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  1. I gave my son two $20 bills and a $1 bill, and taped it to the card so you couldn't see the second $20. It only looked like "$21" because that was symbolic of this special birthday. I thought $21 wasn't enough, and we did take him out for a special dinner too.
  2. I would wonder who is initiating the plans. Is it you and your daughter or the other family. If it is you or your daughter who brings up getting together and they keep cancelling, then I would not keep trying. If the other family is interested in getting together, let them make the first move.
  3. Ok, I'm guessing you meant to type "kid" - am I right?
  4. Who or what is a "lid"? You used a male pronoun, but I'm clueless.
  5. My mom knitted me some leg warmers (think Jane Fonda in the early 80's) 4 months before she suddenly passed away. I never wore them, but nope, I'm not giving them away. Her loving hands made them for me. It's okay to save stuff like that. Hope you have loving memories of your mom each time you look at or touch the fabric of that skirt.
  6. I'm imagining I'm giving you a hug . . . can you feel it? Because I need one too and I can feel it right back. Blessings.
  7. I voted banana split because I would assume it would have chocolate syrup and nuts on the ice cream, not because it had a banana. I didn't choose ice cream cone because I don't care for the cone - but ice cream with toppings would be my favorite.
  8. Said a prayer for you and your family. I also pray you have family and friends that can gather around you during this most difficult time.
  9. I didn't know the difference between "not typically" and "rarely do", but I voted rarely. When we are on vacation, we might treat ourselves more often, but rarely is it the routine at home.
  10. For some reason it didn't like when I "Liked" the responses above. Thank you so much for giving my your reviews of your ovens.
  11. Isn't it almost dinnertime or somebody just finished dinner? Surely you can tell me how much you love your stove/oven or how much you hate it! For example, the oven I need to replace is an Amana at least 10 years old. The broiler unit is not very wide and goes front to back - really hard to broil something. I never thought to look at it when I picked the oven out. Also, I have to hold the timer button down to set the timer and it takes forever to get to 10 minutes before it starts tripping the numbers faster. It would have been must faster to key in the time. I do like my smooth glass top though.
  12. My oven seems to be going out. I preheat to a certain temp, put my dish in, set the timer, then several minutes later I'll look and the timer is blinking and the oven is turned off. It's frustrating because I don't know exactly when it turned off to know how much longer to cook my dish. Anyway . . . we've had good threads on dishwashers and washers & dryers. I'd love your opinion on an electric stove/oven. I don't know anything about convection ovens and I'm afraid I'd have learn how to cook all over again to adjust recipes. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Any kind of message you left Yan saying Zarah wasn't engineering a plot makes it look like you clearly approve of the affair. What if Xena listens to the voicemail you left? After all everyone has told you here, you are clearly choosing to side with Zarah and not the wife and innocent child who are being betrayed by a two-timing scum. If you don't know what Jesus would do, ask your pastor. Maybe he can help you make things right.
  14. I'm sorry I don't know the young man's name, but I thought it was a tender moment when during the medal ceremony for winning gold for the 4x400 swimming relay, he was crying during our national anthem and afterwards Michael Phelps leaned over to give him a loving hug. Kind of made me think if Michael was remembering when it was his time on the Olympic podium .
  15. So how long did it really take all the athletes to walk into the stadium (without the commercials)? And then they had to stand for the rest of the ceremony? Rio did a good job overall, but man that was too long!
  16. What does the bolded above mean? How can you have a weekend in the middle of the week?
  17. I voted same cake because that's what he wants. However, you can ask him if he has a runner up cake flavor and see if he is equally excited about that. I like to have my kids make their cake with me. They seem to enjoy the cake even more when they have a hand in making and decorating.
  18. My 20 yr. old is teaching his dad about it. Their having father/son time and walking around doing the pokemon go. I'm only sad because that used to my time with him dh. Now I don't think we will ever get to go for a walk and just talk without stopping here and there to capture whatever.
  19. Go to and search on My Pillow. I think they are under $70 for a set of 2 pillows. I think I got mine on sale there for less. They are washable!
  20. Continuing to pray the cause is found and the treatment is effective.
  21. Still praying with my WTM sisters for your son's healing.
  22. Prayers continue for you and your son. Thank you for the update. Know your WTM sisters care and are lifting you and your son up in prayer.
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