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  1. Heavenly Father, we lift up eaglei's son to you. We ask that you touch his body from head to toe, to give the doctors wisdom in the next course of action, and give eaglei and her family peace and comfort as they wait for encouraging news. Amen
  2. With no news from Eaglei today, I'll continue to pray for relief from the pain and worry.
  3. Continuing to pray with my WTM sisters for the head to toe healing of Eaglei's son and for comfort to be given to the family during this time. Travel mercies as well as you head back to the hospital.
  4. Continuing to pray for eaglei's son with my WTM sisters that his health will improve giving encouragement to his family and his prayer warriors.
  5. Continuing to pray for Eaglei's son with my WTM sisters . . . where two or more are gathered in His name.
  6. Continuing to pray with my WTM sisters for eaglei's son. My cousin Gene was admitted to the hospital yesterday for cancer in the liver. Praying for both of them. Our God is mighty enough for both healings.
  7. Prayed for eaglei's son as I scrolled through the updates and joined in the prayers of my WTM sisters. :grouphug:
  8. Praying for your mother's heart, your son, your niece and her family, and for the medical staff who can help your son. God bless.
  9. A thank you from this mom of two in the middle school years. One of them has learning challenges so is hard to know what is "normal". Thank you, thank you for sharing your wisdom.
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