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  1. This isn't helpful to the OP, but I find this ironic. I started having loads of B.H. early in my pregnancy, which continued throughout the duration, and informed my NP as a heads up. She basically insisted, at more than one appointment, that it was round ligament pain. It was kind of bizarre. I was definitely experiencing a tightening of the uterus and no pain, so I don't know what she was thinking. I liked her otherwise.
  2. How about the romantic suspense novels of Mary Stewart, especially those written in the '50s and '60s? I particularly remembering liking Madam, Will You Talk?, Nine Coaches Waiting, and This Rough Magic.
  3. Here's a website that sells essentially the same indoor gym seen in the thread that wendyroo linked above, since it's currently unavailable on Amazon: https://www.limikids.com/collections/indoor-gym The one on Amazon looks to be the Pegasus model, except with a rope ladder instead of a swing.
  4. WE HAVE A WINNER! Thank you! I found a synopsis here, and DH's memory of the story was pretty accurate considering he hadn't seen it in decades. No Vincent Price, as noted, but the lead actor definitely resembles VP in his goateed horror star days. The synopsis page contains a photo of the man's nightmare image, and here's the man's painting. Poor DH has apparently been trying to figure out what movie this was for many years, not that he wants to see it again (and it looks pretty terrible, honestly.) Oh, and here's the trailer on YT. WTM to the rescue, again!
  5. Thanks, I showed him this, and he said it was definitely something he watched. But that's a great urban legend! He also gave me another detail: the painter/killer kept the bodies in a freezer to keep them from decomposing.
  6. He thinks it was Vincent Price, but he could absolutely be remembering wrong, especially since he's not the movie buff in the family, I am. Or perhaps VP was in it, but in a small, supporting role. Honestly, his memory for movies is abysmal, so he could be remembering everything wrong, but we still want to try to figure it out. The story sounds nice and creepy, and could be a good watch!
  7. I thought of that, but have you seen Vincent Price's IMDb list? He has 207 acting credits! That will be our last resort. He thinks it was in color, but definitely can't say for sure.
  8. UPDATE: We've named that movie, thanks to hjffkj. It's The Playgirl Killer, a Canadian B-film from 1967. See my post (#15) below for links to info on the movie if you're curious. My husband recently mentioned a movie he saw probably 30 years ago and we've been trying to figure out what it was he saw. Being that he saw it so long ago, his memory of it is very vague. My husband remembers it as a movie (probably in color, not black and white) starring Vincent Price as a man that dreams of a shipwreck, with people who died and the devil in there somewhere. He wants to recreate the dream in a painting and starts killing people so he can set their bodies up as models for the painting. He keeps their bodies in the freezer to keep them from decomposing. He struggles with finding someone to be the model for the devil. At the end, he dies somehow, and his face appears in the painting as the devil's face. Now, keep in mind that some details may be wrong (examples: it may have been from an old tv show, not a film; it may have been in black and white; Vincent Price may not have been the lead actor). If anyone has any ideas about what he saw, we'd love to hear them!
  9. I have no dog in the fight between Hyundai and Honda, but I do have a personal anecdote. At our auto repair shop a couple weeks ago (for our aging Saturn) I mentioned having once window shopped for either a Hyundai or Honda, and both the guys there said to not buy a Hyundai: they have a great warranty, but right after it ends at 100k miles is when the vehicles start falling apart. They both had no problems with Honda.
  10. Like LuvToRead asked, maybe it's your pop up blocker or some other setting. The "Phone" option doesn't open a new window, but it does kind of reload to a new page.I just went through the whole process on my Windows and Mac computers and everything worked as it should. FYI, I did notice that you can check the tiny check box to the left of the item(s) you're having issues with to be even more specific.
  11. I'm glad you got you refund, but it would be nice to get this figured out in case you have a problem with an order in the future. Like the pps wrote, you select "Help" in the dark blue at the very bottom of any Amazon web page. Then you scroll down to "Need More Help?" (under "Browse Help Topics") and hover over it. Select "Contact Us." You should then see a screen that looks like the first attached picture, showing your most recent order. If needed, select "Choose a Different Order" (purple arrow on the picture) in section 1, "What can we help you with?". Click on the order you need or click "Load More Orders" if needed. Do not at any time click the "Order #" link, or you'll be taken to the "Order Details" page, which is not what you want. After you see your order displayed on this "Contact Us" page, select the option you want from the drop down menu in section 2, "Tell us more about your issue" (red arrow). Subsequent drop down menus will show up below the first as the system asks for more details. Eventually section 3, "How would you like to contact us?" will show up below section 2, and you'll have the option to chat or receive a phone call (see second attached picture).
  12. No, I don't think they're going to have any idea if you return the second book. First, I have no reason to believe that they keep track of how you described the first book's condition, and I doubt the guy in the warehouse receiving your return is in the loop. Second, it doesn't actually matter which you return, because you have a right to return any book that is not in the condition it's supposed to be in. If you return a book with obvious issues, you'll get your refund. I've dealt with Amazon for many years without issue.
  13. If you'd be happy with your current book's condition for a cheaper price, I'd try again with a different service rep to get a discounted, like Cat suggested. I also was not able to do that myself recently for a third-party, fulfilled by Amazon order (I had to return and reorder, like you). But if you want the book in new condition, order the replacement with the expedited shipping they offered, but wait to return the first book until you receive the replacement. Then return whichever book is in worse condition. You have 30 days to return the first book before they charge you for the second, so you have plenty of time.
  14. TMI, but a while back both DH and I got a 24 hr bug of some kind where we each had one incident (two incidents for DH, perhaps?) of loose leakage that came with absolutely no warning. One moment I was lying in bad and the next there was a bit of leakage. Thankfully, I had anticipated it might happen to me since it had already happened to DH so I was wearing a long menstrual pad in case. So, it seems like it could happen to your DS with no warning to him.
  15. My favorite is the mannequin on the mower in the back yard.
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