house takes its toll on the house so using rent money to help with fixing up the house makes sense.
  4. I love the idea of multi-generational housing. Our parents are with the Lord, so it will only be two generations here. I love having my children with us, but I don't have personal experience with it since I had been out of my parent's house since age 19. Prices are high here too.
  5. Yep, I'm in your area. When I was on my own (granted many, many years ago) my large 1 br apt. cost $250/month. Now the same apt. is up over $1,000 from there!
  6. Good idea to half the cost of a 2 bedroom apt. No student loans, but I would support a child paying those off first before charging rent as we plan to do that with another child.
  7. Great idea to base it on a percentage of his income. I think some financial experts talk about using a percentage of your income to figure out how much house you can afford to buy. Thanks!
  8. You sound like a great mom! I love how you've thought it through for your son and have given me things to think about for mine. Thanks!
  9. I never thought about upping the rent each month as an incentive to move out. I have mixed feelings about him moving - I know he needs to take on that responsibility, but I sure hate to see him spending the kind of money it would take for even a 1 br apartment if he didn't have a good job. And who would mow the lawn? ha!
  10. 1 br apartments around here are closer to 1200!
  11. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Chris. I'm not sure if we would keep it for ourselves or save it to gift for a down payment on a condo or house for his future. I guess it will depend what our financial needs are at the time. I'll check out that thread.
  12. Hello! I told my oldest (almost 23) that when he graduates from college in June that we would give him until September and then start charging him rent. I assumed it would take about 3 months to get a good job. How much do you think we should charge him for room, utilities, and meals when he's here. He does some chores around the house, but not nearly enough for a free ride at his age. Thanks!
  13. God speaks to me by having a complete peace about the decision I've made. Sometimes, though, if I don't have that complete peace and I have to make a decision in a short amount of time, I just do the best I can, and it generally works out. God gives us freedom to make decisions.
  14. I don't know what the r word is. Can anyone tell me in such a way it it isn't too offensive? I grew up with a longshoreman for a dad, so I heard some words, but the f word was very rarely spoken. I still find it shocking when people use it for an adjective.
  15. You are so brave to travel alone, but what memories you have to share with us. Thanks!
  16. apple corer egg slicer meat thermometer off-set spatula pizza cutter can't remember the correct name, but the bulb you use to separate grease from meat juices
  17. I wish you the best - You Can Do This! I guess I missed you're volunteering at a thrift shop. Last I heard you were at an animal shelter. I hope this works out for you!
  18. The lid lock on my LG is annoying as it takes an extra step to pause the machine before opening the lid. But, I got used to it. If that is your only objection, I wouldn't cancel it just for that. I had one of those nice Speed Queens for about 20 years, then bought the LG. I do wish I had the Speed Queen back - either older or modern model.
  19. You can get an indoor/outdoor rug to put under your table. Those are easy to clean . . . hose off if you need to, although that would work best in the summer I suppose. They are pretty affordable.
  20. What a privilege to know your daughter through your touching words. What a beautiful person she was and I applaud your efforts to get her involved in many activities that became her passion. I hope you can somehow collect her artwork into a lovely book you and others can treasure. You are an awesome mom. I am sorry for your loss and pain that only a mom can truly understand. You will reunited in heaven someday and what a glorious reunion that will be!
  21. Just have to toss in the name Susan - two syllables, doesn't end in ee sound, my maiden name started with an H and my married name ends with an er sound!
  22. What brand did you get? Is this something that can go in a kitchen? We are thinking of replacing the carpeting with a hard floor surface in the dining room which is naturally adjacent to the kitchen and I think it would flow better to have the two the same. I doubt you have a kitchen upstairs, but wondered if you were putting it in a bathroom where water would be an issue. Hope you're enjoying it!
  23. My dd is in nursing school and they do not advise you to work while you are in school. I know my dd couldn't have handled it, and was so glad for the break that she didn't even want to think about a job for the 4 weeks she had off. Summer break would be ok I think.
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